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Nov 11

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A changing world requires new solutions to swiftly navigate its challenges — this is something that we have always recognized. We’ve updated our platform, introducing a product update focussed on new activities, and a new polling feature to help our customers build a strong and meaningful feedback culture

Of late, championing a positive employee experience has been the top challenge for recruiting and HR. In face of decreasing employee retention rates over the past years, what was merely good enough to allow teams to bond pre-pandemic is no longer viable in a remote world, meaning that it’s harder than ever to engage employees effectively. However, many employers are unsure of how to improve their employees’ overall wellbeing. Companies lack the appropriate tools suited for our current times, to simplify program management and close the feedback loop. This is where Thriver’s new update, with its simplified and efficient user experience, comes in.

The update to our platform and introduction of the polling mechanism means that channels of communications within companies are open and accessible as ever before. Thriver’s technology is now capable of giving you data insights into what your employees want, enabling them to have a voice and shape your culture from within. 

What the product update means for our customers

Thriver’s Virtual Experiences (VX) is an activity-based solution that enhances employee experience and engagement, moving you closer toward the goal of making your teams the best they can be, regardless of where they’re located. But VX isn’t just about booking activities at random. Through the service, administrators can select individual activities or form collections and templates to match their company’s varying and unique goals. This includes health and wellness, monthly or quarterly plans, and holiday packages. The collections themselves are curated and helmed by our culture experts and organizational psychologists. Employees now have the capacity to vote on which of these activities meet their needs in real time, along with the ability to leave feedback on experiences after completion.

“Usually we hear about a management tool that is one-sided, as in office management and HR does all of the culture planning,” says Gilad, Thriver Chief Product Officer. “This new initiative is really bridging the gap between employee and management communication when it comes to culture. The new experience is a great example of showing that company culture is in fact two-sided.”

In enabling admins to spearhead the effort to help company culture keep up with the times, Thriver’s solutions help to create meaningful value to the workplace atmosphere by organizing better experiences for their teams. Employees’ interactions with colleagues will be tailored to their interests and needs, along with a platform that enables them to have a voice in shaping their culture. This enables employees to be heard, recognized, and respected as individuals. The healthy dialogue between admin and employees when it comes to VX has the potential of being translated to other settings, meaning employees will feel more comfortable in communicating with all levels of management. Your teams will have a sense of belonging within the company, and develop personally as they take on an active role in defining their workplace community and its values.  

Choose themed packages for your team

Organizers can now explore activities on the platform and discover opportunities that match their goals and budget for the month or quarter. For example, many companies are now facing the challenge of either cancelling or translating their offsite to a virtual setting. This implies strategic planning and booking memorable events for hundreds or thousands of employees to participate in. Thriver’s platform now enables leaders and organizers to explore Offsite Packages based on desired length, and choose one to three days of interactive virtual activities curated by our team of culture experts and organizational psychologists. 

This product update not only simplifies the decision-making process, but also maximizes participation and engagement among teams. Through polls, admin can encourage active participation and also socialization among employees. This ultimately helps teams to come together in an out-side-of-work capacity. 

Try the Thriver Platform today

These updated features are available to all Thriver’s customers. Log in and check out these changes! Are you new to the Thriver experience? It’s never too late to start building your culture program! Start here.

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