August Product Updates: New No-Nonsense Navigation Features & Saving Time with Thriver’s Culture Experts

Aug 24

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The Thriver platform is the gift that just keeps on giving! As in the previous months, we’ve added some tweaks and tune-ups that will help you get even more out of each culture-building service and experience we offer. Keep reading to find out more about August’s product updates!

Check Out the Latest Product Updates

These latest updates make finding exactly what you’re looking for in the Thriver marketplace even more of a no-brainer. Check out the following updates all about navigation and services to better your experience:

Categories & Subcategories

We’ve arranged each of our culture-building services in the following major categories:

We’ve further separated every service and experience into themed subcategories within these groups. Looking for cooking classes? They’re just a couple of clicks! 

Drop-Down Menu

Just like there’s more than one way to decorate cookies (coincidentally, we’ve got a class on that too), there’s more than one way to locate what you’re looking for on our platform. The navigation bar at the top of your screen has a new drop-down menu to click through our most popular categories and revisit what you recently viewed.

Both changes will save you buckets of time searching for what you need!

Invite Management

Raise your hand if events feel overwhelming because you just don’t know where to start. The logistics and time management alone take bounds of effort and sometimes calling in for support is a must (maybe most of the time!). 

Rather than organizing a workshop then inviting your team members through a separate platform like Outlook, you can directly invite everyone through Thriver. It’s easier than ordering Starbucks! Just visit your ‘Bookings’ dashboard, select your desired event, then add and review your registrants. 

Not only is this a significant time and energy saver, but it’ll also boost participation, improve engagement, and allow you to create valuable input from your colleagues to make adjustments for next time!


This user management feature allows you, as a manager, to appoint others in your company as a “concierge” on Thriver. They can then create, request and manage services and easily share them with you for approval before finalizing events. This feature will help you:

  • Keep a birds-eye-view of what others are booking
  • Collaborate more effectively with your teams (e.g. sharing favorite collections)
  • Maintain the final say on event bookings

If you’ve got a lot on your plate and aren’t afraid to delegate, this feature will quickly become your new best friend on Thriver!

Thriver Culture Expert

Now, for the pièce de résistance. Our mission is to blow your team away with more culture-building resources, services and experiences than you can imagine. But sometimes, being spoiled for choice is overwhelming.

Now you can get an expert’s help with managing and booking services!

This new service is for you if you need help with:

  • Curating special-recommended services based on your team’s unique needs
  • Communicating logistics and customization requests to providers
  • Organizing events and managing bookings

Learn more about how an expert can help you! 

Have You Tried These Features Yet?

These have been available for a while, but here’s a quick reminder on some in case you missed them!


If you’re an organizer, try this feature to engage your team, get their feedback, and make more informed decisions about upcoming bookings. You can ask them which services they’re interested in, what service customization requests they have, and anything else that will make events as valuable for them as possible!


Message providers directly to quickly get your questions answered, easily customize services, share files, and build relationships with outstanding specialists.


See something you like while browsing through our marketplace? Bookmark it for later! Easily save services to your Favorites lists or start a new collection to plan for future events. You can also share your collections with colleagues to get their ideas!

Book Again

If you tried a service, loved it and want to do it again, this feature will allow you to rebook it with the click of a button.

Which feature are you going to test out first? Give them a try, and let us know your thoughts!

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