The Perfect Recipe for Supporting Local Businesses

May 8

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Thriver would not exist without our partners. All of these local restaurants, mom & pop shops, and hardworking vendors make it possible for us to fuel thousands of employees every day across North America. Driven by a passion to nourish those around them, these local businesses are what define the very culture of their own community, and it’s been hard to see how the lockdown has affected them. But we remain optimistic! Supporting local businesses and seeing them thrive has always been a top priority for us, and a global pandemic isn’t about to change that.

Platterz Recipe Book

One of the sweeter ways we’re supporting local businesses is with a book of recipes, thanks to a smart (and frankly delicious) idea that came from Customer Success Manager and Thriver All-Star, Adam Betel. The idea was to publish a collection of our partners’ most beloved dishes (with their generous permission, of course) and give it away to the public as a gesture of comfort in a challenging time. Not only does the cookbook give people something delicious to make while they stay home, but it’s also supporting local businesses by raising awareness of these incredible food providers, which is really our ultimate goal. 

We want to say a huge thank you to Mika, Aaamazing Salads, Mini Melanie, Graze Catering, Thai Rice Spoon, Baked Cravings, Siam Chan, Toum, and King Catering for their mouthwatering contributions. We hope as many people as possible will download this cookbook, so that everyone will get a taste of why we love our partners so much. Question is – which recipe will you make first?

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