30 Best Team-Building Activities for Work in 2022

Apr 21

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Working remotely during the pandemic has taken a toll on many people’s interactive and communication skills. As many workers return to working on-site, it will be an adjustment, especially when interacting with others in the office.

As company leaders, it’s up to you to bring teams together, restore connection among workgroups, and nurture collaborative thinking. Implementing strategies and team-building activities for your workplace will get your employees back on the path to collaboration and collective involvement.

Take a look through these ideas we’ve put together that offer some fun team-building activities that will help your employees come together and reconnect as a group and as friends.

Team-building activities by impact:

Embrace your competitive side

Get your team together for friendly contests of knowledge, putting, and scrounging skills to encourage good-natured rivalry and reinforce group collaboration.

Two people participating in a tug of war game

1. How much do you know?

Hop aboard the trivia train with the Premier Trivia Competition for a fun, competitive team-building experience.

  • Best for: employee engagement
  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • Group size: 10-15 people
  • Budget: $20 per person
  • What you’ll need: Zoom downloaded (for online events)
  • How it works: Attendees gather online or in-person, while a professional quizmaster provides trivia questions for teams to break out and collaborate on answers. Teams then come together for a reveal of the answers.
    • Please note that teams are selected at random for virtual events.
    • If requesting an in-person event, please note that Trivia provider requires at least two weeks lead time and that there will be a surcharge over the listed price. Locations currently supported in person include New York, California, Minnesota, North Dakota and Illinois.

2. Scavenge and scrounge

Schedule your team’s Scavenger Hunt All-Stars on Thriver to participate in this fun test of creativity and collaboration. 

  • Best for: collaboration, creative thinking, competition
  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • Group size: 12-15 people
  • Budget: $23 per person
  • What you’ll need
    • Zoom downloaded
    • Working audio and camera
  • How it works: Players undergo a three-phase challenge in which they hunt for objects in their home and gather items collectively as teams.

3. Who wants to play a game?

Gather your team for an exciting team-building game for the office, Survey Says, offered on Thriver.

  • Best for: entertainment, team-building, company events
  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • Group size: 20 or more
  • Budget: $25 per person
  • What you’ll need: Zoom downloaded
  • How it works: Virtually hosted. The host randomly divides the group into teams. Each team will go into a breakout room, where they can review a list of questions and discuss their answers. The teams come together as a larger group, and the survey scores reveal each answer. After ten rounds, the host crowns the winning team.

4. Get your doodle on

Combine collaboration with fun in the Guess-My-Sketch virtual doodle game offered on Thriver.

  • Best for: engagement, collaboration, entertainment
  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • Group size: 20 or more
  • Budget: $25 per person
  • What you’ll need: Zoom downloaded
  • How it works: the players are organized into small groups, and they connect to a doodling platform. Each round, groups head off into private rooms to sketch, then come back together to guess the image. Afterward, everyone gets a copy of all the doodles the teams have created.

5. Putt-putt, anyone?

Gather your crew for buckets of fun with the Pop-Up Mini Golf.

  • Best for: team-bonding, entertainment
  • Group size: any size group
  • Budget: $2,000
  • What you’ll need: Just bring yourselves 😊
  • How it works: Pop-Up Mini Golf goes to a specified location – indoors or out – sets up a mini-golf course, and your team putts away till they can’t putt anymore.

6. On your mark… get set… go!

Give your employees some silly team-building games for the office with Online Office Olympics.

  • Best for: teamwork, engagement
  • Duration: 90 minutes
  • Group size: 10 or more
  • Budget: $32 per person
  • What you’ll need
    • Zoom downloaded
    • An even number of people for teams
  • How it works: Virtually hosted. Before starting, the office splits into two teams of 5-12 people, assigns captains, and name the teams. The host leads a series of silly, high-energy games and challenges, like Sudden Death Challenges, Last Letter, and Family Feud.

Team-building for events and parties

Plan an event with your employees and hire specialized entertainment to give them a chance to blow off some steam and enjoy fun, interactive R&R.

A magician performing on a stage

7. Consult the Oracle

Hear your future from the Oracle of Dazzling & Inspired Event Entertainment for your next company event, and give your team something different.

  • Best for: entertainment, engagement
  • Duration: 1 to 3 hours
  • Group size: any group size
  • Budget: $700 to $1,100*
  • What you’ll need: bring yourself and your questions 🔮
  • How it works: The Oracle comes to your company function and answers questions for guests on an antique typewriter, giving guests their futures and creating personalized memories.

* Travel expenses apply if outside of New York City

8. Paint party going on right here

Enjoy a series of fun and creative team-building activities at work with the Team-Building Paint Party brought in person to you.

  • Best for: creativity, collaboration, engagement
  • Duration: 120 minutes
  • Group size: any group size
  • Budget: price on request
  • What you’ll need: bring yourself and your enthusiasm 🤗
  • How it works: A local artist with Paint the Town comes to your site with all the necessary art supplies and turns your space into an art studio. They guide you through a collaborative group project, while each person works on their individualized piece of art.

9. Improve improv

Prepare to be silly and wild with one of the most fun team-building activities for the workplace – the Improv Team-Building Workshop.

  • Best for: communication, collaboration, creativity
  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • Group size: 15 or more
  • Budget: $20 per person
  • What you’ll need: Zoom downloaded
  • How it works: Hosted virtually. After the host gives the group an icebreaker challenge to loosen them up, they play a word association game. The host then guides them by exploring the foundations of improvisation, followed by a storytelling game to unlock your team’s creativity.

10. Who doesn’t love a good mystery?

How many team-bonding activities allow you to solve a murder? Join the Sherlock Holmes: Murder Mystery offered on Thriver for a fun time of crime-solving roleplay.

  • Best for: problem-solving, collaboration
  • Duration: 90 minutes
  • Group size: 10 to 40
  • Budget: $32 per person
  • What you’ll need
    • Zoom downloaded
    • Ability To Open a PDF/Google Doc
  • How it works: Hosted virtually. The “Mystery Master” describes the scene and provides clues. The participants then explain what actions they want to take as investigators – interview a witness, visit the morgue, interrogate a suspect, or you can take any number of other steps on this mysterious adventure. 

Food and learning – and learning food

Give your team the gift of knowledge by booking team-building activities for employees that teach them new skills or how to make tasty treats. Whether it’s learning how to play in a band or make chocolate delights, Thriver marketplace offers classes and workshops that will broaden your employees’ horizons.

A team of employees cooking a dinner during a cooking class

11. Would you like a cup of tea?

Immerse yourself in a cultural experience with the Hokusai & Matcha Tea Making

  • Best for: skill-building, creativity
  • Duration: 120 minutes
  • Group size: 12 or more
  • Budget: $150 per person
  • What you’ll need
    • 2 cups of water to wash brushes
    • A teacup, bowl and hot water to make the Matcha
    • Paper towels
    • Paper or plastic plate to mix the paints
  • How it works: Virtually hosted. A Matcha tea set and a premium art kit will ship to your location. The host will guide you through an authentic Matcha tea ceremony. A professional artist will then instruct you in creating an original Hokusai painting. The Host will educate you about this iconic artist and Japanese culture, and you will then fashion your artwork in the Hokusai style.

12. Delve into delectable delights

Who doesn’t love chocolate? Delight your palate and employees with a dive into decadence and learning from Tasting: World Famous with Gift Trunk

  • Best for: sensory exploration, engagement
  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • Group size: 15 or more
  • Budget: $100 per person
  • What you’ll need: Zoom downloaded
  • How it works: Virtually hosted. You will receive an assortment of gourmet chocolates. The team goes into a virtual classroom on Zoom. An experienced food educator walks the group through learning to appreciate the notes and nuances of various chocolates.

13. Go on a bitter-sweet adventure

Become educated in the confectionary arts while also creating your own irresistible treats with the Chocolate Truffle Making in a Real Chocolate Factory. This team-building activity is great for any group, large or small.

  • Best for: company retreat event, engagement, skill-building
  • Duration: 120 minutes
  • Group size: any group size
  • Budget: $130 per person*
  • What you’ll need: All supplies are included 🍫
  • How it works: You’ll be greeted by the host, who will guide you through a brief history of chocolate. The host will then educate you on how to make everything from scratch and how to add your creative flair to each truffle. Then you will make your truffles, which you can eat right then and there or save for sampling later.

* The experience takes place at the host’s chocolate factory in Brooklyn, NY. Prices do not include the cost of travel to the host’s site.

14. So he says sushi says

Learn ancient Japanese culinary art from a professional sushi chef with the virtual Sushi Making Class.

  • Best for: skill-building, engagement
  • Duration: 90 minutes
  • Group size: 15 or more
  • Budget: $30 per person*
  • What you’ll need
    • Sushi Kit (Optional)
    • Bowl of Water
    • Dampened Dish Towel
    • Platter for Completed Rolls
  • How it works: Virtually hosted. A professional Itamae (sushi chef) guides participants in preparing and plating authentic sushi rolls through virtual instruction.

* For an additional $65 per person, we can send a sushi kit to each participant ahead of time.

15. Fold it to the left, fold it to the right

Explore the classic art of paper folding with the Origami Class!

  • Best for: mental concentration
  • Duration: 45 minutes
  • Group size: 10 or more
  • Budget: $15 per person
  • What you’ll need
    • Zoom downloaded
    • Paper (origami or regular printer paper)
  • How it works: Virtually hosted. Participants learn the history of this ancient art, then are guided in folding two paper creations of their own.

16. Who wants to start a band?

What could be a better team-building activity for the office than getting a band together? Join the Battle of the Bands, offered on the Thriver marketplace, and you could turn your workplace into a concert venue!

  • Best for: confidence-building, collaboration, creativity
  • Duration: 120 minutes
  • Group size: 10 or more
  • Budget: $50 per person
  • What you’ll need
    • Zoom downloaded
    • Log on using two devices (e.g., phone, tablet, or computer)
    • Headphones recommended
    • Any instruments participants already have one at home (if none, participants can sing instead)
  • How it works: Virtually hosted. Participants can choose to sing or play an instrument that they have on hand. Expert instructors will teach participants how to play a hit song. At the end of the event, participants will play their songs, and the performers will make a company music video.

17. Knot your average crafting class 

Give your team the gift of self-crafted art with the DIY Macrame Class. We wouldn’t string you along. This class will show you the ropes.

  • Best for: skill-building, creativity
  • Duration: 90 minutes
  • Group size: 6 or more
  • Budget: $70 per person
  • What you’ll need:
    • Zoom downloaded
    • scissors
    • tape (optional)
  • How it works: Virtually hosted. A friendly, professional artist guides you through knotting techniques, and you’ll craft a remarkable piece of textile art. 

Wellness and wellbeing

Encourage good health with team-building activities that focus on mental and emotional wellbeing and physical wellness. 

A team of employees meditating

18. It’s something in the air

Explore an uplifting and invigorating team-building activity for employees with the Aromatherapy Blend Bar.

  • Best for: stress reduction, energy boost
  • Duration: 60-90 minutes
  • Group size: 15 or more
  • Budget: $350 + $40 per person
  • What you’ll need: Zoom downloaded (if virtual)
  • How it works: Hosted virtually. The host guides participants through creating their aromatherapy blends that can be placed into a rollerball or a room-mist sprayer. Employees can bring these home or keep them at the office to soothe and calm them in times of stress. 

19. Visualize and realize

Relax into a bath of sound and guided visualization with the most rejuvenating team-bonding activities – the Celebrate Your Team Wins – Sound Bath + Guided Meditation.

  • Best for: stress reduction, relieving burnout, restoring energy
  • Duration: 60 minutes*
  • Group size: Any size group, up to 50
  • Budget: $352*
  • What you’ll need
    • Zoom downloaded
    • Headphones that can plug directly into the computer
  • How it works: Virtually hosted. The host leads you through reinforcing team connection with a visual journey and sound bath through guided meditation.

* Options for 30 or 45-minute sessions upon request.

Group activities for (technically) adults

Several cocktails prepared for a team liquor testing

20. Liquor tasting

Let your team enjoy one of the best team-building activities for adults, with Pop-up Liquor Tastings offered on the Thriver marketplace.

  • Best for: company events, entertainment, relaxation
  • Duration: 60-90  minutes*
  • Group size: 50 or more*
  • Budget: $1,598
  • What you’ll need
    • Table/bar area
    • Access to ice
    • Trash bin
  • How it works: The host guides guests through the liquor-tasting process and answers questions. The host company can work with you and your chosen distillery to create a custom signature cocktail to remember the event every time you have a party.

* For events with 101 to 200 guests – a $299 surcharge.

Over 200 guests require custom pricing.

* Service duration: 60 to 90 mins. We can accommodate longer times for an additional fee.

21. What doesn’t tequila makes you stronger

Explore an easy, adult team-building activity with Thriver’s Exciting Tequila Cocktails virtual mixology class.

  • Best for: entertainment, engagement, team-bonding
  • Duration: 45 minutes
  • Group size: 10 or more
  • Budget: $90 per person
  • What you’ll need
    • Zoom downloaded
    • A bowl of ice
    • Two cocktail glasses
    • A paring knife to cut citrus
  • How it works: Virtually hosted. The host instructs a virtual mixology class, then walks you through creating two classic tequila cocktails. 

Company culture and community

A team of employees holding each others hands

22. Go, team!

Explore effective team-building for your workplace and improve your employees’ interaction skills with the Building Stronger Teams and Client Relationships workshop offered on Thriver.

  • Best for: collaboration, communication, emotional intelligence
  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • Group size: any group size
  • Budget: $1,599
  • What you’ll need: Zoom downloaded
  • How it works: Virtually hosted. The host leads the team through understanding their emotions and how to recognize and respond to emotions in others to build rapport with clients and colleagues alike.

23. Become a kinder, gentler teammate

Explore empathy with the best team-building activity for building compassion for each other with Kindness Challenge for the Workplace.

  • Best for: emotional intelligence, connecting, collaboration
  • Duration: a 1-hour session with leadership and a 30-minute session with the whole team.
  • Group size: any group size
  • Budget: $1,000
  • What you’ll need: Zoom downloaded
  • How it works: Hosted virtually. The host consults with company leaders in a 1-hour session to clarify goals. They then invite the team into a 30-minute kickoff session to generate excitement and explore the impact of kindness on the workplace. Each participant will then receive one email per week, which dives into a different facet of kindness. The email also includes a 5 to 10-minute video on mindful practices related to compassion and empathy and ideas for weekly acts of kindness. 

24. Give the gift of yourself

Volunteer locally to help your community with a program such as the Community Food Program on Thriver. Few team-bonding activities could be as meaningful or as rewarding.

  • Best for: community spirit, connectedness, teamwork
  • Duration: 180 minutes
  • Group size: 5 to 8 people
  • Budget: Free
  • What you’ll need: Just yourself and a few hours of your time 🙋
  • How it works: In-person. Volunteers will engage in activities much like the ones listed below.
    • Unload donated boxes of food from trucks, and help organize them.
    • Repack food items from boxes into “free brown bags.”
    • Assist in distributing these free brown bags to the community.
    • Help with cleanup.

* The program shown serves New York City. You can search for community food programs in your area to receive the same benefit.

25. Help San Francisco youth from anywhere

Volunteer with Larkin Street Youth Services for a meaningful office team-building activity, and give to our children’s future.

  • Best for: community spirit, engagement, giving
  • Duration: 45 minutes
  • Group size: any group size
  • Budget: Free / what you’re willing to donate
  • What you’ll need: Zoom downloaded
  • How it works: Connect with a Larkin Street representative and work together to put together a themed kit that best fits your organization. After you have donated kit materials, Larkin Street hosts a Lunch and Learn event to inform your team about youth homelessness, what services Larkin Street provides, as well as what has changed during COVID-19 and its impact on the youth they serve.

Additional ideas for team-building 💡

26. Explore a dungeon and fight dragons

Start a Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) group, and learn why this is one of the most popular games of all time.

  • Best for: problem-solving, team connection, communication, entertainment
  • Duration: 90 to 180 minutes (typically)
  • Group size: 5 to 9 participants
  • Budget: Varies
  • What you’ll need
    • 1 set of 6 polygonal dice (1 six-sided, 1 eight-sided, 2 ten-sided, 1 12-sided, and 1 20-sided)
    • Plenty of paper and pens
    • D&D core rulebooks (optional but encouraged)
    • Snacks and beverages
  • How it works: One person, the Dungeon Master (DM), leads a session in which four to six players create characters pulled from fantasy-adventure novels. The DM describes situations and scenarios, while the players decide their characters’ actions. The dice determine the outcome of player actions.

27. Going in blind

Cup stacking doesn’t sound all that exciting, but here’s a way to make it into a fun and challenging team-building exercise for your office. 

  • Best for: communication, collaboration, teamwork
  • Duration: As long as you want to take.
  • Group size: Any size group, broken into teams of four.
  • Budget: The cost of plastic cups and string.
  • What you’ll need
    • a table
    • two blindfolds
    • tape or sticky tack
    • enough string (of any sort) to tie into a loop roughly the length of the table.
    • any number of plastic cups.
    • a timer
  • How it works: set three to four plastic cups on the table separately, with one cup secured to the center of the table face-down – that’s where the tape or sticky tack comes in. Two team members are blindfolded, and each holds one end of the looped string. Two other team members verbally guide the blindfolded mates in using the loop to pick up and move the loose cups and stack them on top of the center cup. After five minutes, the teammates switch spots and do the same. At the end of that five minutes, they tally up all of the cups they successfully stacked. After every team has gone, the team that has successfully stacked the most cups wins.

28. Color me random

Give your team something creative and offbeat to spark joy and inspire team-bonding.

  • Best for: team-bonding, collaboration, entertainment
  • Duration: 30 to 60 minutes
  • Group size: Any size
  • Budget: variable
  • What you’ll need
    • Markers or crayons in a wide variety of colors.
    • Color-by-numbers picture for each participant.
    • A table or tables to set the color-by-numbers posters on.
  • How it works: Each person can work individually or in two teams. Each team has an artist and a chooser. At the beginning of each round, someone in the larger group is designated the caller. Then the chooser on each team secretly picks a color of marker to use. The caller calls out a number, and the chooser reveals the color to the artist, who has to color the numbered spaces using the marker or crayon the chooser gave them. After two minutes, the artist and chooser switch roles. A different caller is designated, and it starts again. 
  • Alternatively, if there is one person per poster, the participants can opt to rotate their color one person to their left, and each person has to use whatever color they’re given for whatever space the caller calls out each round. The activity continues until all the posters are colored, and the works of art are held up for all to see.

29. Liar, liar

Get your teammates to reveal truths about themselves and build trust with Two Truths and a Lie.

  • Best for: communication, building relationships
  • Duration: 30 minutes
  • Group size: any size group
  • Budget: doesn’t cost a thing
  • What you’ll need: just yourselves 💜
  • How it works: Each team member tells three exciting things about themselves, but one of those things has to be a lie – big or small. The other team members discuss the answers and vote on which piece of information is a lie. The idea is to get more people to vote incorrectly than those who vote for the correct answer. If you want to make it competitive, you can add a scoring system to the game.

30. Design teamwork

Work together as a group and develop team-building ideas for your work.

  • Best for: collaboration, creativity, communication
  • Duration: however long it takes
  • Group size: any group size
  • Budget: shouldn’t cost a thing
  • What you’ll need: your brains and your creativity
  • How it works: Get your group together and decide on fun, collaborative activities that can bring you closer together as an organization. Present your ideas to leadership and be rewarded with growth.

Thriver is the place to find all the best team-building activities for your organization to explore. Whether you want to give your employees a wild and fun time while building rapport and collaboration or dive into the more serious side of team collaboration, you can discover the team-building activities that best fit your company’s needs.

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