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Mar 31

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Time sure flies when you’re having fun! The first quarter of 2021 is almost over, and we’ve received some fantastic feedback about our most popular virtual experiences. If you’re still looking for ways to help your team stay motivated and engaged this year, it’s not too late to hop on the bandwagon. In today’s post, we’re sharing five experiences guaranteed to boost workplace bonding this Spring, as well as some quick announcements about new features you can look forward to on our website.

5 Online Activities Our Customers Are Loving

Online Office Olympics

How do you enjoy the Olympics without getting everyone sweaty? Forget all the running, jumping, and throwing, and play online mini-games instead. Our virtual hosts will pack a tonne of high-energy activities into this 90-minute session, facilitating all-time favourites like Family Feud and Last Letter. Who doesn’t love piling up bragging points?

Healthy Cooking Class

Summer’s on the horizon, and many of us are ready to get back on track with our fitness goals. First step? Slowly but surely replacing those Winter-inspired comfort foods with fresh, healthier options. Our cooking class virtual experience is proof that healthy doesn’t have to mean boring. All your team members need is access to Zoom and a decently equipped kitchen. In just 1 hour, our host will share simple tips and ingredients to build a painless yet versatile Spring menu. 

Virtual Escape Room

Who says you can’t learn soft skills while having fun? In this 1-hour session, your colleagues will put their problem-solving and stress-management skills to the test while figuring out how to escape from an alternative dimension. If you’ve ever wondered which of your team members would give you a higher chance of survival in a dicey situation, now’s your chance to find out.

Virtual Trivia

Here at Thriver, we respect the classics, but we also like to shake things up a bit. Instead of offering you the traditional Trivia experience, we bring in a professional comedian, actor, or public speaker to host the event and sprinkle in some authentic game-show flavour. Your team will laugh, bond, and work through hysterical quizzes, all without the logistical hassle. Click here and find out why this virtual event earned a spot in our top five most popular products.

Sherlock Holmes: Murder Mystery

Detective story lovers out there can all agree that nothing beats a good who-done-it game. This virtual experience crunches mystery, murder, and mayhem into a short time frame while promoting creativity and teamwork among coworkers. You don’t need to be a Sherlock Holmes fan to have a blast with this one!

Quick Update: Exciting New Enhancements to Explore

Our team has been working hard behind the scenes to make your Thriver experience even more seamless. Here are a few goodies to look forward to:

Service Provider Profile

We’re finally enabling our Service Provider Profiles, accessible either with a direct link or through a linked avatar at the bottom of any experience or service our providers have with us. This new feature will allow you to learn more about our trusted partners and explore the other products and services they have to offer.

Message Providers on Profile

Our new “get in touch” feature will ensure you get quick answers to your questions, allowing you to assess if our events and activities are a good fit for your team.


You’ll have the ability to search our platform by Experience, Provider, Collection and Category, and find what you’re looking for upfront. 

Direct Share Links

Are you finding virtual events you want to share with your colleagues? Our new sharing tool makes spreading the word a breeze via email, SMS, WhatsApp and more.

Stay tuned for more updates coming soon. In the meantime, try out these new features by visiting our platform and take some time to peruse through our Virtual Experiences!

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