Best Team-Building Activities for Work in San Francisco this July

Jun 21

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July is upon us, and San Francisco will be alive with firework displays, outdoor grilling, and all sorts of summer fun. This month is a great time to book fun team–building activities for you and your work friends to enjoy.

Throughout July, we highlight new activities and exciting experiences for your team, along with an explanation of our selections. Each month we update the program calendar to keep you up to date on upcoming holidays and recommend activities for your workplace.

How to use our new monthly culture program feature

  • Each month’s holidays are HIGHLIGHTED IN PURPLE.
  • Throughout the calendar month, we feature exciting activities in bold, with the name of a trusted provider below. Each option links to the marketplace, where you can easily request a booking.
  • In the bottom of the calendar is a legend denoting special features, including holiday-related activities.

July team-building activities in San Francisco for your employees

Take a look at these activities to help your team celebrate the holidays happening this month, with some tasty ideas to get the ball rolling.

Independence Day: July 4th marks the day that Americans and the U.S. became an independent nation, escaping British dominance. Star-spangled regalia line the streets, and the smell of grilled food fills the air in joyful celebration.

Independence Day activity: Celebrate the 4th with an interactive wine tasting. Savor the diversity of bouquets and finishes that California vineyards offer in this 60-minute virtual wine tour. 

World Chocolate Day: Europe introduced chocolate to its people in 1550, and the world has been rightfully celebrating this historic moment ever since, with a special day of commemoration each year. This year, July 7th marks World Chocolate Day.

World Chocolate Day activity: What better way to celebrate chocolate than with chocolate? Treat your teammates to the classic chocolate-making challenge. Learn to make delicious goodies and give your confections some flair with a variety of decorating options.

National Intern Day: The last Thursday each July commemorates National Intern Day. The nation created this day in 2017 to acknowledge all our interns offer to their companies throughout the year. 

National Intern Day activity: Give your paid and unpaid crew the exciting and challenging experience of axe throwing. This thrilling event allows your coworkers to blow off steam and serves as a tremendous team-building function.

More fun group activities for San Francisco

We’ve gathered a selection of more fun activities for your San Francisco workers and company leaders to enjoy. Grow as a group through virtual and in-person team-building options. Look at what we have for you, hosted by trusted providers and thoroughly vetted by Thriver.

🧘 Weekly Meditation

Give your team the experience of mindful relaxation and renewal. Your host takes you on a journey of guided visualization and soothing waves of sound. After each session, your team can tackle the week with renewed vigor and eagerness. 

📺 TV Game Show-down

This lively team competition is an all-out blast. Test your collective wits in a contest inspired by popular TV game shows, as you and your work friends enjoy an hour of friendly competition and team bonding. You can book this event for live, virtual, or hybrid presentations. 

🥘 Team-Building Food Tour

Step outside and go on a food-loving adventure with a tour of local food establishments. A Thriver-vetted provider shows your group around town as you partake in food samples from select local mom-and-pop shops. This in-person expedition guides you to five different stops and gives your team a variety of authentic foot-tasting experiences. 

🔫 Laser Tag

Who wants to play laser tag? The question is, who doesn’t? Ideal for any skill level or age, a game of shoot ’em up is an entertaining and exciting experience for everyone. Team building and competition go hand-in-hand with this in-person game of persistence and prowess.

🪷 Outdoor Yoga Experience

Stretch, breathe, and relax with some yoga for your group. You can choose a park or a beach, as you don state-of-the-art headphones that allow you to receive direct instructions from the workshop leader. 

🍸 Mixology Workshop Happy Hour

Learn to make classic cocktails in these 60 minutes of adult fun time. This hands-on mixology class comes with all the ingredients and tools you’ll need to make your mixed drinks – along with a keepsake bar kit to bring out the amateur bartender in you.

😌 Breakthrough Mindset Workshop

Learn to reframe your mindset and direct yourself toward success. A leadership coach walks your team through changing your thought patterns and reframing them in healthy ways to remove self-imposed obstructions on your path to fulfillment.

🎼 90s Musical Bingo

Win prizes as you tap your feet to classic tunes from the 90s. Match up the songs with the spaces on your bingo card, and fill up a vertical, horizontal, diagonal row – or get a full house – and you’ve got Bingo! This 60-minute virtual experience is a fun time to be had by all.

Build your team spirit with engaging activities

The activity calendar offers just a few of the experiences our providers offer. Look at our wide selection of team activities for your San Francisco workplace on the Thriver marketplace. Whether you’re looking for excitement or relaxation – or anything in between – we’ve got you covered.

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