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Mar 2

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As company leaders, we know that employee wellbeing inspires better productivity and makes the workplace more enjoyable. That is why we are introducing event series designed specifically to promote your employee’s personal and professional wellness. 

Each series focuses on a specific topic and has a set number of sessions, which are generally limited to an hour or less. You have the flexibility to choose how often you want to hold the sessions, whether weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or something else. 

From health and wellness topics to professional development and team bonding, there’s an event series that will help you bring good health, wellness, and the spirit of cooperation to the team dynamic. 

Here, we present five event series to help you achieve your corporate wellness goals.

1. Stress & Burnout Series by FreshTalk Wellness

Burnout doesn’t happen overnight. It accumulates over time when you’re unable to reset after extended periods of stress. We often don’t see the early warning signs of burnout until it’s too late, but when you know the signs to look for, you can head it off with a range of strategies and practices.

The FreshTalk Wellness Stress & Burnout Series helps participants decrease the negative effects of stress with simple tools and strategies. Wherever you are in your stress-management skills development, this workshop series gives you the tools to further reduce your stress and prevent burnout. In the process, you’ll improve your overall happiness and wellbeing.

The course is broken down into three 45-minute sessions in which you’ll develop a deeper understanding of how your responses to stress can put you on the fast-track to burnout. You’ll work with a meditation coach to improve mindfulness and help you identify the roots of your stress. The series provides a simple, easy-to-follow diet, along with lifestyle changes, that can help you manage your stress for the long run.

Session 1: Understanding Stress & Burnout
Session 2: Addressing Stress & Burnout
Session 3: Preventing Stress & Burnout (long-term support)

Book the FreshTalk Wellness: Stress & Burnout Series, and remove burnout from your work life.

2. Young Leadership & New Manager Series by Divon Academy

Stepping into a managerial position is challenging even in the best of times. Moving into the role during a pandemic adds additional stress and uncertainty to the situation — especially if you have a hybrid or remote team.

This series provides new managers with the opportunity to build their leadership skills. New managers will learn how to motivate their teams and provide feedback in ways that build trust and stronger relationships. They’ll develop and build the soft skills solution-oriented problem-solving strategies they need to handle the pressures of the job

This workshop series is broken down into six 60-minute sessions, each designed to fulfill a specific objective to help new leadership step confidently into the role.

Session 1: Road Map for Success
Session 2: Finding Purpose and Creating a Purpose Driven Team
Session 3: Make Stress Your Superpower
Session 4: Mindset Masterclass
Session 5: Building Better Teams with Emotional Intelligence
Session 6: Harness Emotions to Build Better Relationships

Guide your company’s young leaders to managerial success — book your Divon Academy: Young Leadership & New Manager Series today.

3. Meditation Club: Mindfulness Series by Pause+Expand

Mindfulness and meditation practices are highly effective for enhancing wellbeing. The National Institutes of Health points to the range of benefits of meditation, which include better sleep and focus, lower stress and anxiety, and stronger feelings of connection and engagement with others.

Pause + Expand’s Meditation Club takes your team on a four-week mindfulness challenge using sounds and guided meditation. Each week, the guided visualization will focus on a different topic to connect your team through shared involvement. The visualization is followed by a sound bath, a meditative experience involving waves of healing sounds.

Session 1: Learning to Slow Down
Session 2: Finding Work-Life Balance
Session 3: Remembering to Play
Session 4: Coping with Stress

Book the Pause + Expand Meditation Club series, and take your team on a life-changing meditation journey.

4. The Stress Buster & Stronger Teams Series by Divon Academy

The Centers for Disease Control cites studies suggesting that workplace programs that help reduce employee stress improve a company’s bottom line. These programs reduce errors, improve productivity and help prevent burnout. Daily workplace stress hampers productivity, leads to emotional and mental roadblocks, and can even spread from person to person, impacting the effectiveness of entire teams.

This five-part series isn’t just another bandaid for stress. You’ll learn to identify the roots of your stress and discover tools that will help you tackle it at its source. 

The workshops in this series will help you harness the power of your mind to better cope with the inevitable stressors in life, build habits to help increase your energy, and improve overall wellness of body and mind. You’ll learn techniques to help you deepen relationships with your team while improving communication and collaboration skills. Changing your mindset and mastering soft skills like emotional regulation, empathy and effective communication, will help you become the master of your stress — not the other way around. 

Once you learn how to minimize the negative effects of stress, you’ll learn how to turn good stress into rocket fuel to power you up and get you motivated to tackle anything that comes your way. 

This event series is broken down into five 60-minute sessions, focused on essential strategies for reducing stress and improving your team’s overall wellness at work — and beyond.

Session 1: Success Strategy and Identifying the 5 Triggers of Stress
Session 2: Make Stress Your Superpower
Session 3: Stronger Teams Through High Performance Habits
Session 4: Mindset Masterclass: A Road Map for Resilience
Session 5: Harness Emotions to Build Better Relationships

Book the Divon Academy’s Stress Buster & Stronger Teams Series, and guide your team to better stress management and more productive collaborations.

5. Cultivate: Workplace Wellness Series by Erin Levine

When employees are healthy, they tend to be more content at home and more connected with their colleagues and peers at work. An employee wellness program improves morale, increases productivity, and improves your company’s bottom line

We all need to take the time to focus inward and mindfully care for ourselves so we can reach a state of harmony and cooperation. But the crunch of time and the tug of unfinished tasks can make it difficult to practice regular, mindful self-care.

Erin Levine’s Workplace Wellness Series offers foundational education around promoting employee wellbeing and health. In a 4-session program (+2 extra sessions), you’ll explore key resources and learn how to create a space for employees to take a holistic approach to self-care at the office — or the home office.

Explore better approaches to self-care with Erin Levine’s Workplace Wellness Series.

Thriver Brings Wellness to the Workplace

The Thriver marketplace is a one-stop shop for all of your employee wellness and professional development program needs. In addition to our new event series, you’ll find a wide range of team activities, seminars, classes and corporate catering from vetted providers. What ever your leadership objectives, you’ll find the workshops or programs to guide you and your team to success.

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