13 Fun Company Outing Ideas For Your San Francisco Team

Jul 11

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With lockdown in the rearview mirror for most of us, it’s easy to forget that even now, people are continuing to return to the office after working remotely for so long. This isolation from colleagues and coworkers has taken a toll on collaboration and creativity for many of us.

We want to keep our teams happy and engaged. Going out of the office and into the world works wonders, animating employees who’ve been working remotely for such a long stretch. Team outings are the perfect tools for maintaining employee engagement and happiness. Happier employees promote a more relaxed atmosphere, which organically cultivates collaboration and creativity abundantly.

Here, we’ll present our ideas for San Francisco team outings that will make your employees feel more appreciated and welcome during their return to the workplace

Lob a hatchet for fun 🪓

Axe Throwing is a challenging contest of coordination and skill. No skills? No problem, coaches are provided. Everyone will have a blast as they test their aim and cheer each time someone buries the axe head in the target. 

At $31 per participant, your group gets 75 minutes of a team-bonding experience they’ll remember fondly for a long time.

Embark on a culinary excursion 🍲

Get out of the office and enjoy an adventure of delicious delights with a Team Building Food Tour. A trusted provider will show you hidden local gems as a trusted provider guides you and your group around nearby neighborhoods to sample food from local eateries and pop-ups. You will explore down-home mom-and-pop fare, gourmet treats, and exotic delicacies from around the globe – right in your neck of the woods.

Three hours and $89 per person will give your team a foodie experience they’ll never forget.

Take a hike 🌳

Connect with nature by organizing a group hike. Get your gear, hiking boots, and some trail mix. Meet up at a state or regional park. Many parks have wonderful trails, and there’s sure to be one near enough to drive to. State parks charge a use fee per vehicle, so riding together might be a good plan – plus, it’s better for the environment.

You can implement this San Francisco team outing idea to go any length of time – whether for a couple of hours or an all-day expedition. It costs only as much as the water bottles and other hiking-related swag the company chooses to pass out to encourage participation.

Compete in some high-energy fun 🔫

Safe, exciting, and fun, Laser Tag is one of the best outings your San Francisco team will participate in. Whether you tuck and roll to get out of the line of fire or prefer to hide while waiting for a chance to take aim, this time away from the office is a blast for anyone of any age or ability level. 

At $13 per person, each round lasts 12 minutes, but you can opt to play as many as you want.

Take it to the mats 🧘

If your crew prefers a calmer, more relaxed, San Francisco-style group outing, an Outdoor Yoga Experience might be just what you’re looking for. Yoga is the perfect activity to take outside and provide your workers with a stretch for the body and mind – an ideal tool to combat stress and strengthen contentment. 

At $29 per participant, your team can select a spot among many locations around the Bay area. 

Go for a hunt around town 🌆

Gather together a list of realistically obtainable items. Organize your staff into teams of three or more, and head to a local zoo, museum, or a nearby public area for a company scavenger hunt. The first team to acquire all of the items – or the team to get the most within a specific time limit – wins an award.

Some ideas of items to hunt for:

  • Photo of a teammate shaking hands with a police officer 
  • A business card
  • Picture of a business sign with “San Francisco” in the name
  • A ticket stub
  • Photo of a road sign
  • Photograph of a favorite landmark
  • A book of matches
  • Find and appropriately discard 5 or more pieces of litter – be sure to get pics of your teammate throwing it away. 
  • A map, informational flier, or pamphlet related to an event or activity in the area

A 60 or 90-minute time limit is typical for a scavenger hunt, and there’s no cost to the company other than whatever prizes you wish to award. Look on Thriver for an abundance of prize ideas to give out to scavenger hunt winners.

Can you find your way out? 🔍

Put on your thinking caps and ready yourself for an outing unlike any you’ve ever been on before with an Escape Room experience. Cultivate team building as your group works together to assemble clues and solve riddles to escape before the time is up.

At $54.50 per participant, this 60-minute adventure is an exciting and fun San Francisco team outing for groups that love to test their wits. 

Lend a hand and give yourself 🫶

Lend your group for community outreach by volunteering at the Rescue Mission Food Bank. As a team, you’ll help unload trucks, organize essentials, and assist in preparing hot, to-go meals. 

Make it a weekly or monthly event. Gather your group ahead of time and head out together. It costs you nothing and takes two and a half hours of your time. Above all, you’ll provide a service to help people in need. 

Line ’em up and knock ’em down 🎳

Bowling is a classic pastime. The lanes are a great place to enjoy teammates’ company between turns, partake in cocktails, and eat some tasty bowling alley food – usually with the accompaniment of good ole jukebox tunes.

Reach out to a bowling alley in your area and coordinate a date and time to reserve some lanes. An excursion will usually run around $20 to $25 per hour per lane for as long as you want to play.

A vintage venture 🍷

For a classy affair, bring your team along for some Bespoke In-Person Wine Tasting. Select your crew’s wine preferences, or let yourself be guided by a sommelier as you go on a journey of the palate through the exquisite flavor profiles of exceptional vintages. Approachable for those with no wine-tasting expertise and with plenty of non-alcoholic offerings, everybody can enjoy this tasting experience.

With pricing available on request, you’ll enjoy two hours of relaxing, low-stress activity.

Plunge into a pool party 🌊

San Francisco has no shortage of water parks and pools that would be perfect for a fun company outing. Many have group rates, and some even rent out for private events. A good number of water-themed establishments offer pavilions you can rent for group gatherings so that you can have your own space in a public place.

Rates will vary, depending on several factors, including which venue you choose and whether you go as members of the public or elect to have a private affair. Search water parks near you and work with the establishment to plan your San Francisco group’s next company outing.

Who’s up for a real challenge? 🟥 ⭕ 🔺

Based on the hit streaming series, Squad Game offers twists and turns you didn’t see in the show. With a series of challenges to promote teamwork, this game also forces individuals to dig deep to win each round. Test your smarts, agility, and ability to utilize team strengths while growing and discovering existing skills.

Pricing and time frame are available on request. Contact the provider for more details.

Company picnic 🧺

It might take some planning, but a casual company picnic for your team is an excellent way for them to kick off their shoes and enjoy some time together. Hire a grill master, or grill up burgers and dogs yourself. Order up side dishes or make it a potluck event. 

San Francisco has many parks that let you rent pavilions or greenspace to gather as a group. Contact your parks and recreation department for details.

To get the event going right, check out our array of trusted Thriver-vetted catering providers to host your picnic function.

Browse Thriver’s marketplace for fun company outing ideas in San Francisco. You can book, manage, and pay all from our one-stop-shop platform. Our Culture Experts are also here to help you find nearby exciting outdoor activities that fit your company’s team-building goals.

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