33 Office Party Ideas To Welcome Your Team Back

Sep 7

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For the first time in what feels like forever, companies finally have the opportunity to bring their employees together under the same roof so that everyone can connect in person! This is a big deal because the last two years haven’t been easy. 

Despite the challenges of remote collaboration, employee mental health issues, and general future uncertainty, many teams have managed to come through, and shouldn’t be shy about taking the time to celebrate.

One simple way to acknowledge these and other wins this year? Plan and throw an epic office party! Below are 33 ideas to get you started.

First, the Essentials 

We’ve broken the list of company party ideas into categories and provided a short checklist of planning considerations for each. But remember, even the most exhilarating office party idea may fall flat without a few critical things in place. Every party, no matter the theme, must have the following:

  • A realistic budget
  • Thoughtful invitations
  • Great food and beverages (remember to consider any dietary restrictions)
  • Cutlery and other supplies
  • Catchy music
  • Bonding activities
  • A clean, roomy venue
  • Festive decor

With that said, let’s dive into this epic list of work party ideas!

33 Office Party Ideas to Explore

Cultural Jamborees

This first set of employee party ideas involves choosing a culture to celebrate. We all have different backgrounds, and it’s easy to get stuck in our own bubbles. A culture-themed office party is a perfect way to provide an opportunity for your team to learn and appreciate other lifestyles.

However, if you are not very familiar with the culture your team wants to celebrate, be sure to research properly or ask anyone with that cultural background if they want to help. 

Respect and authenticity are key! Below are some ideas.

Japanese-Themed Party

Japanese culture is very distinct, as there is a powerful sense of community, a rich cuisine, and a deep appreciation for artistic forms of entertainment. You can weave these elements together and create an enchanting Japanese-themed party. 

A few key things you’ll need:

  • Traditional foods and treats such as edamame, sushi, hot pot, and mochi desserts
  • Japanese beverages such as green tea, bubble tea, and Japanese craft beer
  • Decorations like Origami tapestry, paper cherry blossoms, and lanterns
  • Games and activities such as Sushi Go, Japanese-themed Trivia, and Karaoke 
  • Japanese traditional or contemporary music, which you can find on YouTube 

Italian-Themed Party

Ah, Italy. The romantic language. The expressive architecture. The sprawling countryside. The medley of rich wine. What’s not to love? If you can’t fly your whole team to Italy, no worries. Bring the culture to them by throwing an Italian-themed affair. Also, fun fact: Italy is known for its high fashion, so this party may be the perfect opportunity for the fashionistas on your team to show up and show out. 

A few key things you’ll need:

  • Traditional foods and treats, such as pasta, pizza, risotto and gelato 
  • Italian beverages such as assorted wines, cappuccinos, and lattes
  • Decorations like flag-inspired tablecloths, fake grapes, and copies of famous paintings (e.g. The Mona Lisa)
  • Games and activities, such as Foosball, Italian-Themed Trivia, and Bocce 
  • Italian traditional or contemporary music, which you can find on YouTube 

French-Themed Party

Among many things, France has made a name for itself as one of the cuisine capitals of the world. So, a quick reminder: if you’re planning to throw a Parisian-themed soiree, go hard or go home when it’s time to decide on the menu! 

A few key things you’ll need:

  • Traditional foods and treats, such as baguettes, cheeses, cured meats, crudités, macarons and artisan chocolates
  • French beverages such as assorted wines, spirits and grape juice
  • Decorations like miniature Eiffel Towers, balloon arches, and cozy fairy lights
  • Games and activities such as Pétanque, Escargot, or Eiffel Tower Ring Toss
  • Italian traditional or contemporary music, which you can find on YouTube 

Indian-Themed Party

While a vast, diverse nation, one thing is true of the entire society: Indian culture is one of the most colorful and expressive cultures, from the food to the rich garments to the spirited music. It’s impossible to explore all of India’s cultural richness in one lifetime, but we can certainly give it the old college try with some Indian-themed office festivities! 

A few key things you’ll need:

  • Traditional foods or treats such as assorted curries, rice, roti, and Galub Jamun
  • Indian beverages, especially chai
  • Decorations like miniature elephants, flower garlands, and Henna wall art
  • Games and activities such as Chaupar, Lattoo, and Bollywood Musical Bingo
  • Indian traditional or contemporary music, which you can find on YouTube 

Mexican-Themed Party

Mexican culture is right up there with the world’s brightest, most colorful, most exuberant cultures. That said, if you really want to liven up the office, throw a Mexican fiesta! The best part about this event? The food is epic, and there are pretty much no creative restraints. Viva la fiesta!

A few key things you’ll need:

  • Traditional foods or treats such as a taco buffet, tamales, fajitas and churros
  • Mexican beverages, such as tequila, margaritas and Mexican craft beers
  • Decorations like fringe curtains, cactus balloons, llama cut-outs, and sombreros
  • Games and activities such as Hoopla Cactus, Piñata, and tequila skittles 
  • Mexican traditional or contemporary music, which you can find on YouTube 

Food Fests

Have you ever attended an event you weren’t too thrilled about just because you knew there would be free food? We’ve all done it. That’s how you know you can’t go wrong with theming your office celebration around food! 

Below are a few fun office event ideas that will have everyone’s tummies rumbling in anticipation.

BBQ-Themed Party

We’re in the last stretch of summer, so create as many opportunities for your team to enjoy fun in the sun as possible! One great thing about BBQs is you can have them at almost any time of the year.A BBQ party is a perfect way to do that. Simply fFire up a grill in a park or on the office patio, pass a few cold ones around, and away you go. 

A few key things you’ll need:

  • A grill 
  • A wide open space
  • Benches and lawn chairs
  • Assorted meats, starches (like potatoes) and condiments
  • Paper plates, cups and utensils
  • Drinks
  • Cooler 
  • Lots of ice
  • Games (Bean Bag Toss, Giant Jenga, Badminton, Water Balloon Toss)

Alternatively, you can always recruit a corporate caterer to take the hassle of grilling off your plate!

Chocolate-Themed Party

Few people dislike chocolate, so a chocolate-themed party will surely be a delight. Plus, many are unaware of the wide chocolate variety, which is a shame! This event can easily remedy that problem. 

A few key things you’ll need:

  • A wide chocolate variety such as milk, white, dark, sweet, semi-sweet, unsweetened, bars, candies, and specialty chocolates (don’t forget vegan alternatives!)
  • Other chocolate desserts such as cake, ice cream and muffins
  • Assorted beverages such as milk and chocolate-complementing alcohols 
  • Decorations like chocolate-themed balloons, streamers, paper flowers and lanterns
  • Games and activities like chocolate-themed Piñata, chocolate dessert making, and chocolate tasting 

Ice Cream -Themed Party

Ice cream is another sweet treat that never gets old. Plus, a cold treat always hits the spot during scorching weather. One simple way to host this event is by setting up an ice cream bar. 

A few key things you’ll need:

  • A wide variety of ice creams, such as vanilla, chocolate, butter pecan, and so on (don’t forget vegan alternatives!)
  • Similar treats like sorbet, gelato, milkshakes and ice cream sandwiches
  • Decorations like cotton-candy balloons, ice cream-shaped paper lanterns, and confetti
  • Games and activities like blind taste tests and ice cream making

Thirst Quenchers

You can also theme your staff party ideas around all kinds of drinks! Plus, like the chocolate-themed party, you can turn this into an educational experience. Use this opportunity to show your team a world of beverages they never knew existed!

Coffee-Themed Party

Coffee plays such a huge role in many people’s everyday lives. It’s the first thing many reach for to start the morning. It’s an easy way to ask someone out on a date. Some people simply use it as a calming aroma or to exfoliate their skin. Coffee is good for so much more than just staying awake! Its popularity makes it another fun office party idea. 

A few key things you’ll need:

  • Assorted coffee beverages such as regular black, lattes, americanos, and mochas (consider hiring a barista to heighten the experience)
  • Condiments such as sugar, syrups, and sweeteners
  • Treats and snacks such as cakes, muffins, cookies and scones
  • Decorations like coffee beans, Starbucks banners, and coffee shop signs
  • Games and activities like painting with coffee, Name That Brew, and coffee tasting 

Once the party is over, consider gifting your team assorted coffees to take home and brew themselves. 

Tea-Themed Party

Did you know that once upon a time in Britain, tea was primarily considered an upper-class drink? So, if you’re feeling a little fancy, throw a tea party so guests can relax, sip and mingle. 

A few key things you’ll need:

  • Assorted teas such as black, white, Oolong and herbal (consider hiring a barista to heighten the experience)
  • Condiments such as sugar, syrups, and sweeteners
  • Finger foods such as mini sandwiches and pastries
  • Decorations like classic teapots, plates and cups, fresh flowers, and lace table cloths
  • Games and activities like cookie decorating, tea and chocolate tasting, bridge, and teapot painting

Wine-Themed Party 

While many other party ideas are excellent for large crowds, a wine party is a perfect, intimate gathering option for small teams. You can turn it into a dinner party or focus the event on wine tasting. You can also use it to commemorate a special occasion, such as a promotion. 

A few key things you’ll need:

  • Assorted red and white wines, like pinot noir, cabernet sauvignon, pinot gris, and chardonnay
  • Treats and finger foods such as grapes, mini meatballs, and sliders
  • Decorations like beautifully painted wine bottles, corks, and plastic fruit
  • Games and activities like art classes and wine tasting
  • Classical music, which you can find on YouTube

Beer-Themed Party

When it comes to popular beverages, beer is probably right up there with coffee. It’s not uncommon for folks to grab a bottle or pint and relax after a long work day, so why not host a party for all your beer lovers? There are also many non-alcoholic options for those that don’t drink. 

A few key things you’ll need:

  • Assorted alcoholic and non-alcoholic beers and pop
  • Party bites like chips and dips, sausages, chicken wings, sandwiches and nachos
  • Decorations like crates, barrels, and plastic pint mugs 
  • Games and activities like (work-appropriate) truth or drink, beer pong and beer tasting
  • Pub music, which you can find on YouTube

Cocktail-Themed Party

A cocktail is another option for those who prefer something fancy. This event typically calls for formal or semi-formal attire, so ensure your guests know that ahead of time! Another thing to note is that drink mixing is challenging, especially with no previous experience. So once again, you might want to hire a professional to ensure the whole thing goes off without a hitch!  

A few key things you’ll need:

  • Assorted cocktails and mocktails
  • Elegant nibbles like prawns, savory tarts, and bruschetta 
  • Decorations like plastic chandeliers, candles, glass centrepieces and dim lighting
  • Games and activities like a mixology class, cocktail tasting, and story hour
  • Pub music, which you can find on YouTube

Fun and Games

If you’ve got a high-energy team, you know what’s even better than a corporate party idea with one or two bonding activities? An event entirely inspired by action-filled games! If that sounds like something that would suit your squad, check out these fun, active work party ideas.

First, since the focus here is games, you can simply provide the following basics for your guests, regardless of what type of game party you throw: 

  • A roomy venue (for instance, a casino night will require an ample space with room for several tables) 
  • Assorted beverages to suit all tastes, like wine, cocktails, beer, tea and coffee
  • Easy, crowd-pleasing meals like pizza, burritos, sandwiches, salads, popcorn and sweets 
  • Decorations that fit the game theme 
  • Prizes for game winners
  • Trending music, which you can find on YouTube

We’ll explore what you’ll need to play the actual games below.

Trivia-Themed Party

Two great things about trivia: one, there are many variations, and two, the game works for small and large teams. 

A few key things you’ll need:

  • A chosen Trivia theme or subject, like countries, pop culture or famous TV series
  • Lots of Trivia questions with the theme (consider free and paid question generators online) 
  • Timer(s)
  • Designated timekeeper(s)
  • Pens and notepads to track scores 

DIYing your Trivia event is a lot of fun, but if you’d rather enjoy a done-for-you experience, check out Premier Trivia Competition. It also has a virtual option, just in case you have remote team members!

Game-Themed Night Party

A game night party simply involves gathering to play various board and card games. It’s a very versatile company party idea because there is at least one game for everyone! 

A few key things you’ll need:

  • Loads of board game options, including:
    • Charades
    • Pictionary
    • Cranium
    • Scrabble
    • Monopoly
    • Clue
    • Ludo
    • Catan
    • Ticket to Ride
  • An event program to keep things on track 
  • Timer(s)
  • Designated timekeeper(s)
  • Pens and notepads 

Remember that you can still host a game night remotely! Virtual Survey Says and Game Night! are both excellent virtual options.   

Office Olympics Party

Who says you need a stadium to host the Olympics? Office Olympics is a fun variation involving all sorts of indoor, outdoor and games. It’s perfect if you want to get your team moving. 

A few key things you’ll need:

  • A wide variety of Office Olympics game options, including:
    • Rubber Band Archery
    • Pencil Javelin
    • Paper Plate Discus
    • Magnetic Darts
    • Tic Tac Toe
    • Noodle Fencing
    • Tug of War
    • Desk Soccer
    • Broom Golf
  • A proper dress code (assign team colors and ask participants to wear comfortable, active clothing and appropriate footwear) 
  • Towels
  • Water and electrolytes 
  • Sunscreen (if outdoors)
  • First aid supplies
  • Officials to host games and keep timelines on track
  • A symbolic Olympic Torch to kick off the games
  • Gold, silver and bronze medals

If you need more guidance, this post provides comprehensive planning tips. 

Alternatively, if you prefer to do this online, check out Online Office Olympics! 

Ping Pong-Themed Party

Anyone can play ping pong, regardless of skill level. That’s what makes it such a great option for staff parties!

A few key things you’ll need:

  • A ping pong table
  • Balls 
  • Paddles
  • Ping pong game variations, including:
    • Table Tennis
    • Ping Pong Basketball
    • Junk in the Box
    • Bouncer
    • Ponginator
    • Pong Relay
    • Whipper Snapper
    • Pong Bingo

You can also pair this high-energy game with an activity like beer tasting as a fun way to keep everyone hydrated.  

Last note for all our New Yorkers: check out Ping Pong Package if you want an epic, done-for-you experience! 

Casino-Themed Party

Ever wanted to feel like a business tycoon or mafia boss for a night? A casino party is a perfect way to transport your team into a world of glamour, cash cannons, and gambling.  

A few key things you’ll need:

  • Game tables
  • A proper dress code (usually formal) 
  • A wide variety of game options, including:
    • Poker
    • Blackjack
    • Roulette
    • Texas Hold’em
    • Bingo
  • Decorations (usually featuring black, white and green)
  • Casino music, which you can find on YouTube
  • Alcohol such as rum, whisky and gin (and non-alcoholic options as well)

A little imagination will take you a long way, but if you want a truly authentic party experience, you can’t go wrong with Casino Night

Boogie With the Beats

Most people plan parties and use good music as an add-on. But there’s another way to execute your office event idea: let the music and dancing be your main inspiration! Try these party themes to get even your shyest employees on the dance floor.

Once again, you can make all of these party ideas work with a few basics:

  • A venue with a dance floor
  • A dress code
  • Formal party invitations 
  • Assorted beverages to suit all tastes, like wine, cocktails, beer, tea and coffee
  • Easy, crowd-pleasing meals like pizza, burritos, sandwiches, salads, popcorn and sweets 
  • Decorations that fit the dance party theme
  • A live DJ blasting on-theme beats

Dance-Themed Party

Let’s kick this section off with a freestyle dance party. That is, a party that doesn’t necessarily have a theme because the goal is just to create an atmosphere where people can let loose, release some endorphins, and destress. However, if you like planning around a theme would be easier, consider hosting something simple like a Zumba party!

A few key things you’ll need:

  • A wide open space
  • A Zumba instructor
  • Fitness attire (including comfortable shoes)
  • Gym towels
  • Post-workout refreshments like water, electrolyte-filled drinks, and smoothies

70s-Themed Party

Transport your team back to the disco, glam rock, or rock and roll era by throwing a 70s-themed party!

A few things you’ll need: 

  • A rockin’ dress code (remember, this was the era of platform shoes, bell bottom pants, tie-dye, large hoop earrings and massive hairstyles)
  • Decorations such as disco balls, bead curtains, cassette tapes and vinyl records
  • Games and activities like musical chairs and Musical Bingo

Silent Disco-Themed Party

Want to add a twist to your dance party? Organize silent disco night. Rather than hearing a DJ blasting tunes, each guest will receive wireless headphones to listen to the music. If any outsiders walk in on your party, they’ll just see a bunch of people seemingly dancing to no music! Note that this one’s a tad tricky to pull off successfully, so consider finding a sensory bar near you to get the most out of the experience. However, it’s totally possible to DIY it! The key is to engage the senses as much as possible.

A few key things you’ll need:

  • Silent disco party equipment, which you can rent online
  • Decorations, such as glow-in-the-dark balloons and streamers
  • Perfect lighting, such as neon lights

Music-Themed Party

Lastly, simply throw a music-themed party that consists of creating a playlist with as many music genres as possible! You can follow the general list of party planning items provided at the beginning of this section, but you might also want to add an activity like Name That Tune to keep guests engaged. 

Laughs, Crafts and Chit-Chats

Not all parties need to be high-energy! You can have a fun, memorable office celebration with low-key activities and still have a blast. Many of the following party ideas will work great, especially if you have a lot of quiet, creative folks on staff.

Another reminder to start off with some of the basics:

  • A suitable venue, depending on the activity
  • Assorted beverages to suit all tastes, like wine, cocktails, beer, tea and coffee
  • Easy, crowd-pleasing meals like pizza, burritos, sandwiches, salads, popcorn and sweets 
  • On-theme decorations
  • Background music (if needed), which you can find on YouTube

Painting-Themed Party

A painting party allows everyone to come together, socialize and explore their creative side. You don’t have to be a Rembrandt to enjoy this event; everyone can have a great time, regardless of skill level. 

A few things you’ll need: 

  • A theme or inspiration, such as animals, a countryside, or astrology 
  • Canvas paper
  • Easels
  • Paint, such as oil, watercolor or acrylic 
  • Paint brushes
  • Water cups 
  • Good lighting 

If you want to skip the hassle of organizing, check out a Corporate Painting Party service. 

Magic-Themed Party

Magic tricks are powerful because they awaken our senses and transport us back to our childhoods, a time when our imaginations ran wild. Give your team an evening of childish delight by hosting a magic-themed show. Aside from the basics listed above, the main ingredient you’ll need is a skilled magician! 

Check out Virtual Magic Show or Oracle Wit & Wisdom Virtual Interactive Show, which both operate virtually.

Comedy-Themed Party 

Everyone has a sense of humor; some people just have one that’s a little harder to trigger! If you want to lighten the atmosphere at work, a comedy night will do the trick. Aside from sitting and listening to jokes, there are other ways your guests can interact and enjoy the experience. 

A few things you’ll need: 

You can also host a comedy movie night and watch a marathon of side-splitters. The options are endless!

Crafts-Themed Party

Similar to paint night, this party provides a low-energy creative outlet. Craft parties are also fantastic because each guest will walk away with something they made by hand. 

A few things you’ll need:

  • A chosen craft activity, such as:
  • Appropriate materials, depending on the chosen craft activity 
  • Craft tables

Alternatively, if you know your team is already working on personal projects, organize a place and time where you can all meet to work on your projects together. 

High Society-Themed Party

Have a blast planning a high-society party where guests will dress up in fancy formal attire, enjoy delectable nibbles, and bond over the riveting conversation. You know, rich people things! Aside from the party basics (see above), you’ll mainly need a theme, such as Hollywood, British Royal Family, Downton Abbey, or Victorian Era. We also recommend organizing a fancy group activity like champagne tasting or golf (perfect for a garden party theme!). 

Wellness and Wonder

Lastly, employee wellness is a cornerstone of every thriving, successful workplace. Wellness comes in different forms: physical, mental, emotional, and relational. That’s why this last set of office party ideas features activities to feed your employees’ souls. 

Travel-Themed Party 

Many people who love travelling found themselves unable to enjoy this recreational activity during the pandemic. Now that things are opening up, a travel-themed party is a perfect way to inspire people to plan a trip (or take one using their imaginations). 

A few key things you’ll need:

  • A theme which can be national, international, space, food or city-based 
  • Decorations such as globes, maps, and flags
  • Games and activities like travel-themed Trivia, geography-themed puzzles, art, an inspiring travel documentary, or a space travel-themed game

Nature-Themed Party 

Usher your team into the great outdoors by hosting a nature-themed event, whether a hike, picnic, a day on the beach, a park scavenger hunt, or a visit to a plant display. If faced with weather restrictions, you can also throw an indoor nature-themed party! 

A few things you’ll need: 

  • A theme such as National Parks, Deep Jungle, or Flower Power
  • Decorations such as pot plants, fresh flowers, and foliage
  • Games and activities (you can try something educational, such as this beehive tour)

Also, if appropriate, permit guests to bring their pets! Nothing says nature more than animals, right?

Wellness Day-Themed Party

Are you thinking of hosting a wellness week at work? Kick things off (or wind things down) with a wellness challenge day designed to encourage participants to take better care of themselves. 

A few things you’ll need: 

  • A specific desired outcome (for example, is it to help your team discover new self-care techniques?) 
  • A supporting theme, such as a sports, spa or cooking day 
  • Healthy food and beverages based on the team’s dietary restrictions
  •  Wellness-themed care packages for your team to take home 

Mindfulness-Themed Party

Mindfulness can certainly be part of a wellness day, but it can also be a standalone party theme. A mindfulness-themed party may not sound exciting, but the goal is to strip away as many distractions as possible so participants can focus on, process, and enjoy the present. 

A few things you’ll need:

  • A safe, quiet space 
  • A mindfulness instructor  
  • A mindfulness activity, such as mindful eating, breathing, yoga, or meditation 
  • Light refreshments like fruit, veggie platters, and yogurt parfaits 

Charity-Themed Party

So far, all the ideas we’ve explored have focused on benefiting just your team. There’s nothing wrong with that, as they work hard and deserve rewards. However, your team can also have lots of fun while serving others! A charity-themed party is a perfect combination of both recreation and service. 

The main thing your team needs to get started is a cause. There are many options, including volunteering, public space restoration, cooking for those in need, and helping in an animal shelter. 

However, volunteering effectively takes careful planning and consideration, so check out this guide for comprehensive steps!

Lunch and Learn Party

Lastly, consider hosting a lunch and learn event to convey valuable information to your employees. Remember not only to consider your agenda but also to incorporate training that your employees want. 

A few things you’ll need:

  • A topic (poll your team for their ideas)
  • An experienced, engaging instructor
  • A comfortable setting
  • A lunch spread (consider ordering catering)

To learn more about how to run a successful lunch and learn for your team, visit this article. How to Run Successful Lunch and Learn Events for Employees? 

There you have it: 33 office party ideas to light up the company atmosphere in the coming months. You’ve got the tools to get started. Now, go forth and have a blast!

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