Product Updates: New Navigation & Platform-Wide Improvements to Enhance Your Experience

Jun 1

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Companies like yours need the very best tools to keep up and continue crafting meaningful and engaging workplaces. Back in April, we unveiled a flurry of new features to enhance your platform interactions, and we’re not slowing down! Keep scrolling to learn about our latest product updates and what they mean for your team collaboration, engagement and overall Thriver experience.

Let’s Talk Discovery  

Taking public reviews to another level

So you’ve made the leap to invest more in your team’s wellness, engagement and development, but how do you know if it’s actually working? Did they benefit from the last session you signed them up for, or was it a little lacklustre? 

The quickest way to find out is by reading participants’ feedback! We’ve created the ability to leave full reviews (i.e. star ratings and public comments) on the service details and provider profile pages so that everyone who has attended a Thriver session can share their thoughts and comments for all to see. By seeing reviews from real people participating in scheduled events, you, as the organizer, will gain more insight into how your team felt, and our Providers will be able to make improvements based on bona fide feedback.

Making FAQs more detailed

You’ve probably got some questions and concerns you want to clear up before booking an event or hiring one of our Providers. That’s totally understandable, so we’re enabling Frequently Asked Questions to be displayed on the Service Details screen. This means more tailored information about each experience, arming you with the details you need to make an informed decision. And hey, if you’re still unclear about something, you can always use our messaging tool to have a conversation directly with a Service Provider!

Honing in on tags

Not sure which service will help your team relax, learn, or collaborate? Services will now have descriptive tags that clearly show their classifications. That way, you can skip past the stuff you don’t need and zero in on precisely what you’re looking for.

More Product Updates, We’re Just Getting Started!

Showing participant zoom registrations 

Once you’ve organized a Zoom experience for your team and given them the details, the next hurdle is to keep track of all your intended participants. You can now find out who has and hasn’t RSVP’d and send reminders accordingly. Also, if the upcoming event involves multiple Zoom rooms, you can simply navigate to the scheduled activity and click on “Registered” to find out everyone’s assigned spot.

Experiencing our NEW navigation

With all the goodies we’ve added to our platform in the last while, it’s time we tidy up and make discovering new experiences and managing collections a lot easier by:

  • Moving away from the side navigation format and summarizing everything into three core modules at the top of the screen
  • Tossing several tools that aren’t adding much value to our users
  • Adding a “My Collections” module that will house all custom Collections and Polls elements

There’s a whole lot more, which you’ll find out soon enough (*wink*).

Editing booking requests

Gone are the days when you’d have to contact a Service Provider to make all your preliminary event request changes. Now you’ll be able to update booking request information yourself before an event is confirmed, saving you time, sparing you the back and forth communication, and allowing you to take complete control of your service requests.

Note that once an event request goes through, you will have to contact the Provider to make modifications, but as long as it’s still in “pending checkout” mode, you can edit it all on your own. 

Keep the Suggestions Comin’! 

Not to toot our own horn, but when it comes to anticipating what our users need, we’re pretty good at hitting the mark. Still, savvy as we are, we’re not wizards!  Keep telling us about your experiences (what’s working and what’s not) so that we can make the necessary tweaks. In the meantime, have a look at our collection of team building, professional development and other workplace-enhancing resources and see what takes your fancy. Oh, and if you hadn’t heard, we recently expanded our services to support even more of your corporate culture needs!

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