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Apr 7

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In our top virtual experiences for Spring post, we previewed some exciting updates we had coming your way. Now we’re pleased to announce that they’re officially here! These new features will completely transform how you interact with our platform, making it much easier to have your team’s workplace culture needs met. And that’s not all: we’re still trucking away backstage with even more product enhancements, which you’ll learn about at the end of this article. Keep reading to find out what we’ve been working on!

April Product Updates

End-to-End Booking

We’ve made some serious improvements to our system, allowing you to request and confirm bookings directly on the platform. Now you can keep track of all your virtual experiences on your dashboard, making it much easier to plan your team’s time around upcoming events.

Service Provider Profile

We’re finally enabling our Service Provider Profiles, accessible either with a direct link or through a linked avatar at the bottom of any experience or service our providers have with us. This new feature will allow you to learn more about our trusted partners and explore the other products and services they have to offer.

Direct Chats With Our Providers

Have you ever had a burning question for our providers or wanted to share an idea to elevate your next virtual experience? Our new Chat feature allows quick access to our providers so you can clear up any queries and tailor events based on your team’s preferences. Get in touch with a Provider through their profile page, or directly through your booking. You’ll have the ability to resolve any issues quickly and efficiently and document everything in the process. If you want to review snippets from your conversations with a Provider,  Visit your Inbox for access to all conversations with providers that you’ve communicated with.

Improved Search

Few things are more maddening than having to click through a bunch of links and pages while trying to navigate through a website. So, we fixed that! When browsing our platform, you now have the ability to search by Experience, Provider, Collection and Category, and find what you’re looking for upfront. 

Direct Share Links

Are you finding virtual events you want to share with your colleagues? Our new sharing tool makes spreading the word a breeze via email, SMS, WhatsApp and more. Get your team’s thoughts before booking a virtual experience and relax knowing everyone’s on board ahead of time.

Keep An Eye Out For….

As promised, there’s even more great stuff on the horizon! Keep a lookout for:

FAQ on Services

If you have a question, chances are some of our other customers have asked the same thing at some point or other. So, to start, we’re going to offer a curated list of Frequently Asked Questions on our Services to make sure you have all the information you need to feel confident before completing a booking.  We’ll also continue beefing up our Service pages with enriching content that will showcase what we have to offer and how to get the most out of it.

Enhancement to Services Page

We know that our customers consume content in various ways, so in addition to our blog posts and Thriver Podcast episodes, you can also look forward to videos, social media links, and much more.

Stay tuned for these updates, but for now, there’s plenty to enjoy. Check out our platform to give our latest features a test drive, and start planning your team’s Spring virtual experiences!

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