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May 26

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As our company continues to evolve and grow, we are excited to share some new expansions coming to the platform. In this article, our readers will get a snapshot of our new categories that will make it easier for you to find the transforming workplace culture resources you’re looking for. As businesses reopen, companies are looking to reshape and reinforce positive corporate values and we’re here to provide you with all the necessary tools to do just that.   

An Overview of Thriver’s Newest Categories

More than ever, companies need resources and services to help bring employees back to the office safely and we understand the challenges that arise when sourcing providers to meet workplace culture needs. Our strategic curation of categories now allow companies to better invest in ways to help their employees reconnect with one another and feel more supported and engaged at work.   

Team Activities

With COVID-19 still creating restrictions on our lives both physically and mentally, team connectivity, togetherness and inclusivity matter more than ever. Our services within Team Activities are packed with fun and engaging virtual and in-office experiences to keep your company culture flourishing even if your team is scattered across different locations. Benefiting all in-office, remote and hybrid workplace cultures, you can choose from multiple team-building games and activities for after-work events, special holidays, team offsite’s and more

Office Catering

We all know how excellent nutrition contributes to good brain health and peak performance. Keep your team nourished and excited to come to work and don’t forget health and safety – being one of our top priorities for returning to work, our individually packaged meals are a stress-free way to ensure that your in-office employees are safely fed. In addition to offering meal programs, employers are able to source high quality snack and beverage providers to keep the pantry stocked and employees energized.

Office Design

Right now, it’s essential for companies to rethink their office spaces to adapt to new government safety standards, hybrid work models, and accommodate employees’ unique needs. The services in Office Design not only help companies maximize their spaces but ultimately support employees and teams in doing their best work. We’ve sourced workshops and tools from industry leaders in office space transformation who will teach you cutting-edge techniques about office design, health and safety, furniture and equipment, and all of that good stuff.   

Professional Development

If you want your team to remain adaptable and resilient, it’s crucial to invest in their personal and professional growth. Our professional development services offer coaching and training for all team levels as well as mental health support training and consulting.  Build on team empathy through diversity and inclusion workshops, learn to manage stress and anxiety, and develop a success mindset – these are just a few of many sessions your team can attend to become the leaders your organization needs.   

How Will Your Workplace Culture Evolve?

Thriving cultures aren’t automatic; they take consistent and intentional effort to build. With time, effort, and the right resources, you can create an organization that draws the right workers from far and wide and empowers them to put their best effort into making your company vision a reality.

Please note that service availability may vary based on location.

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