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Nov 5

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On our journey toward creating thriving workplaces, we’ve launched many new and exciting tools that help offices create unforgettable experiences for their employees, both online and off, both remote and local. Our latest step in this journey is our brand new Thriver podcast! 

Each episode of the Thriver Podcast will share thought-provoking insights to enrich and diversify our understanding of what it means to have a healthy and balanced workplace. Through stories of lives well lived, career development, leadership, and wellness, we hope to start conversations and encourage innovation.

The importance of culture is threaded through each of our unique episodes, because as Harvard Business Review says, “Culture can fluidly blend the intentions of top leaders with the knowledge and experiences of frontline employees.” We’ve always believed that shared experiences are the fertile soil from which an abundant culture blooms, and it’s this idea in its various iterations that we explore in our episodes.

In our first episode called “Adapting Teams & Fundamental Principles,” host Brian Lin (Thriver UX Lead) speaks with guest Gilad Bonjack (Thriver CPO) about how teams can be adapted in uncertain times, the role that consumers play in guiding these decisions, and the importance of fundamental principles in helping to anchor a company in unprecedented times. It’s a deeply engaging listen on how to make informed decisions and leverage knowledge. 

To learn more about our first episode, head over to our site and subscribe to be the first to know when a new episode drops. Thriver Podcast is available on Apple, Spotify, and wherever else you access your favourite podcasts. 

We can’t wait for you to hear all the amazing stories we have in store for you with the Thriver Podcast! 

Do you have a powerful story to share? Are you a culture agent in your company? Would you like to inspire others in your way to revolutionize workplace culture? Join us! Connect with us at and send us your pitch and bio.

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