This holiday was founded by Black Americans to observe African harvest celebrations in the U.S. On the last day, Karamu is held, a special feast focused on African and African-American foods.
Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus and is considered by many to be the holiest Christian holiday. It is typically marked with gifts and a meal with family and friends.
This holiday marks the date in 1990 when the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Resolution on the International Convention on the Protection of the Rights of all Migrant Workers and Members of Their Families.
This holiday is mostly celebrated in Mexico and among Mexican-Americans. It recreates the journey of Mary and Joseph as they sought refuge before the birth of Jesus.
December 10 is the date the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was signed. On this date, we are meant to reflect on how perspectives on human rights have changed and where we are still lacking.
Hanukkah commemorates a miracle of light that happened during the rededication the Temple to the Hebrew god. According to the Talmud, only one intact vial of oil was left, just enough to light the Temple's candelabrum for one day, yet it burned for eight nights.
This date is for bringing awareness to advancing the rights of people with disabilities. From workplace accommodations to furthering the ADA, there is a lot we can focus on with this holiday.
We are closing in on a cure for AIDS. This day is meant to raise awareness and fund to make that a reality while we also destigmatize the condition.
While many awareness months focus on a specific group of people, this one focuses on our rights as a whole. It is a good time to think about where we are falling short and to stand up for the rights of all people.
This is an incredibly somber day commemorating the victims of trans-targeted hate crimes and the ways in which transphobia kills.
It's fitting to celebrate International Men's Day the same month as Movember. This date is used to recognize the achievements of men and hold high the men in our lives.
This day celebrates both Dutch-American culture and its peoples, but also the relationship between the United States and the Netherlands.
Another observance launched by the United Nations, this day is meant to bring awareness to how we react to people from other cultures, with differing religions, languages and abilities and more.
Started in 1998 by the World Kindness Movement, this day focuses on empathy and just being good to each other. It's a great time to focus on the little and big ways we could be a little kinder to each other – and to ourselves.
This Hindu celebration centers around multiple deities, but the underlying principle is to celebrate the victory of light over darkens. In many cases, sweets and gifts are exchanged.
Held the first Wednesday each November, this holiday was founded by Carole Spiers to help people better understand the role stress plays in their lives and to focus on ways to reduce stress.
Hey, the fellas need a little awareness, too! This month-long fundraiser is meant to bring attention to health concerns men commonly face, from mental health struggles to prostate cancer and raise money for related charities.
This month is marked to honor the diverse history of Native-American communities. November was selected as the month of celebration since it is also home to Thanksgiving, a holiday whose origins are often misunderstood.
While the name changes depending on the culture and how it is celebrated, this is a multi-day celebration to honor those who have passed on.
Set aside to raise awareness of bullying faced by LGBTQ+ youth, this is a pretty somber day. The best way to show support on this day is to wear purple and to reflect on how our own actions and words might contribute to a culture of hostility.
This observance has been held on October 15 of every year since 1964. It is meant to celebrate the achievements of individuals with blindness while also raising our general awareness of them in our lives and societies.
Navaratri is celebrated every year to mark the start of fall. In different countries, it has varying significance. However, the festival spans nine days. In some countries, Navaratri is celebrated at the start of each season, not just the fall.
Living life in the closet is hard and isolating. This day is meant to help those who want to come out to do so. This is also a good time to focus on why we don't out people before they are ready and how speculating on someone's sexuality can be harmful.
There is a lot of controversy over Columbus Day given the history of the man himself. As an alternative celebration, National Indigenous Peoples' Day was made a federal holiday in 2021. It focuses on helping people discover the truth of colonial history from the Native perspective.
In October, take time to reflect on the realities of people with visual impairments and how your workplace accommodates them. Remember that not all people who consider themselves to be blind have zero vision.
While Pride Month is all about identity, acceptance and loving yourself, LGBTQ+ History Month takes a look backward. Many LGBTQ+ figures have been erased from the history books or had their truths hidden. This month gives us the chance to look at the distance and recent past to see the history that didn't make the textbooks.
Yes, October is chock-full of heritage months! This one celebrates Italian-American culture, cuisine and people! It's a great month to learn more about the Italian-American experience.
German-Americans make up the largest ancestry group in the United States, with about 43 million total. And what better month to celebrate them than the one that gives Oktoberfest its name?
Many Filipinos have settled in the United States, and there are many people throughout the country who identify as Filipino-American. October is the month to celebrate everything about them and their culture.
The first Domestic Violence Awareness Month was held in 1989. This month is an excellent time to raise awareness of domestic violence in all of its forms and make sure your employees understand that there are resources for them if they need to leave a dangerous situation.
The United States is home to the largest Polish population outside of Poland itself. While many of those with Polish heritage are centered in the Midwest (Chicago, specifically), Polish-Americans are in all of our communities and greatly impacting our culture as a whole. October was chosen for this observance as it is the month Polish settlers first arrived in the United States.
This observance is used to both raise awareness of breast cancer and raise funds to seek a cure. Just be aware that some of the typical slogans used during this month don't always land well with everyone. Look for inclusive ways to talk about breast cancer.
A month-long awareness campaign, it focuses not on the struggles that those with disabilities face, but specifically on how they are assets to workplaces and communities. This is a great time to confront hidden bias in yourself and your company.
Throughout October, you can pay tribute to the diverse ideas, cultures and communities across the world as part of Global Diversity Awareness Month. Remember that you can look beyond national cultures and counties of origin. Think about things like disabilities, languages, religions and more.
Sukkot is a pilgrimage festival where Israelites who could were commanded to travel to the Temple in Jerusalem. The primary celebration is the building of a sukkah. Celebrants eat in the sukkah for eight days.
Considered the most somber of Jewish holidays, Yom Kippur is the Day of Atonement. Most who observe this occasion fast all day, pray intensely and complete a confession.
There are almost 600 federally recognized Native American tribes in the United States. This day is set aside to honor them, their cultures and their contributions.
This day was created by the United Nations. It is meant to advocate for gender equality but specifically with a focus on how men can help uplift women and be allies in the battle for equality.
The celebration honors Lord Ganesh as the Deity of New Beginnings and Obstacle Removal, as well as the god of knowledge and intellect and is celebrated throughout India, particularly in Maharashtra and Goa.
While most of the celebrations start on the 15th and run through the night, Mexico's actual Independence Day is September 16. The big event happens at midnight with the "Cry of Dolores," Miguel Hidalgo's infamous battle cry that spurred on the rebellion that led to Mexican freedom from Spanish rule.
This marks the start of the new year on the Jewish calendar. As with any New Year's celebration, it is marked with meals and fun. However, it is also seen as a time for reflection and prayer.
Krishna Janmashtami is a day reserved to celebrate the birth of Lord Krishna, a Hindu Deity. Lord Krishna is revered as both Vishnu's eighth incarnation and the greatest god in his own right. He is the Deity of protection, compassion, tenderness and love.
Mental health awareness is important, but there is more you can do as a company to help prevent suicide than just posting hotline numbers. Take this month to focus on what forms of support you can offer employees to lower the risk of suicide.
Deaf individuals aren't just hearing impaired; the Deaf community actually has a very rich culture with a lot that we can learn about and from. Deaf Awareness Month is an excellent time to not just think about making our world more accommodating but discovering Deafness as a defining aspect of a community.
Addiction is more prevalent than we realize, especially when we move beyond just focusing on drugs and alcohol and incorporate things like food, gambling and spending. This observance gives us the chance to really reflect on the topic and celebrate those who are in recovery.
World Humanitarian Day is a worldwide commemoration of those who serve others. Its goal is to create public awareness of humanitarian aid across the globe. This day is celebrated by making donations to humanitarian causes and participating in remembrance activities.
This day is considered holy because it commemorates Mary's ascension into heaven. This celebration is one of the Church's earliest holy days, with records of ceremonies dating back to the sixth century.
This day, which was established by the United Nations, honors the traditions of indigenous peoples all around the globe. This is a holiday to connect with the indigenous people in your community and learn more about their culture and heritage.
In addition to dedicating July to celebrate Disability Pride, this special day also celebrates the anniversary of the passing of the Americans with Disabilities Act. This act protects the rights of people with disabilities, including the right to not suffer from discrimination.
Hijri New Year is also known as Islamic New Year and it corresponds with the Hijrah, the Prophet's travel from Mecca to Medina in the first week of Muharram in 622 CE, which marks the beginning of the Muslim period.
Celebrating South Africa's first Black president and a pivotal figure in the civil rights movement. He and F.W. de Klerk, the president of South Africa at the time, shared the Nobel Peace Prize in 1993 for spearheading the country's transformation from apartheid to multiracial democracy.
Every year on July 14, International Non-Binary People's Day is dedicated in an effort to increase awareness and organize around the difficulties that non-binary people face across the globe. The inaugural commemoration of the day took place in 2012.
World Population Day is a yearly event that takes place on July 11 each year to increase awareness about worldwide population concerns. The United Nations Development Programme's Governing Council created the event in 1989.
July is also a month that creates a special place to recognize the sizeable contributions that Americans of French roots have made to the United States. This is also a great opportunity to learn about the French-American community, which is made up of over 11 million people in the United States.
This month celebrates the existence of the disabled community. This is a great opportunity to bring visibility to the diversity within the disabled community ranging from obvious to invisible disabilities. This month should have a focus on learning how to include members of the disabled community via accommodations.
The "Feast of Sacrifice," also known as Eid al-Adha, commemorates the Prophet Ibrahim's willingness to sacrifice his son, Ismail, as Allah commanded. It is one of the most significant holidays in Islam. It is customary to commemorate the sacrifice, pray and attend social functions on this holiday.
These dates mark a time to take a trip to Mecca, Islam's holiest city. This trip is considered an obligatory religious trip that all Muslim individuals should take at least once in their lives. The obligation to make this trip is only considered fulfilled if the trip takes place during these special days.
This is an international holiday dedicated to honoring refugees across the globe. Right now, it is estimated that there are over 26 million refugees on the planet. This day is the perfect moment to contribute to charities that benefit them and reflect on the conditions that create the refugee crisis.
On this day, Canada celebrates the cultures and contributions of the First Nations, Inuit and Metis peoples. It's also a time for reflection on the country's past – much of which has come to light in recent years as former residential schools have been investigated.
It was on this day in 1967 that laws preventing interracial marriage were finally ruled illegal by the Supreme Court of the United States. The case, Loving v. Virginia, is where the day gets its name.
Celebrating our differences can be incredibly empowering – but so can focusing on what unites us. Race Unity Day is about celebrating our commonalities, no matter our racial backgrounds, as well as coming together to fight for us all to obtain equality.
Since 1979, June has been host to Black Music Month, a celebration of historically Black musical genres, as well as the way Black music has influenced music as a whole. This is a great time to learn about artists you might not have heard of before.
The Caribbean is made up of 13 separate nations, each with their own unique food, culture, art and more. Caribbean-American Heritage Month gives us all a chance to celebrate what makes Caribbean cultures great and learn a lot along the way.
This is an awareness day established by the United Nations. It is meant to promote an awareness of the diversity around us and within us, opening up dialogue about what makes us unique and how those aspects contribute to our successes and struggles.
Buddha's Birthday is a festival celebrated throughout much of East Asia and South Asia, as well as in Buddhist households throughout the West, marking the birth of Prince Siddhartha Gautama, who became the Gautama Buddha, the founder of Buddhism.
This day marks an opportunity for everyone to take a vocal and visible stand against homophobia, transphobia and biphobia. In addition to making it clear that your workplace is a safe space, you can also help raise awareness of human rights violations and the struggles LGBTQ+ people face.
While this holiday isn't widely celebrated in Mexico, it is a pretty big deal in the U.S. The holiday actually came to prominence when Chicano activists selected it due to its symbolism: it marks the victory of the small Mexican army over the French in Puebla.
Haitian Heritage Month has been celebrated since 1998. It's meant to give those from Haiti and with Haitian background the chance to show pride in their identity and share their culture with others. With over a million Haitian Americans in the United States, there is plenty to celebrate.
Many observances related to Judaism are tied to tragedy, like the Holocaust. However, this month is a celebration of all the contributions of Jewish Americans and the history they have written. This is a great time to really reflect on how Jewish individuals have helped shape our country.
May is dedicated to focusing on mental health, whether that is greater awareness of struggles, focusing on improving your own health or making accommodations in the workplace to promote better mental wellbeing.
Are your safety and health standards up to par? This is the day to take a look at that and make changes as needed. Don't be afraid to get your employees in on it as well with surveys to get their observations.
This is another day to reflect on the Holocaust and to remember the victims of the Nazis. In addition to the victims, it also serves to honor the heroism of allies, survivors and rescuers who helped prevent this atrocity from being even worse.
This is the day the holy month of Ramadan comes to an end. On this date, the daylight fasting ends and most celebrants mark the occasion with a large feast and prayer.
Launched by the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network, this observance was created to help raise awareness of the bullying and ostracization queer people face and how it affects members of the LGBTQ+ community.
While we tend to talk about native peoples as a cohesive group, the truth is that before the Europeans arrived, the American continent was filled with hundreds of separate cultures and nations. Gathering of Nations brings more than 500 native tribes together to celebrate their traditions and cultures.
Easter is the Christian holiday marking the resurrection of Jesus. Within religious households, it is typically observed with prayer, church service and a family meal. It is also celebrated secularly with special meals, Easter baskets and egg hunts.
Passover is celebrated for seven days to reflect the natural order of creation. The observance is meant to commemorate when the Hebrew people were liberated from slavery under the rule of Egypt. It typically begins with a special meal called a seder and ends with a special religious service.
This holiday is celebrated the Friday prior to Easter and marks the crucifixion of Jesus. It typically centers around fasting and praying and many attend church services as well.
If you can't give multiple dates this autism awareness, you can just celebrate on April 2. This is a great day to focus on the barriers autistic people face in the workplace, including the struggle of getting the accommodations they need for sensory sensitivities.
April is dedicated to reshaping our society to be more accommodating and inclusive of autistic individuals. While engaging in this celebration is great, focus on supporting organizations that are run by autistic adults; many autism-based charities are disconnected from those with autism.
The ways in which Arab culture shapes the fabric of the United States are often underappreciated. This month-long celebration helps to correct that, focusing on all the unique qualities of Arab culture and the Arab-Americans who have made the United States the country it is today.
While the tide is changing, representation for trans and gender nonconforming people is still lacking. This day is dedicated to recognizing how trans and nonconforming individuals have contributed to and shaped our cultures while also focusing on equity and justice.
While we are over a century removed from the transatlantic slave trade, the practice went on for over 400 years, claiming tens of millions of lives and devastating tens of millions more. This date gives us the chance to reflect on an extremely dark period in our history and the lasting effects of it still observable today.
This date marks the moment Muhammad, a key Islamic prophet and father of Islam, was given the revelations that would come to form the Quran. Ramadan is observed with fasting, prayer and looking inward to focus on self-improvement.
Created to increase awareness about Down syndrome, there is a pretty neat reason the 21st day of the third month is the day we celebrate it: Down syndrome is marked by the triplication of the 21st chromosome.
Chances are high you have heard of Holi, with how popular Holi runs have become all over the world. It's often called the Festival of Love, Festival of Colors and Festival of Spring and celebrates the blossoming of nature as the seasons change.
The meaning behind this observance is clear: a reminder that women still do not earn the same as men in the United States. However, there is an interesting reason for selecting March 15: it is how far into the year the average woman must work to earn as much as the average man did the previous year. But there is good news here; the date keeps moving earlier and earlier every year, signifying how the wage gap is closing.
This Jewish holiday commemorates the salvation of Jewish people who lived under the Persian empire. Gifts of food and drink are exchanged and celebration includes making donations to the poor. In the evening, a special celebratory meal is often had.
Many of us lack awareness of Muslim culture; this day works to remedy that. On this date, we focus on all aspects of Muslim life but specifically with an eye on understanding, inclusion and peace. The goal is to share culture and break down barriers between communities.
While Women's History Month is more centered on the achievements of American women, International Women's Day is about lifting up women across the world. It's also United Nations Day for Women's Rights and International Peace, a celebration of how women's rights have advanced. If you don't feel you can fit in a full month, March 8 is the day to celebrate.
What better month to celebrate the Irish than March? In addition to Saint Patrick's Day, you can use all of March to take note of the contributions and culture of Irish Americans. Since it is the second most common heritage in the U.S. (only German outranks it), observing this month will honor a large percentage of your workforce.
While the Greek community in the U.S. is small, it has had an incredible impact on the larger culture. During this month, Greek individuals get to celebrate their heritage and we get to show our love for how they enrich our lives.
Anchored in the celebration of notable women throughout American history, this month recognizes the many hidden achievements and contributions of women. In addition to looking to the past, there is also a focus on the future and elevating women so they can achieve great things.
As we are all aware of by now, there are more than just two genders. This month-long celebration aims to help bring greater awareness to gender diversity and work towards genuine equality for all people, no matter their gender.
While we have come a long way in terms of equality, we still have many miles to go. One of the areas where our culture as a whole is lacking is in ending the stigma around developmental disabilities. This observance focuses on creating inclusive communities where those with developmental disabilities play vital roles.
People are encouraged to sport pink shirts as a visible public stance against bullying. It is also an important time for workplaces to make their stance on bullying clear and remind their employees that their workplace is an inclusive and safe one.
Seen as an annual reminder of mortality and the human connection with the divine, this date marks the first day of Lenten discipline. While the way it is celebrated varies, many observe it with fasting and prayer.
Over 30 million people struggle with eating disorders in the United States alone. Unfortunately, they are often overlooked in favor of other mental health struggles. This week-long observance is meant to help the public at large better understand the nature of these disorders.
All across the world, billions of people are struggling to achieve basic human rights and equality. World Day of Social Justice is a day meant for us to reflect on where we are lacking and promote actions that help people obtain the equity they deserve.
In English, this is the "Great Night of Shiva." A Hindu festival, it celebrates the Deity Lord Shiva and commemorates the coming of summer. The focus of this holiday is on self-reflection – something we could all use a little more of.
This date is believed to be the day Buddha died after reaching Nirvana. Celebration typically centers around meditation and spending time in temples or monasteries.
Raise awareness for various types of cancers on World Cancer Day.
Meant to commemorate the lives of those targeted and killed during the Holocaust, this is a somber date to observe. In addition to the approximately 6 million Jewish people murdered by the Nazi regime, this date asks that we reflect on the lesser-known victims, including the Romani, LGBTQ and Jehova's Witnesses.
Not every culture follows the same calendar. For many Chinese people and those with Chinese heritage, the new year begins on February 1, 2022. Keep in mind that the exact date changes every year due to the nature of the lunisolar calendar.
This observance is meant to raise awareness of our differences and encourage us to embrace and celebrate them. This isn't a day focused on a specific aspect; it can be used to celebrate differences in language, heritage, abilities and more.
Always observed on the third Sunday in January, on this date, we are meant to celebrate the various world religions and focus on harmony and understanding between different outlooks on faith.
This Hindu holiday marks a festival celebrating Surya, a solar Deity. It is seen as a day of transition, marking the sun's transition into a new Zodiac sign.
While this holiday can be celebrated on different dates depending on the country, in the U.S. and Canada, it is most often celebrated on January 18. It marks the changing of the Buddhist calendar and is celebrated with songs and prayers.
You might feel like you just celebrated Christmas, but in the Eastern Orthodox tradition, it isn't celebrated until January 7. In addition to being observed on a different date, the celebrations are quite unique as well.
Louis Braille was a French educator who created the braille system of reading and writing for people with visual impairments. It is perhaps the biggest advancement in accessibility for those with visual disabilities to date.
In addition to an entire awareness month, we also have Mental Health Awareness Day. This is a good time to highlight resources your company offers to support mental health and also think about how the workplace culture you shape helps or harms mental wellbeing.
Mexicans and Mexican-Americans make up the majority of Latinos in the United States, so it is fitting that National Hispanic Heritage Month starts not on the first of the month but on the 15th, when Mexico celebrates its Independence Day.
This is in celebration of the 19th amendment, which gave American women the right to vote in 1920. We recommend celebrating this day with activities that promote women's rights and equality.
While it was only recently recognized as an official holiday, Juneteenth has been celebrated for over a century in Black communities in the U.S. The date marks the moment federal troops arrived in Texas, freeing those who were still enslaved despite the Emancipation Proclamation.
Pride month is about members of the LGBTQ+ community taking pride in who they are and in the fact that they have survived everything the world has to throw at them. But it is also a commemoration of the Stonewall Riots and a recognition of the struggles the community continues to face.
Since COVID began, the world has become a more hostile place for Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. This month is a great time to focus on ensuring you are making the world a safer place for them while also celebrating their culture and contributions.
New Year’s Day isn’t work-focused, but that doesn’t mean you cannot find ways to honor it with your team. In addition to giving everyone the day off to commemorate another trip around the sun, help them frame the year ahead in a positive manner.