Top Remote-Friendly Team Activities Customers Loved Last Quarter

Jul 5

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One silver lining of the past year and a half is that it’s kinda forced us all to get a little more creative about how we spend time with each other, both personally and professionally. Remote work isn’t going anywhere any time soon, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still connect and have fun with your coworkers. There are loads of remote-friendly activities you, as a leader, can use to bring out everyone’s fun side and nurture the type of companionship that helps workplaces thrive. 

These four Thriver events we’re about to share were an absolute HIT with our clients this past quarter. Not only did everyone have a blast, but they also upgraded their creativity, listening, and other high-value soft skills in the process.

Winning Opinions

What do you get when you put icebreakers on steroids? 

Winning Opinions.

In this event, participants each ask amusing questions to find out their coworker’s likes, dislikes, and opinions about light-hearted subjects. This 90-minute sesh is a solid way for team members to share their personalities and preferences, helping everyone get to know each other better. There are NO wrong answers here, and everyone is guaranteed to have a laugh (or several).

Musical Bingo

Music isn’t just for tuning out the world when you’re trying to concentrate at work or jamming it out at parties; it’s a highly therapeutic way to destress, achieve mental equilibrium, and stimulate productivity. Help your employees accomplish all three with this hour-long get-together, where participants will score points by identifying retro lyrics, singers and musicians. Check out this remote-friendly experience here.

Escape Room: The Villainous Escape

Skeptical about whether online escape rooms can actually work? Well, we assure you that they can! Our provider does a fantastic job of using technology, a hysterical storyline and tricky puzzles to virtualize a traditionally in-person event. The best part about this activity is your coworkers can whoop it up while practicing their problem-solving and collaboration skills. Neat, huh?

Online Office Olympics

This remote-friendly event is perfect if you have highly competitive colleagues on your team. It begins with splitting everyone into even groups, who will then contend with each other in a series of mini-games for the ultimate prize: bragging rights. Some will win, and some will lose, but absolutely everyone will walk away with great memories!

Top Activities to Help Your Team Go All the Way in 2021

We’re already at the halfway mark of 2021 in what’s felt like the blink of an eye. Still, it’s never too late to start investing more in building workplace friendships. Becoming (and remaining) intentional about in-person and remote-friendly gatherings is one of the simplest yet most effective ways to go about it.  You can use these ideas we’ve shared to plan for the remaining months of 2021 and help your colleagues finish the year strong. 
And,  just in case you missed this great read, feel free to backtrack a bit and learn how leaders can establish team activities as a cornerstone of company culture!

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