Crepes & The Power of Employee Appreciation

Mar 6

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When you work for a company that’s on a mission to revolutionize office culture, an event like Employee Appreciation Day is definitely your jam. As a customer success manager at Thriver, the power of employee appreciation is my jam every day. My ultimate goal is to help my clients cultivate a positive work environment and enhance their company culture, and I’m privileged to work with companies that express appreciation for their employees way more often than once a year.

The coolest part of my job is all of the different ways I get to help my clients celebrate their employees. Like this past week, my client at Amica Senior Lifestyles wanted to mark the Employee Appreciation occasion with a little more than a nice lunch. The executives wanted to do something unique to show their employees how grateful they are for them, and one of their brilliant minds decided that gratitude is best expressed through CREPES. With the help of Thriver and our partner, Crepe It Up – who was there to teach everyone the ways of the griddle – the Amica management team threw on some aprons and got cooking. When I asked how it went my client’s response was: “It went amazing!!!!!” which is what we aim for at Thriver – creating employee experiences that inspire at least five exclamation marks. 

As much as I love the clients who plan something big for Employee Appreciation Day, I’m also inspired by those companies who don’t really need the annual reminder. Those companies who use our platform to empower their employees every week, or even every day. Because that’s pretty much our end-goal at Thriver! To make every day feel like Employee Appreciation Day. 

If I’ve learned anything from helping my clients create a thriving work culture, it’s how critical it is for employees to feel seen, heard and valued. Highlighting employees’ contributions increases motivation and productivity, which leads to greater prosperity for the company. Truly, employees are what make or break a business. Whether it’s Employee Appreciation Day or just a regular Tuesday, our goal is to make employees everywhere feel recognized and excited to come to work, and to spark as many exclamation marks as we can! 

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