How to Help Your Accounting Team Survive the Tax Season

Jan 20

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The first quarter of the year is by far the busiest time for accountants. It’s common for them to stay late and work extra hours to complete everything on time. This is also a period of high focus, which can add to exhaustion. By supporting your accounting team, you’ll help them avoid burnout and ensure they know that they’re valued.

In this article you’ll find ideas on how you can support your accounting team during the busy season. Our list includes wellness activities, “survival kit” ideas, and other perks you could offer.

1. Provide Free Lunches and Dinners

Ensure your accounting team is taking the time to eat healthy, balanced meals by providing a free lunch or dinner at the office. Order catering from a local restaurant and sit down to have a meal together to feel more connected. If you’re unsure about your team’s food preferences, create a poll beforehand to figure out what to order.

2. Set Up a Buffet

If full meals are out of your budget, an alternative could be to set up a buffet with things like snacks and juice. This will allow your accounting team to grab a bite when it’s convenient and avoid them needing to waste time heading offsite.

3. Hold a Meditation Class

The benefits of meditation – such as less stress and increased happiness – are well known. Unfortunately, many people find it difficult to learn the techniques on their own. The solution is to offer a short meditation class run by an expert. Your team will learn the basics, including tactics they can use whenever they need to recharge. They’ll also have a chance to participate in a lived guided meditation and sound bath during the session.

4. Organize a Stress-Relief Session

If work for your accounting team has already started to ramp up and you’re worried that some employees are feeling drained, a stress-relief seminar could be ideal. With a mind energizer session, for instance, a certified hypnotist and reiki practitioner will take your team through specialized meditation exercises to release negativity. By the end of the session, your accounting team will feel calm and clear-headed. They’ll also be able to use the techniques they’ve learned whenever they’re under pressure or struggling to stay productive.

5. Present Self-Care Kits

Another idea is to present gifts to your accountants during tax season. A top option is an accounting busy season “survival kit” designed by certified nutritionists. This is a great way to show employees that you care about their mental health. Each recipient will receive a hand-curated box that matches the wellness theme you choose.

6. Be There for Your Team

Finally, be aware of when the busy season is. For most companies, it tends to be between January and April. Let your accounting team know that you’re available to lend a listening ear during this period and beyond. You should also reach out on a regular basis to ask employees how they’re feeling and whether there’s anything more you can do for them.

There are many ways to support your accounting team through tax season stress – both ongoing and special treats. These will help your team cope with anxiety, improve their performance, and feel appreciated by the organization. Use a combination of the above throughout this busy time of year to keep your team motivated.

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