11 Breakfast Ideas for Office Meetings 

Jun 21

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The pandemic has been a lonely time for almost everyone. We missed our regular routines, work, coworkers, and even those early morning breakfast meetings. Now that things are getting somewhat back to normal, it’s time to bring our teams together again for in-person collaboration, brainstorming, and socializing. How about making the return-to-work experience more exciting with some of the best breakfast meeting food your local area offers? 

Breakfast food is brain food – it’s said to be the most important meal of the day. However, many of us intentionally or unintentionally skip it due to time restraints like getting children ready for school, a long commute, or a lack of a morning appetite. Serving your team breakfast during your morning meeting not only provides your crew with valuable information but also sustenance and brain power. 

This article will highlight our top 11 breakfast ideas for office meetings. Whether you need a quick self-serve breakfast platter for an informal meeting or a full sit-down breakfast for a guest speaker presentation, Thriver has you covered. Our carefully vetted providers offer some of the best morning meeting breakfast ideas you need to feed and fuel your team for a productive and proficient day ahead. Best of all, you can select, book, and pay for your caterer directly from our marketplace.

Let’s show you what we’ve got.

Top 11 breakfast ideas for an early-a.m. office get together

  1. Continental breakfast 🥐 ☕ 🍊

Continental is a great breakfast idea for group meetings with a little something for everybody. A continental breakfast typically includes pastries, fruit, and coffee and juice. The fruit and juice are full of vitamin-rich nutrients, and the pastries balance it out with a bit of sugar and carbohydrates to provide fuel throughout the day. And coffee, of course – need we say more? This option is fantastic for sit-down style, grabbing as you go by, or as a spread for the breakroom.

Budget: $10–$12 per person

  1. Breakfast bowls 🍛

Breakfast bowls are an excellent healthy breakfast idea for a work meeting. Many bowl choices are sure to satisfy your team’s morning cravings – from meat to vegetarian options, savory to sweet. Choices are rich in antioxidants, protein and fiber – great for powering through those busy mornings and easy to eat on the go.

Budget: $8–$10 per person

  1. Hot breakfast sandwiches or wraps 🥪

Nothing beats a breakfast sandwich to fuel your morning meeting. Browse through an array of delicious, hot, handheld sandwiches or wraps to get you and the crew through the day. Many options include turkey, sausage, and veggies in wraps or hearty bagel and English muffin sandwiches – your team can choose their favorite. Everyone will get a helping of protein, fiber, and vitamins to power through the workday. You can find gluten-free alternatives, too! An excellent choice to sit down or grab on the run.

Budget: $7–$10 per person

  1. Assorted breakfast jars 🥛 🍓

Looking for breakfast ideas for a staff meeting? Look no farther than these fun and healthy jars of yumminess! With several options to choose from, loads of tasty ingredients and individual customizations, these jars are a “yes, please!” from the whole team. You can find good stuff in each jar – like chia pudding, coconut yogurt, and fresh fruit, to name a few – chock-full of nutrients and vitamins to keep everyone healthy and happy all day long. They’re a simple choice to grab and go or sit and enjoy.

Budget: $8–$10 per person

  1. Breakfast pastries 🥮

Doughnuts, croissants, danishes, muffins – yummm! Nothing beats a big basket of tasty deliciousness to delight your team. This option is excellent for sit-down board meetings or functions where teams are on the go. A little sugar and some carbs provide the fuel needed to have a fantastic day. Have your pastries delivered fresh first thing in the morning, and the smell will have your crew flocking to the meeting early.

Budget: $5–$8 per person

Browse all team breakfast options on our marketplace and order online.

  1. Real fruit smoothies 🥤

Need some breakfast meeting food ideas for a quick meeting or desk snack but aren’t sure what to choose? Order some real fruit smoothies brimming with some fresh-picked ingredients that may include strawberries, mangos, bananas, oranges, avocados, yogurt and kale. Delightfully blended smoothies are more than just drinks – they’re a complete meal packed full of vitamins, nutrients, fiber, and more – a naturally sweet and tasty way to start the day. Smoothies are easy to customize, too!

Budget: $8–$10 per person

  1. Pancake breakfast 🥞

Pancakes are always a hit breakfast idea for corporate meetings. A pancake spread is just the thing to get the whole gang excited about an early morning meeting. Fresh berries, whipped cream, maple syrup, and other fun toppings add another level of nummy wholesomeness. Pancakes provide an excellent range of flavors and nutrients with all their customizations. Book a flapjack feed for your next corporate get-together, and watch the team break into big smiles. 

Budget: $12–$14 per person

  1. Diner breakfast 🍽️

Everyone loves the classics, and a diner breakfast is just the thing to please and nourish the team. Nothing’s better than walking into a meeting and smelling sizzling bacon, sausage, and/or ham. A diner breakfast has all the staples – eggs, hashbrowns, pancakes, smoked meat, and fruit. It hits all the food groups – and tastebuds – giving your team the mood boost and nourishment they need to have a happy, productive, and fulfilling day.

Budget: $20-$25 per person

  1. BYO oatmeal bar 🥣

Build-your-own oatmeal with all sorts of fixings? Yes, please! An oatmeal breakfast buffet bar with customizable options makes breakfast not only tasty but fun, creative, and interactive, too. Teams enjoy collabbing and consulting each other on their oatmeal creations, and they get the vitamins and fiber they need to feel satisfied and focused for the day ahead. An oatmeal bar is a sure-fire way to bring the crew together and fill them up!

Budget: $12–$15 per person

  1. Classic bagel breakfast 🥯

Bagels are a popular breakfast idea for staff meetings, and serving them up with all the fixin’s makes them even better. A classic bagel breakfast typically includes an assortment of bagels and cream cheeses – maybe even some smoked salmon and capers for an NYC touch – or other fresh toppings for everyone’s tastes. Bagels are filling, fueling, and full of vitamins and nutrients to get your crew through their jam-packed day. Bagels are easy to eat at a desk, in a meeting, or on the run to the next big-budget announcement!

Budget: $18–$20 per person

  1. Breakfast burritos 🌯

Nearly any breakfast food can be wrapped in a tortilla, making your morning meal portable and fork-free. Choose your ingredients – eggs, meat, veggies, sauces, and more – and wash down your burrito with a hot cup of coffee or freshly squeezed fruit juice. Filled with protein and just the right amount of carbs, breakfast burritos are an easy-to-eat choice that fills your fuel meter to power your day. Your fingers may get a little messy, but there are napkins for that!

Budget: $12–$15 per person

These are just a few of the most popular breakfast meeting menu ideas. For even more options, check out our corporate breakfast catering page for top caterers available in your area. Browse, book, and pay for your order from our dynamic, one-stop-shop platform. Thriver’s providers are ready to work with you and your team to give you the best possible catering experience.

From Los Angeles to New York and Toronto to Palo Alto or San Jose, our local catering providers are carefully vetted and offer breakfast ideas for meetings your whole team can get behind.

Need help deciding what or how much to order? Our Culture Experts are always available to help – you can even chat with them right on the platform to make quick work of choosing and booking your team breakfast.

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