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May 11

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May is a bit of an underdog month. Sure, it’s no way near as cool as December, and it definitely does not serve the same kind of heat as July does. But what May is, is the levelheaded older sibling who knows how to have a good and meaningful time. This is an ethos that we’ve worked to represent in the team activities in May’s Virtual Experiences Spotlight

This month, we’ve rounded up immersive experiences that provide equal parts fun and learning for teams looking to come together to grow and have a positive impact on those around them, and ultimately themselves. This post highlights the best of the best in our May Spotlight, team activities that will have you and your colleagues laughing, learning, and best of all, feeling happy in authentic ways. If you thought May was boring, then this post is for you.  

Celebrate Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month

In 1979, May was marked as the time to celebrate and honour Asian American and Pacific Islander identities and cultures. This is the perfect time to not only start important discussions in the workplace about creating equitable spaces, but also to celebrate diversity. A report by San Francisco-based non-profit Stop AAPI Hate was released earlier this month that stressed the need to act toward extinguishing biases and prejudice, especially those that are smuggled into conversations and behaviours through micro-aggressions. According to the report, in March 2021, Anti-Asian hate crimes went up by 74% in the U.S. 

This AAPI Heritage Month, take time with your team to learn about the multifacetedness and vibrancy of Asian American and Pacific Islander cultures, and think about what your workplace can do to create a safer world. Then, head over to our platform to check out the trivia-based virtual experience all about celebrating AAPI Month. This activity has a specialty music round, picture round, and tests general knowledge related to AAPI Heritage Month. This is a fun opportunity for teammates to collaborate through friendly competition. The game is hosted by a professional performer who engages with players, answers questions, and keeps the energy high. Additionally, check out Stop AAPI Hate to learn about accessible steps you can take today with your coworkers to create a respectful workplace and welcoming society. 

Hone in on Holistic Wellness

Have you been thinking about holistic health for a while, but were never quite sure how to integrate it into your work and private life? We’ve got the perfect opportunity this month to help you and your team work together to meaningfully thrive. The Corporate Holistic Wellness Program experience is a one-stop-shop when it comes to learning about comprehensive wellness practices that are easy to implement. This program is provided by The Wellness Project NYC and allows teams to learn about what holistic health is and how to support one another during this journey. The program functions with an understanding of hybrid working conditions and how to alleviate the unique stresses these conditions can cause. A complementary workshop great for beginners is the Holistic Hotlist Workshop, which looks to debunk common misconceptions about holistic health and offers effective health hacks. This workshop will walk your team through the biology and nutritional science behind holistic wellness, touching on important topics and sharing actionable steps.

Team Activities That Give Back

Is there anything better than having fun as you help out a good cause? We certainly don’t think so. The Kits for a Cause virtual experience is all about doing good and having a blast. Working toward creating a measurable impact in your workplace’s community, this experience offers teams virtual volunteering opportunities with charities in your city. Teams will have the chance to learn the ins and outs of the selected charity and create kits stocked with items that the charity’s clients need most. This is a great way for colleagues to bond and blow off some steam, all while creating positive change! Another opportunity for volunteer work is the Meals on Wheels program for workplaces in Toronto. Teams can deliver meals and provide security checks to seniors living in Toronto. These team activities will have a truly wonderful interpersonal, professional, and personal impact on coworkers’ lives, helping everyone to feel grounded and connected at a time when unity can be a difficult thing to manage.  

Feel Good & Have Fun

You never need an excuse to have pure, unadulterated fun — but if you do, then let it be that it’s finally May and the sun is warm and the flowers are blooming. To feel as good as May feels, check out the Workplace Variety Hour experience, which gives teams the chance to create a fully-customizable comedy show featuring a slew of renowned comics and acts, all of whom have been featured on the likes of Conan, Late Night with Seth Meyers, and The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. If your colleagues are looking for fun of the alcoholic variety, then check out the Cool Climate California Wine Tasting (for the U.S. only at this time) experience, with kits included. You and your cool-cat colleagues will have the opportunity to enjoy wines from some of California’s most progressive wineries serving up libations of esoteric grape varieties. Bloom along with May this year by having fun and making a meaningful impact.

Our May Spotlight underscores the idea that when you do good, you will feel good. All the experiences highlighted this month are sure to help teams feel rejuvenated and on the right path to a fulfilling summer. For more information, head over to our platform, or check out all the experiences for this month here. Happy thriving!

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