11 Summer Company Party Ideas for Sunny Days Ahead

May 27

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If your company has a fair number of employees, you may often struggle to find effective ways to gather everyone together all at once. But whether you often deal with employees who are onboarding, moving on to other opportunities, going on leave or working in different teams and locations, it’s important to prioritize their ability to regularly connect with each other, socialize, and boost collaboration. It’s a tough job, but summertime can make things a little easier with the outdoors and some sunshine!

In this post, we’re sharing 11 summer company party ideas, PLUS some actionable tips for making sure you have everything you need to make your event a smashing success. If your team is looking for ways to have fun in the sun over the next few months, keep reading for some unique work party ideas to try this summer!

Themed Picnic ⛱️

Picnics are one of the best evergreen employee summer party ideas, especially for companies with large groups and multiple locations. To take the stress out of having to come up with something new every year, try gathering everyone outdoors for some good food, upbeat music and games as a regular annual celebration. And if you want to kick things up a notch, choose a summer party picnic theme suitable for work. 

Basics you’ll need: 

  • A safe, spacious, accessible venue
  • Transportation
  • Picnic food and beverages
  • Cutlery
  • Portables tables, chairs and picnic blankets 
  • Games and prizes
  • Music

Check out our latest article for a more thorough, step-by-step guide for planning the perfect summer picnic

Paint Party in the Park 🎨

Another idea to try for a summer company event is a calm, yet engaging paint party. You can take this outdoors to a park or set it up virtually if you have a remote team. Either way, this is a simple setup where everyone can experiment with their artistic skills while chatting, enjoying snacks, and sipping their favorite beverages.  

Basics you’ll need: 

  • Paint supplies (visit here to find all the resources you’ll need)
    • Canvases
    • Easels
    • Paint
    • Paint brushes
    • Cups of water
    • Napkins
  • An outdoor space with seats and tables (OR Zoom downloaded if remote event)
  • Snacks and beverages (consider sending snack boxes to remote participants)

Day Trip to Local Sights 🏞️

If you want to organize a more active team outing idea this summer, try organizing a day trip to visit local sights. Your coworkers can play tourist for a day and see a nearby town or city on bikes, buses, or on foot. 

Basics you’ll need: 

  • Transportation (this might depend on the weather)
  • Chosen destinations (including pit stops for meals)
  • An itinerary 
  • Water and travel snacks (especially if travelling on foot on a hot day)
  • Maps

Bonus tip: if you’re visiting crowded areas, have your team members wear company-branded matching attire so they can identify which group they belong to more easily.

Cocktail Party 🍹

A good cocktail always hits the spot, so another summer office party idea you might want to try is a formal or informal cocktail reception. 

Basics you’ll need: 

  • A venue (equipped with tables, chairs, a bar, etc) 
  • A theme (formal, informal, costume, etc.)
  • Decor
  • A cocktail menu and supplies
  • A bartender or two 
  • Appetizers and light meals

To make things even more interesting, you can have guests make the drinks themselves! Try signing them up for a mixology class to spruce up their cocktail skills on or before the big event.

White Party 😎

This is the perfect corporate party idea for an end-of-summer, sophisticated get-together. A white party is just like it sounds – an event where the theme revolves around all-white attire. While it may sound like a lavish occasion, the only requirement is to stick to the theme! Other than that, you make everything for your budget.

Basics you’ll need: 

  • A venue (equipped with tables, chairs, a bar, etc) 
  • Music
  • White decor
  • Food
  • Drinks

Next to the cocktail party above, this is by far the fanciest corporate summer event idea on this list, so you definitely want to consider hiring caterers and servers to add that extra touch of class!

Cooking Competition 🍕

If your team has a competitive streak and loves to eat, a cooking competition may be the perfect party idea for a corporate event this summer. 

Basics you’ll need:  

  • A kitchen area (or Zoom downloaded if remote event)
  • A recipe and ingredients list
  • A cooking timer
  • A judge for the taste test

What should everyone make? Pizza is one of the simplest, most versatile things to cook, and it’s perfect for a party any time of year. Your team can compete to see who can make the best pizza from scratch

Ice Cream Party 🍦

Summer often means scorching weather, which is why ice cream popularity tends to skyrocket around that time of year. You can make ice cream your main corporate event theme, or incorporate it into other themes for your summer office party.

Basics you’ll need: 

  • A venue 
  • Ice cream (order it here by the pint)
  • Cones
  • Spoons, cups, napkins, etc.
  • Other treats (e.g. baked goods)
  • Servers (choose some staff members or hire professionals)

Golf Party 🏌️

A golf party is yet another fun summer company outing idea, especially if you have a sporty team. But this event doesn’t have to be outdoors to be fun – you can take your company summer party indoors with an epic golf simulator

Basics you’ll need: 

  • A venue (remember, either outdoor or indoor can work!)
  • Equipment (clubs, balls, golf tees, flags, etc)
  • Food and beverages

For some added excitement, consider organizing games and tournaments. Check out this post for over 20 games to try, no matter your group size.

Outdoor Meditation 🧘‍♀️

There’s nothing more soothing than some meditation, and warm sunshine can make it so much more relaxing. For a more low-key get-together, organize an outdoor mediation session to help everyone de-stress. 

Basics you’ll need: 

  • A peaceful venue (preferably somewhere private with lots of greenery)
  • Mats or blankets
  • Soothing music

If you have a remote team you want to include in your summer company meditation party, try this sound bath and meditation session to create the perfect virtual experience.

Volunteering 🙋

Volunteering may not sound like the most exciting summer corporate event, but your employees will get to spend time together and enjoy the satisfaction of aiding a worthy cause at the same time! Plus, you’d be surprised how eager employees generally are for volunteering opportunities.

Basics you’ll need: 

The main thing your team will need is a cause everyone can get behind (for instance, start or join a local community food program)! As for the rest, organizing a successful volunteering event is no easy task, so check out this post for a step-by-step guide.

Comedy Party 😃

Lastly, the whole point of a company summer party is to get everyone to have fun and make memories. So why not theme the entire event around laughter and comedy?

Basics you’ll need: 

  • A venue
  • Food and beverages
  • Music
  • A professional comedian (or a really funny team member who likes to perform!)

Most of us probably think of stand-up shows when we think of comedy, but there are so many other ways to make this event unique and memorable. Try In Real Life Laughs for improv workshops and hilarious, educational keynotes to see what we mean!

Get Ready for Some Fun in the Sun

Those are 11 of the best summer corporate event and outing ideas to try over the next few months. But of course, don’t feel restricted by the ideas we’ve shared here – you can always mix and match to create something awesome of your own.

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