Keeping Traditions Alive in a Remote Culture

Dec 16

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The traditional office social this year is going to be a virtual experience, whether it’s the office potluck, birthday celebrations, or going out for drinks after a hard day’s work — office-wide social and cultural events play a critical role in boosting employees’ morale and in strengthening a company’s remote culture. 

Strengthen your remote culture with virtual experiences

Virtual team-building experiences are one of the approaches that many companies are now using to provide a fun break in the day and at the same time boost company culture in an innovative way. These virtual experiences (VX) expand an organization’s culture programs while catering to their employees’ unique needs.

“With the growth in remote work and increasing adoption of hybrid workplace models that require teams to communicate and collaborate primarily through screens, companies are facing the challenge of keeping team-based activities alive that were once a tradition and sustained part of their corporate culture,” 

Eran Henig, Co-Founder and CEO at Thriver

Thriver has curated a broad range of engaging activities, ranging from the entertaining (e.g. trivia or baking competitions), to the educational (e.g. professional development events), to the personal (e.g. wellness sessions). Using the Thriver platform, planners can customize and build their programs based on employee input, whether planning a one-day event or a three-day marathon. 

Thriver’s Holiday Edition VX bundle package includes Virtual Holiday Celebrations and Winter Virtual Offsite experiences that include themed days focused on Health and Wellness, Professional Development, and Fun and Creativity.

The Holiday Edition VX bundle package is priced per person and is strategically curated and customized for each company, and provides a wide array of unique virtual activities for employees to choose from such as fitness classes, trivia games, gingerbread cookie decorating, yoga, mixology or cocktail hour, team building exercises, motivational speakers, and more.

Example of a Holiday Edition VX bundle package | One-Day Holiday Offsite

Thriver enables businesses to take this year’s Holiday celebrations offsite with a curated day full of virtual experiences designed to engage individuals and teams. Participants will start off with a Morning Stretch & Deep Breathing session to help prepare teams for the activities ahead. To keep the blood flowing and help people break a sweat, teams can choose a Fitness and Health Activity such as a virtual dance, high intensity interval training workout (HIIT), or an invigorating yoga session.

Teams can then choose from several Personal and Professional Development sessions focused on a key area of individual or team growth, such as public speaking training, diversity and inclusion seminar, mindful leadership workshop, and more. The day ends with a wide choice of Fun and Games designed to surprise, delight, and celebrate employees, including escape rooms, office Olympics, mentalist mind reading, paint night, murder mystery, and more.

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