Virtual Experiences: Holiday Edition

Oct 1

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The holiday season is upon us — finally! There’s no denying that 2020 has been a tough year; for most, the toughest one yet. But you and your team have made it through and deserve a fun time full of togetherness, giving, and self-care — even as we continue physical distancing. You might be wondering how past beloved office traditions could be continued this year or how you can treat your employees to the good times they deserve. That’s why we’ve created the perfect solution with Virtual Experiences: Holiday Edition to help you get into the festive spirit.

Fueling healthy company culture is our goal at Thriver. No matter where your teams are located, we believe that your unique team can be recognized, spirits can be raised, and togetherness can be celebrated. Our Virtual Experience (VX) platform offers an array of virtual team-building activities led by seasoned professionals, certified to meet our standards of excellence. This season, we’re excited to share something special with you. You and your team – no matter its size – can now look forward to Virtual Experiences Holiday Edition.

Come Together for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving should be about coming together, being thankful, and, most importantly, good hearty food. Our Thanksgiving Cooking and Baking classes provide not just a great opportunity to pick up some show-stopping skills, but also make for a fun way for your team to get together to decompress and be present in the moment. Both practical and therapeutic, these cooking and baking classes with a skilled professional are the perfect introduction to a bountiful holiday season. Learn more about Thanksgiving Virtual Experiences here.

Get Spooky on Halloween

Is there any holiday more unapologetically thrilling than Halloween? Dress up and get spooky with your team through a variety of engaging Virtual Experiences that are full of many treats and even a couple of tricks. From a trivia night that tests your teams’ folkloric knowledge of all things spooky to a ghoulishly immersive magic show to a virtual haunted escape room, you are sure to find something to suit your team’s interests. Throw them a virtual party that will haunt their dreams, in the best way possible. Learn more about Halloween-themed Virtual Experiences here.

Get Festive for The Holidays

Just because you can’t come together in your office or a fancy venue for your annual office holiday party, doesn’t mean that you can’t celebrate at all. In fact, this year’s work party can be even better than last year’s, with holiday themed Virtual Experiences. Take part in a Wine and Cheese Night or a Holiday Mixology Class, all guaranteed to have your team engaged and entertained. Everyone is bound to learn and grow, but most importantly, it will forge new traditions while continuing those cherished ones from past years. Bring on 2021! Learn more about Holiday-themed Virtual Experiences here.

Throw the Perfect Virtual Winter Offsite

Missing that immersive offsite feel? Fret not — our virtual winter offsite packages are the perfect solutions for your team. The offsite and party package (with a variety of expert-led wellness and team-building activities and workshops) will have your team collectively building on their strengths and fostering the meaningful growth of new skills. With so many engaging experiences bundled up in our offsite and party packages, your team will feel so full of holiday cheer that distance will be a mere afterthought. Learn more about Virtual Holiday Offsites here.

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