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Apr 2

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With so many of us confined to our homes for the indefinite future, we’re suddenly looking for as many ways as possible to connect with each other, and support each other. Talking is helping; video conferencing is arguably saving our global sanity. But what else can we do for each other? We’re getting asked this question by companies wanting ideas to support their employees right now, and while we don’t have all the answers, employee care packages are definitely a great start.

Hallelujah for contactless delivery

We don’t know what life will look like on the other side of this isolation period, but for now it’s comforting to know that you can have what you need delivered to your door without person-to-person contact. Food apps are offering it, the post office no longer requires you to sign for anything, and restaurants everywhere are upping their delivery game. At Thriver we’re grateful for contactless delivery because it’s giving our clients a safe way to support their remote employees with comforts and essentials.

A taste of the office

People are craving normalcy. Until this last month, millions of us were making our coffee in the office kitchen, grabbing our favourite snack, and getting on with our day-to-day. For now this routine has been stripped from us, but after a little brainstorming in the virtual Thriver lab, we found a way to bring employees a taste of it. Collaborating with our top snack and coffee vendors, we created the Thriver WFH Care Packages for employees. With our latest creative solution to boost employees, companies can deliver their employees that same coffee, and those same favourite snacks, for a little fuel that feels familiar.

Offering simple pleasures

We’re all weathering the psychological effects of this lockdown, and while the whole world is wondering what to do next, one answer is simple: put on some coffee and eat something. It’s such a basic solution, but it’s also what gets us through some of the most challenging, uncertain times of our lives. Just a sip or a bite of something to keep you going. A little bit of energy, comfort, nourishment. That’s really what our care packages are – a way to show employee appreciation with a little something to keep your team going strong.

Great for clients too

Beyond their internal teams, many companies are also looking for safe alternatives to treat their clients. Wining and dining is no longer an option, at least not for now. This isolation period is forcing us to adapt the way we nurture our client relationships too, and care packages are a great way to maintain those bonds in uncertain times.

A reminder we’re still a team

Many companies are moving forward with work (as best they can) from remote locations, but it’s hard to comprehend the reality that none of us know when we’ll be in the same room as our coworkers again. The more days we spend isolated, the more disconnected we can feel from the company culture we were once steeped in every day. It can’t bring people back into the office, but a care package brings employees a reminder of the team they’re connected to; a tangible experience that everyone else on the team is having too. It’s a way for everyone to enjoy something together, even if we’re not together. 

Our WFH care packages are reaching employees and clients all over North America, and if you’d like to send some to your team, we’d love to help.

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