Professional Development is a Necessity, Not Just a Perk

Jul 26

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Wouldn’t it be fantastic to have a team that’s ready to come in to work with fresh ideas, is engaged, and feels valued to produce quality work? With a professional development program, this is the case.  

22% of employees yearn for professional development as a “perk” which makes it the second most in-demand “perk” after flexible hours.  Over 53% of employees who have company perks have reported that it has increased their quality of life and overall happiness.

But the reality is that professional growth should be treated as much more than a perk. It’s included as one of the many new services that we are offering as it gives a thriving company culture that puts your business ahead, and therefore should be a necessity. Here’s why:

Feeds on Continuous Learning

According to Deloitte, 90% of CEOs are aware that their companies are facing drastic changes due to technology though 70% of companies don’t have the skills to adapt.  With all of these changes in digital terms, most industries have to reinvent their skills every 12-18 months.  This leaves so much room to grow and learn.  And adaptation is necessary to only remain relevant, not to mention ahead, within your industry.  

It’s also important from an employee’s perspective. Employees who follow professional development programs will keep on learning and develop more efficient processes. They are also on top of the industry’s trends so new ideas will keep on flowing.  

Increases Creativity

As the team gets access to more information and knowledge, creativity escalates.  And this means a boost in team bonding, employee satisfaction and retention, morale, workplace problem-solving, and productivity. Woah! Talk about a game-changer.

When the whole team acts together trying to solve a common problem, magic happens and everyone benefits from it.  When your team has more enthusiasm, they are happier at the office and so work better and harder.  Which is best for the long run.

It’s also one of the most demanded skills among employees! So, check out our creativity workshops to make sure there’s always that spark of creativity running around.

Boosts Confidence & Credibility

Teams with professional development services at work become way more confident.  This also means they have more credibility and authority with their skillsets and are able to perform in superior ways.  

More confidence means more interest.  Your team will find new experiences and ways to get ahead instead of relying on past experiences.  Which ultimately means they’ll find the best solutions and put your business at a competitive edge. 

Expands Your Network

Internal networking through workshops and seminars is an excellent way to break the ice, build rapport, and create trust and respect.  So as your team is growing, they’re also increasing productivity all the while having a more pleasant workplace.

Benefits Both the Employee & Employers

With professional development, employees get access to more knowledge, more skills, and it helps them feel appreciated.  Employers get efficiency, employee engagement, and increased competition.  This creates fantastic company culture with a common goal of life-long learning and mutual benefits.

So while your team is sharpening their own skillset to reach max capacity in their own careers, they are also bringing their A-game to build the backbone up your business and make it a match for your competitors.

So After All That… Growth is Not Just a Perk

When there is a healthy work culture, there’s booming work, period.  Employees desire to learn, grow, and advance.  There are always more skills to learn.  If you need inspiration with professional development, check out our services like our future of leadership workshop. Because a thriving work culture results in thriving businesses.

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