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Mar 5

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March is a month of transition and oh so many celebrations. As the weather turns warm and everyone begins to climb out of hibernation, you might be looking for ways to connect better with your team. Thriver has you covered. Our platform, which provides access to a wide variety of virtual events for you and your colleagues, is now public! This means you can explore the platform before you even sign up. Following this exciting new update, here are some amazing experiences to help you have the best March ever.  

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For the lucky charmer

A day known for drinking and feasting, St. Patty’s Day is arguably March’s most vivacious holiday, and not even public health sanctions can get in the way of shamrock’n and shakin’ — safely, that is. Celebrate this occasion with your favourite people for a St. Patrick’s Day Paint Night led by a pro. With no experience required and the option of having all the necessary materials mailed to your teammates, this is sure to be a blast. If painting isn’t your cup of Irish coffee, then check out the platonic ideal of St. Paddy’s Day: the Mixology class. This experience will have you and your colleagues learning how to make delightfully green cocktails, such as the “Loaded Leprechaun” and “Irish’ita,” from award-winning bartenders. You will not only learn fun cocktail facts, but will also have the necessary ingredients and tools mailed to your home. But perhaps the most delicious experience is the St. Patrick’s Day Cookie Decorating experience, where everyone will prepare delectable sugar cookies — sprinkles included!

For the basketball lover

We can’t talk about March without mentioning the hallowed observance that is March Madness. Truly, nothing encapsulates the spirit of the month more than a time when we come together to root for our favourite teams and players. To get in the spirit of this year’s unique games, check out the March Madness Edition of the trivia virtual events. Over three rounds of questions, you and your colleagues can test each other’s knowledge of players, coaches, and history-making moments. This is a must for any true sports fan. 

For the nutrition advocate

Did you know this month is Nutrition Month? Warmer weather means more opportunities to get active beyond our four walls, which in turn means that the health-conscious among us will seize every opportunity to soak in some vitamin D. To help you conquer your health goals this spring, check out the foundational Nutrition Seminar, which, through simple lessons, will guide you on your path to holistic wellness. This virtual event can be tailored to whatever focus you have in your wellness journey, and will allow you to learn how nutrition can positively impact your stress and anxiety levels, boost your immune system, and assist in mindfulness in all aspects of your life. Not only that, you will receive through this pro-led experience a 7-day meal plan so that when you exit the Zoom call, you’ll feel confident and inspired.

Finally, for the love of women!

International Women’s Day (March 8) is an indomitable herald to Women’s History Month every year. In addition to the importance of learning about women’s history, perhaps most crucial is the celebration of all the strong women in our lives. To this end, why not come together to participate in the Women’s History Month Edition of trivia. It’ll be a moment of learning about and honouring all the trailblazing women who have made contributions to history, politics, science, literature, and pop culture. For a less competitive game, check out this workshop on How to Fight Gender Bias, which sheds light on conscious and unconscious biases that hold women, along with everyone else, back in the workplace. This workshop will walk you through six common biases and empower you to challenge them in your everyday life. Ultimately, these experiences will serve to remind you, as Michelle Obama says, “there is no limit to what [women] can accomplish.”

March is such a special month, full of an array of opportunities to keep traditions alive. Whether you’re looking to celebrate St. Paddy’s, basketball, health, women the world over, or all of the above, there are virtual events that can help you connect with colleagues and friends. So head over to our platform and browse away!

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