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Nov 18

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Just because this holiday season is a little bit different from those of years past, doesn’t mean that there’s no reason to celebrate. This is especially the case in our workplaces. We know you and your teams have worked hard to adapt to various working models over the past months, with some working from home and others physically distanced in the office, many have yet to take on a hybrid model. There have been many changes to get used to but we made it through the year. So give your employees the chance to come together and celebrate something new with Thriver’s well-curated and virtual Company.

With two different but multifaceted virtual offsite packages to choose from, you can engage your employees with exciting holiday activities catered precisely to their needs — these are certain to get everyone in the party spirit, and keep your unique team spirit thriving. Here’s all the fun we’ve got in store for you!  

The 1-Day company offsite 

If a day of expertly-curated activities that will bring everyone together to move, learn, and celebrate each other is what you’re after, then the 1-day virtual offsite is just the thing for your company! 

Your team will start the morning off with a stretch and deep breathing session so that everyone’s minds and bodies align for the activities ahead. A HIIT fitness class comes next and further eases everyone into the day by keeping the blood flowing. 

Next, bring everyone back together to learn about the importance of psychological safety in establishing high-performing teams and companies through the Connected Team workshop. Last but definitely not least, activity five brings the opportunity for teams to let loose with the Winter Holiday Olympics — this is sure to make this offsite the most memorable celebration of the year. This will undoubtedly be a day your teams will be grateful for and one that will go down in office lore as the best holiday offsite ever! 

The 3-Day offsite

If you’re on the lookout to end the year with a weeklong virtual celebration full of fun, unique, and engaging activities for your team, then the 3-day offsite is just the one to get everyone in the party mood. Each of the curated days has a theme that is anchored in the idea of enriching your team members while also providing the opportunity for meaningful collaboration.

Day 1 focuses on health and wellbeing. Your team will start the day off with morning meditation, which will flow collectively and calmly into a group yoga session. Next comes the nutrition seminar, which will help you and your colleagues establish healthy and mindful eating practices, making a healthier lifestyle more attainable for your team than ever before. Finally, a New Year New Mindset group session ends things off for the day on the right mental note, having everyone feeling optimistic not just for the next day, but for the wealth of opportunities that 2021 holds. 

Day 2 is all about professional development. After a morning posture-stretching exercise, teams will have the opportunity to build self-trust and confidence with a mastering intuition class, led by a renowned mentalist. Next, everyone participates in a program focused on establishing deep connections and psychological safety within groups — this activity will help you and your team work toward success. The day culminates on a high note with some friendly competition: Holiday Office Olympics!

Last, but certainly not least, Day 3 is all about fun, creativity, and celebration. Morning dance cardio class will have everyone laughing and moving as a team. After dancing off any and all worries, you have the opportunity to challenge different groups to work together to break out of a mind-bending escape room. The day ends with an immersive celebration of the end of a long year with the mixology class + kit, which your team can enjoy while laughing at an improv comedy show perfectly suited for a virtual party.

Additional Holiday Packages 

For more holiday fun, check out our Thanksgiving session, with activities on how to Cook a Thanksgiving Feast, a Thanksgiving Baking Class, and a Gratitude and Mindfulness Workshop. Additionally, you can get festive for the December holidays with a Wine and Cheese Night, Gingerbread Cookie Decorating, an End-Of-Year Company Trivia, and a Holiday Offsite Planning session. For more info on these holiday packages, head over to our Holiday page. Additionally, make sure to check out Thriver’s monthly and quarterly culture plans. These plans provide an educational and relaxing opportunity for teams to bond, interact, and grow together. 

These packages are certain to perk up team spirit after what has certainly been an arduous year. You know you’ll be in good hands because our virtual experiences have been shown to be effective in engaging remote employees: in the past, 87% of the employees who have participated in Thriver VX said they would recommend it to a friend or a colleague, and 90% have described the activities as engaging, fun, and insightful. So this holiday season, remind your team why they are so great together with our Winter Offsite. For more info about these packages and how to book, check out our site, and don’t forget, ‘tis the season to be jolly!

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