Valentine’s Day Celebration Ideas for the Office in 2022

Jan 25

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February 14th is right around the corner, and what better day to show your employees how much you appreciate them? You may not be able to give them the day off, but you can show your team some love with a memorable and meaningful Valentine’s Day employee appreciation activity that’ll engage and entertain them – and remind them how special they are. 

Today, we’ve compiled 10 Valentine’s Day ideas for the office that’ll speak their love language and keep them in warm fuzzies all day long. 

Valentine’s Day Games for Work

The team that plays together stays together, and these Valentine’s Day work contest ideas are not only a blast, but they also build connections among team members and give everyone a chance to show off their cerebral dexterity.

1. Love in the First Degree: An 80s Virtual Murder Mystery

The 1980s are back in this virtual murder mystery that takes place at a lovely mansion wedding – well, it’s lovely until the groom drops dead. Then, it’s up to your employees to work in teams and interview the eight suspects, played by live actors decked out in the duds of the Decade of Greed. Teams will put their clues together and take their best stab at identifying whodunnit. 

Sign up for Love in the First Degree here.

2. Valentine’s Day Musical Bingo

How Deep is Your Love song knowledge? God Only Knows your team is Crazy in Love with pop culture, so if you’re thinking, I Want to Know What Love Is, schedule a few rounds of musical bingo this Valentine’s Day – and get back a Whole Lotta Love from your employees. They’ll listen to Unchained Melodies and try to Crush the competition with The Luckiest guesses. It’ll be an Unforgettable time, and you’ll be the Hero for the rest of the week – maybe even Forevermore!

Sign up for Valentine’s Day Musical Bingo here.

3. Valentine’s Day Trivia

There’s no better employee engagement activity for Valentine’s Day than a rousing round of V-Day trivia, led by a pedigreed performer who knows how to get ‘em engaged, energized, and reaching into their repository of random knowledge. Questions range from the obvious to the obscure, and the game includes a musical round and plenty of pictures to test your team’s pop-culture prowess and inspire some friendly competition. 

Sign up for Valentine’s Day Trivia here.

Valentine’s Day Ideas for a Workplace of Foodies

Since the dawn of humankind, sharing a meal has been an important foundation for building relationships, and it’s just as important today as it ever was. Give your food-loving team a well-deserved break, and build morale with one of these tasty activities.

Boxes of colourful macarons for Valentine's Day in the office

4. Valentines Beer and Dessert Experience

Raise your glass, and drink to love. Treat your employees to a sweet-and-savory experience that’ll leave them with an essential life skill – pairing beer with sweets and cheeses to complement the subtle notes and flavors. A Valentine’s Day Beer and Dessert Experience is a great bonding activity for a team that loves its gastric delights. Everyone will get tasting cards and descriptions, and a certified cicerone will walk you through using your senses to get the most out of your booze and snacks.

Sign up for the Valentine’s Beer and Dessert Experience here.

5. Valentine’s Day Macaron Baking & Decorating

Whip up some l’amour in the kitchen with an expert baker who will guide your team step-by-step through the process of mixing, baking, and decorating French macarons. These delightful, delicious desserts are just the thing to spread the love to your employees and their families – if your team can resist eating them all before the kids get home.

Sign up for a Valentine’s Day Macaron Baking & Decorating experience here.

6. Valentine’s Day Hot Cocoa Bombs

Mmmm, hot cocoa! Fill their bellies and warm their hearts with a virtual tutorial on making dark hot cocoa bombs, led by an expert chocolatier. These sweet spheres of sipping goodness are festive, fun to make, and a flavorful fix for an afternoon slump. Once they know how to make a hot cocoa bomb, they’ll never go back to powdered packets. 

Sign up to make Valentine’s Day Hot Cocoa Bombs here.

Creative Valentine’s Day Activities for Work

Art is important in the workplace – it makes workers feel welcome, increases productivity, inspires creativity, and improves feelings of wellbeing. Making art at work is a fun way for your team to show off their skills and reveal a different side of their personality. These virtual Valentine’s Day office decoration ideas will make the day artful, festive, and fun.

7. Zoom Background Decorating Contest

Who’s got the wittiest, weirdest, wildest, or most wondrous Valentine’s Day home office decor? Engage employees in a contest to see who can concoct the liveliest Zoom backdrop to celebrate all things love. Award bonus points for personal adornment, like giant, heart-shaped sunglasses, a hot-pink wig, or fancy face paint. Hold a virtual vote, and let participants decide who wins – and be sure to take screenshots to share on social media or the company newsletter. 

8. Art with a Heart

Get your crew together for an afternoon of art-making and community-building. Art with a Heart is a 45-minute, artist-led activity that walks your team through creating beautiful, hand-crafted greeting cards they can display in their office or send to a special someone. Each participant will receive a kit in the mail with everything they need to make exquisite art from the heart to satisfy their inner creative and celebrate Valentine’s Day at work… from home.

Sign up for Art with a Heart here.

Self-Care Essentials

Show your fondness for your employees by engaging mind, body, and spirit in a love-fest of self-care. Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to throw a festive kickoff party for a wellness program initiative. Give them the gift of wellbeing with these popular virtual Valentine’s Day ideas for promoting work – life balance at the home office.

Self-care spa package as a Valentine's Day gift for employees

9. Learn to Relax

A relaxing spa care package is a thoughtful Valentine’s gift for employees that’ll engage all of their senses. They’ll receive a beautiful box filled with luxurious little treats like tasty cookies, cozy socks, aromatic candles, luscious bath salts, and more. Pair it with a virtual meditation class or a Hacking Happiness Workshop that shows your team how to get into the Zen Zone for maximum wellbeing. Other great Valentine gift ideas for coworkers include curated team wellness boxes, a Box of Amore, and a selection of swag and apparel.

10. Take Care of Your Body

Nutritious food and regular exercise are the secret to a longer, healthier life. Show your team you care with some helpful resources to improve their physical and mental health. Energize them with 40 minutes of dance cardio, or bring the intensity down with a rejuvenating virtual mat yoga session. Introduce your team to mindful eating, or show them how to prep meals like a pro to make healthy eating quick ‘n’ easy.

How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day at Work Inclusively

As you’re making plans for fun things to do at work for Valentine’s Day, consider your staff, company culture, and organizational values, and choose a way to celebrate that won’t make anyone uncomfortable or leave anyone out. Consider dietary restrictions, mobility issues, and cultural factors – once you know what’s off the table, it’s easy to find something everyone will enjoy.

Anyone can celebrate love and friendship on Valentine’s Day, and if employee appreciation is a priority for your organization, this happy holiday is the perfect time to pull out all the stops and express your admiration for your team!

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