3 Reasons to Help Your Team Create Healthy Eating Habits

Aug 10

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Diet is a personal choice, right? While that’s true, it’s also essential to consider the chain reaction triggered by one’s decisions within a group context. Let’s use our broader society as an example. Taste in clothing is a personal choice, but it’s not always harmless, especially in the fast fashion industry. On the flip side, biking to work (if one can) has massive benefits to the environment and everyone in it! With that said, today, we’re looking at a few quick tips to empower your team with healthy eating habits that will serve not only them but your company’s overall wellness.  

Why Being Well-Fed Matters At Work

New (and often annoying) health crazes pop up every day, but have you ever thought about how nutrition translates to success at work? It influences many areas, including:

Happiness & Morale

If you (or your colleagues) consistently feel blue throughout the day and can’t seem to pinpoint why, diet may be a factor. Food affects mood. For example, complex carbohydrates like sweet potatoes, barley, and quinoa increase serotonin levels, which boost happiness. 

Energy & Productivity 

Not all calories are created equally. Some foods cause us to have sudden energy surges and then crash later, while others provide steady vitality levels that help us consistently produce our best work. 

The Overall Bottom Bottom Line

Investing in your team’s overall health will financially benefit your company. For example, healthy, balanced employees tend to take fewer sick days, which already cost just Canadian companies $16.6 billion per year due to mental health issues alone. 

If the most popular New Year’s resolutions are anything to go by, the good news is that most people already have an existing desire to get healthy; they just need better support systems. 

Tips to Make Healthy Eating A Habit (and Help Your Team Make Better Choices)

Developing better nutrition habits isn’t difficult in principle, but we tend to overthink it. Start with basic practices like:

  • Using recipe-related social media channels to meal plan for the week ahead;
  • Always, always, ALWAYS shopping with a balanced grocery list;
  • Eating mindfully without a screen;
  • Adding some kind of protein to every meal; and 
  • Using water as a primary fluid source.

There are also many ways to create a healthy eating program at work, making better habits easier for all. Even if you’re not in a leadership role, you can always make these suggestions to management!

Supporting On-site Workers

  • Leverage your kitchen: keep it fully stocked with fruit slices, veggie trays, nuts, dark chocolate, and other healthy snacks and beverages to make good nutrition a time-efficient, no-brainer for staff.
  • Deliver meals in-house: partner with delivery services and office caterers who can provide meals that suit every taste and diet.
  • Work with consultants: if you’re unsure where to start, book a consultation with an expert who can help you fast-track creating and maintaining a program within your budget. 

Supporting Remote Workers

Does the idea of making healthier choices sound dull and difficult? Chances are, many of your coworkers feel the same way. 

But we’ve got you. 

Explore our food and kitchen page to find scads of food services that will complement your journey, whether you’re just getting started or taking things to the next level!

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