OpenClear Highlights the Importance of COVID-19 Screening in Workplaces

Sep 9

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As offices are reopening, it’s crucial to note the importance of keeping the space safe and clean as much as possible. Now that the Delta variant is becoming more problematic, this is even more essential. That’s why we sat down with one of our providers, OpenClear, to let you know how to keep your workplace safe with COVID-19 screening services.

Q&A that Breaks Down COVID-19 Safety Screenings in the Workplace

Thriver: We would love to know more about OpenClear. Can you tell us a little more about you?

OpenClear: We are a trusted, high-end COVID-19 Screening Service offered in New York, Miami, LA, and Houston. We provide custom testing solutions for businesses, film & photo productions, and events. We send licensed medical professionals to your office or set and provide you and your team with a fast and reliable COVID-19 screening.

Thriver: Sounds great! What makes you unique?

OpenClear: It started with an idea: our families and loved ones should be able to access high-quality COVID-19 screenings quickly on their own schedules. We want to help people get back to work, get back to school, travel, shop, and visit their families safely. That’s why we created a COVID-19 screening service that meets the highest regulatory standards and provides you with the best testing solution based on your terms, budget, and needs.

Thriver: What are the benefits of using your services?

OpenClear: Working with us gives your company access to a network of highly trained medical professionals and accredited laboratories across the US. This allows us to develop and integrate turnkey testing solutions for your business in real-time.    

Thriver: What are the OpenClear services?

OpenClear: We have two primary offerings:

1. For individuals or small groups:

We provide a “white-glove” concierge testing service. This generally involves having a medical provider make a house call, but we also accommodate house calls at the office, or on-site.

2. For organizations and corporate clients: 

We offer custom solutions for corporate clients and larger groups, including lab-based RT-PCR testing and rapid antigen testing. For lab-based tests, we offer expedited results in as little as 12 hours. For rapid tests, results are available in 15 minutes. 

Thriver: Amazing! Where do you offer these services?

OpenClear: Typically, samples are collected by medical professionals (PAs/RNs), but we also offer DIY (at-home) test kits for corporate travel and other cases. Additionally, we have a web-based platform to schedule and manage testing appointments.

Thriver: Which organization or corporations have you serviced already?

OpenClear: We have successfully implemented customized safety solutions for clients such as Softbank, David Yurman, Spotify, Bermuda, HBO Now, CBS, and Disney.

Thriver: What are the new products that are in demand?

OpenClear: With the spread of new COVID-19 variants and a general surge in new COVID-19 cases, we see an increased demand for Quantitative Antibody Tests. People want to know if they are still safe or if their vaccine protection has worn off. Another product we have integrated into our portfolio is the QIAstat Panel Test. This lab-based respiratory panel test detects the Coronavirus and over 15 other pathogens including Influenza and Rhinovirus. It’s a highly accurate test (97% sensitivity, 100% specificity) with results in 2-3 hours.

Thriver: Can you talk a bit about the importance of prioritizing health and safety in the workplace? 

OpenClear: The COVID-19 pandemic has shown how important it is to incorporate health and safety standards into our daily lives. For companies and businesses, this is even more true. The safety of their workforce should be every employer’s highest priority, and in order to go back to “business as usual” – or, rather, the “new normal” – a rigorous implementation of health and safety protocols is absolutely necessary. 

Our highest priority at OpenClear is to adhere to the practices and protocols recommended by the CDC and WHO and find the best solution for our clients to keep their workforce safe.

Thriver: What kind of clients do you work with and how do they handle health and safety in the office?

OpenClear: We work with a range of companies and industries whose demands and requirements vary. Thus, we offer custom solutions based on the company’s individual needs. This can range from daily on-site rapid testing for film & photo productions to weekly in-office health checks and COVID-19 screenings to ad-hoc house calls for executives and C-level management.

Thriver: What is the process that an organization goes through when working with OpenClear?

OpenClear: Every client receives an individual consultation where we identify the individual needs, the size of the workforce, the type of testing that is needed (laboratory-based vs. rapid testing), the frequency of testing (weekly, bi-weekly, ad-hoc), and more. Based on that we develop a custom, turn-key screening program that strengthens our client’s COVID-19 response strategy and reduces the health risks for their workforce. For larger projects, we provide a dedicated Account Manager who is available 24/7 to help with any issues. Additionally, we offer tracking-and-monitoring software solutions to help our partners with the management of results and health data in a HIPAA-compliant way. 

Thriver: Thank you so much for all your valuable input.

Services that Win

OpenClear is an example of an innovative business that provides a wide variety of COVID-19 services that are adaptable to your needs. Whether that’s for large companies, or any type of event, OpenClear is personable to you. Check out Thriver’s platform to learn more about OpenClear COVID-19 screening services and find the best solution to keep your workforce safe.

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