Treating Your Team In Unusual Times

Apr 2

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Support your remote employees with the services they need, and forget about expense reporting.

As a company on a mission to bring employees together and fuel office culture, how can we help our clients’ teams thrive, while everyone is working from their living room? 

Fortunately the digital age offers us a wealth of tools to collaborate remotely and get plenty of facetime (pun intended), and we used those tools as inspiration for the 29 Ways to Fuel Team Spirit from Home. But beyond these virtual team builders, what do we do now? If this is how we’re all going to live and work for the next little while, how can we help our clients make their teams feel supported and rewarded at a distance? How can we find ways to offer perks while working from home?

When we were developing the Thriver Card, the prepaid employee card, we didn’t know we were developing a solution to social distancing. We didn’t even know what social distancing was a few weeks ago. We were just working on tech solutions for employee engagement while working from home. But lo and behold, the world needs Thriver right now, and here’s why:

Employees are missing the office.

Nothing can replace the ability to gather around the kitchen table with the team. But with Thriver Card, the employee appreciation gift card, your team can still enjoy daily perks of the office like freshly brewed coffee, their favourite snacks, and individually packaged meals, all delivered to their door. If your employees are used to being fed and fueled by the company, there’s no reason that has to stop now. 

Companies want to support their teams in meaningful ways.

Despite our remote conditions, employers can still invest in the personal well-being and growth of their employees. Partnering with top brands, apps and services, Thriver Card can be used for fitness & wellness programs, education & personal development courses, content & entertainment, prepared meals & grocery delivery, and even basic office supplies to help employees get set up WFH. With Thriver Card companies can spend less than what they would in-office, and still help their teams feel supported and cared for (just $20 a month on essentials goes a long way). Life does go on while we all stay at home, and Thriver Card empowers employees to keep thriving.

Every employee is unique and now you can treat them that way.

Rewards mean something different to everyone. One employee might want online Yoga classes while another wants a software upgrade; one might appreciate groceries while another would prefer Spanish lessons. Thriver Card makes your corporate employee allowance program customizable, so each employee chooses the essentials and services that bring them genuine personal value, while the company sets a budget for each. Employers don’t have to worry about employees overspending and employees don’t have to report expenses or wait for reimbursement. 

As we all adapt to working in physical isolation, it’s critical for companies to make each employee feel that their individual needs are recognized and supported. We couldn’t have known the Thriver Card program was going to help fuel company culture throughout a pandemic, but now that we know, we’re ready to boost morale worldwide, one treat at a time.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re waiving all one-time setup fees and monthly service fees for Thriver Card, so that companies can focus on supporting their employees during this difficult time. Want to learn more about Thriver Card and how it can fuel your team? Connect with us here.

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