How to Set Professional Goals You’ll Actually Keep

Jan 13

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Though 2020 was a tough one, it left with us an important lesson: formulate an action plan. We’re now in an era that’s seeing wholesale technological disruption, prompting the nature of work itself to evolve almost overnight. In this environment, it’s imperative you have the personal and professional development goals to succeed. We promise, this isn’t as daunting as it sounds.   

According to a study done by the World Economic Forum called “Jobs of Tomorrow,” the advancements in technology mean that while new roles are opening up in the tech sector, there will be a continued demand for the human element in the new economy. This means that the immediate future demands of us a multifaceted set of skills to match the new opportunities that will be opening up. In other words, there has never been a better time to create a strategy toward success. You can achieve this by setting professional goals that are immediately actionable, ultimately leading to higher personal development. 

Here’s what you can start doing now to prepare for the new world of 2021.

Create a positive attitude towards professional goals and resolutions

Resolutions have gotten a bad rep in recent years for being unrealistic and overhyped — but they don’t have to be! When we set goals that are obtainable, we drastically increase our chances of achieving them. When working on resolutions, it’s important to think not only about what will make our lives measurably better, but also of what we actually have under our control. It’s also important to remember that there’s never the right time to craft resolutions — you can set goals for yourself every week, month, and even every day.

Because certain kinds of goals might not be feasible due to pandemic regulations, when setting out a plan for improvement this year, start to dig deeper with regards to what you can work on now so that you can succeed in a post-pandemic world. You may start with expressing kindness and gratitude to those around you. For example, supporting local businesses, ordering from family-owned restaurants, giving to charities, or volunteering to help your community prosper. Additionally, you can make use of the plethora of virtual resources that will support you on your journey toward redefining resolutions.

Thriver’s “New Year New Mindset” virtual experience (VX) will help you learn how you can alter your daily habits in a sustainable way to reach your goals. Ultimately, in this short session, you will gain knowledge that will help you realize that when you create resolutions whose steps to realization you can visualize, they become remarkably obtainable, and you become excited about achieving them!

Change the way you think about development

Now that you have a positive attitude toward resolutions, it’s time to learn how the development of and polishing up old skills can benefit you personally and professionally. When you refine and build up these skills that you picked up intuitively way back when, you will notice that your prospects and confidence in work improve as well.

Thriver’s “A Road Map for Success in 60 Minutes” VX can help you see just how traits you learned in school and over the course of your life so far can be translated to the boardroom. Taught by a Harvard-trained trailblazer in the field of personal and professional growth, the event utilizes hard science to help you learn what the three predictors of long-term goals are, with five ‘stress triggers’ you can master to set yourself apart from the competition, and how you can harness a strategic ‘sixth sense’ to give both your life and career purpose.  

Personal growth is also collective growth

When you set professional goals that help you excel both personally and throughout your career, you by extension help your team succeed as well. This is a chain of causation that often gets overlooked, but is such a delightful demonstration of personal and collective growth. When you’re on a high with your self-esteem, it reflects onto your team positively. Because your development impacts your team relationships, working on collaboration and communication skills is pivotal to a healthy and thriving online workplace.

Project Aristotle, a massive study Google did several years ago, showed that psychological safety is the number-one factor in creating productive teams. Connection is the quickest route to psychological safety, and this is something that teams can learn about in a two-hour online session offered by Thriver. This engaging experience is informed by the latest neuroscience around human connection, and is designed to create deep connections among team members.

Plans for success don’t have to be grand and lofty. After all, success looks different for everybody, but when you work on refining your set of skills by taking it one step at a time, you will notice the positive chain reaction you set off in your professional life. Let’s get on route to creating and achieving your goals today!

For more information on how you can participate in virtual experiences geared toward helping you and your team achieve success, check out Thriver’s virtual experience collections on our platform and start thriving today.  

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