Goodbye 2020, Hello 2021!

Dec 21

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year — 2020 is finally coming to a close! Granted, this ending is probably one we didn’t expect back in January. Nevertheless, we all did our best and it’s now time for some holiday greetings and to celebrate our victories by thanking all those who have been along with us for the ride. Most importantly, as the Holidays approach, it’s time to take all that we’ve learned and accomplished with us into 2021.

This past year has taught us the importance of going back to our roots, metaphorically and literally, and living simply. Whether it was re-defining what is most important in our immediate lives, or in a broader sense, re-examining what is important to our communities, 2020 reminded us of the value in taking pause and looking around us, in slowing down and showing love.

Closer to home, this was a very big year for Thriver, one that not only saw our growth in the form of a rebrand, but also the launch of our experience-based solution, Virtual Experiences, and our Podcast. More than anything, the evolution and these new offerings are clearer executions of Thriver’s core goal, that of fuelling healthy company cultures. In our latest (and final for the year) podcast episode, Thriver CEO Eran Henig touches on this idea of the importance of going back to our roots, and how this inspired what Thriver accomplished in 2020. Eran shares some insightful words about taking a break so that we can anchor ourselves in the present meaningfully, because this is what will help us enter the new year as our best selves.

Thriver Podcast minisode two featuring Thriver CEO Eran Henig.

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So go ahead, take this time to reflect, cherish loved ones — through virtual and safe gatherings — and be present. Leave your worries in weeks past and be authentically present in your surroundings. Ultimately, share some holiday greetings with thanks to those who have helped you in your journey thus far and share the love.

From everyone at Thriver, we would like to thank you for your support in 2020, and we look forward to seeing you brighter, more creative, and rejuvenated in 2021! You can give our last episode of the year a listen here, and look forward to a new episode on remote onboarding coming out on January 14, 2021!

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