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Mar 15

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March is all about changes that have a big impact on our ability to function without friction. This has been the guiding principle for us the past few months as we’ve worked on new product updates that all enhance the features on our platform. Now, it’s time to introduce you to a few of these exciting changes.

Taking a deep dive, we had a quick chat with the Senior Director of Product at Thriver, Ben McPhee on the Thriver Podcast. The theme for these product updates has been relieving the administrative burden. “We want to make sure that we automate things intelligently,” Ben states. These updates make it as easy as possible to execute experiences that contribute to thriving workplace cultures. Here’s what you have to look forward to when you visit our platform.

Public browsing for all

The feature that we’re most excited about this month is that anyone can browse through our Virtual Experiences, with or without an account! All you have to do is head over to the platform and start discovering: you can go at your own pace as you navigate through the wide variety of experiences designed to enhance your company’s unique culture. The ultimate goal of this product update is empowerment. “We really want to provide the confidence to our customers when they come and look for the services and then book those services with the service providers,” Ben says. 

Enhanced feedback collection 

Feedback is what makes the world run smoothly and equitably. Accordingly, one of the more pivotal updates made this quarter is the automated solution to collecting meaningful feedback from participants in the experiences. Working toward the goal of making administrators’ lives a breeze, this update collates feedback directly from those who have participated in a given experience and is summarized for event organizers to understand how their team is feeling.

Our platform uses participant responses anonymously to feed the “star ratings” function, which serves as reviews of experiences on the platform. Each service will display a star rating next to it so that organizers can know which experience other teams have been enjoying most, so that they can feel confident in providing an engaging opportunity best suited to their employees. Ultimately, Ben says, this bridges the gap between the event organizer and the services provider because it allows admins to narrow in on exactly what they want for their employees from those who are providing services that best meet their needs. 

Centralize upcoming activities

The updates to the Activities Dashboard have been done in an effort to empower organizers in conquering their company culture and productivity goals this year. With booking requests and scheduled bookings now visible all from one easily-navigable location, users will have a super easy time keeping track of what they have already planned for employees, and what is coming ahead. Ben says that this particular update strikes at the heart of this quarter’s new capabilities, complementing the theme of making users’ lives as hassle free as possible. 

This centralization is done in an effort to ensure admin accessibility to what is most necessary and crucial in smart planning, along with allowing for smooth toggling between the platform’s functionalities. “The seamlessness of the experience is something that our customers are not going to find in the marketplace right now,” Ben says.

The future, at a glance

Making your lives easier is what makes us happy, and this quarter’s updates are only the beginning of the frictionless experiences we have planned for you. Keep an eye out for the next slew of enhancements to the platform that will work to make search and navigation easier than you’ve experienced so far. In addition to our plan of expanding on the depth and breadth of Service Providers we currently offer, we have a chat feature in the works that will allow you to talk to providers directly on the platform before, during, and after booking an experience.

In the meantime, check out some experiences that are a must this month, such as the Women’s History Month collection, and the March Spotlight collection, and watch your company’s culture thrive!

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