22 Fall Team Building Activity Ideas for Work

Sep 1

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Autumn is upon us and who else is ecstatic? With fall comes the best team-building activities, but now with the new popular hybrid office model, it’s important to have virtual activities as well. Here’s a list of both virtual and in-person fall activities ideas for 2021. Some of these were our most popular last month so go check it out

11 Virtual Fall Team Building Activities

These activities are for everyone to participate in, even in the comfort of their own home.

Autumn Winning Opinions

Get an autumn group activity going with your team. It’s a simple and easy game and you play like this: have a common question and whoever gets the best answer wins. Think best autumn-themed movie questions. Who said team-building can’t be fun?

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Sherlock Murder Mystery

With the shorter, stormier days and Halloween approaching, mysteries just seem to fit right in. How fun would it be to solve a mystery with your team and have an entertaining fall-inspired night?

Virtual magic hour

What better time of year to learn some magic? With this popular event, you’ll be able to impress your friends and family while learning a new hobby and having a team-bonding activity all at the same time.

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Halloween-themed Trivia

Trivia is the perfect autumn group activity to boost morale. A lively way to test your employee’s knowledge on the best festivity of all time. You can even have scary-movie-themed questions or autumn foods themes. The options are endless. 

Scary Escape Room

It’s the best time of year to have an escape room. Having it virtual means you can perform any theme you want. A horror escape room is a great way to celebrate the spooky season. And also the perfect group bonding activity as you have to work together and solve the puzzle to make it out at the end.

Halloween chocolate wrapper

Do you know what comes in autumn? Halloween and Thanksgiving! Two fantastic occasions to embrace your inner child and the love for candies or chocolate. Design your chocolate wrapper with your favorite fall colors and have it ready for trick-or-treaters.

Spooky Mixology class

Make spooky-looking drinks with fall colors that are appropriate for the season to impress your friends at that Halloween party. It’s a great fall twist to the classic cocktail class.

Game night

There are so many fall options you can take with a classic game night. Plus having a virtual mini-competition is mega fun and is fantastic for team-building.

Virtual Pumpkin Carving

Ahh Pumpkin carving… The typical fall activity. Is it really fall without some pumpkin carving action? Design the best pumpkin, light a candle and show it off to the team.

Check out our Halloween collection for more team activity ideas.

Oktoberfest celebration

A virtual Oktoberfest celebration? Yes, please! Get that Bavarian lederhosen out and try some great german beers. Probably the best fall group activity for fun, food, and beers.

11 In-Person Fall Team Building Activities

Now for those office goers. Virtual is great and convenient but some people love having the connection face-to-face. So let’s look at ways you can bring the office to life with these fall team-building activities.

Decorate the office

The easiest way to boost morale and bring that child-like joy in the office. How can you not light up at seeing the workplace in a different atmosphere, decorated with colored leaves, corn wreaths, and such? A change of scenery also sparks creativity and happiness. 

Going into the woods for a walk

The moody feel with the cooler weather and fog creeping into the trees while wearing your favorite fall jacket down the treelined rainy woods is just the best, am I right? This could be one of the most outstanding fall team activity and it costs absolutely nothing and has minimum planning.

Latte art workshop

Isn’t coffee and work the best combination? How about the infamous pumpkin-spiced latte everyone is secretly waiting around all year to get? It would be a super fun way to get the team working together and drinking their favorite fall beverage.

You can also book virtual Pumpkin Spice Latte Workshop for remote teams.

Apple picking

It’s a classic fall group activity and a great way to make friends and build up team spirits. You can even include some apple donuts and apple cider as well. Or how about baking an apple pie and bringing it to work? Or even introduce an apple-bobbing contest. Fall has so many apple-related activity ideas ready to set up.

Donate to the cause

Fall season means Thanksgiving season and what better way to be grateful than giving to others. One of our most popular activities to participate in is meals on wheels, where volunteers deliver food to seniors in the community. But this is only one of the countless ways to give. Find more volunteering ideas here.

5k Run

Not into volunteering? How about organizing a 5k race for your team and fundraising for a notable cause. Autumn is the perfect weather to run, bond, and encourage each other on.

Costume Party

It’s Halloween season! That means costumes of course. You can even have a “who wears it best?” competition. How about a fun evening on the runway to show off all the creative costumes and give out different prizes.

Have a Chili Cook-Off

Isn’t chili the best fall meal ever? Something about that piping hot, mushy, tomato-y spicy goodness that warms up the soul. In a cook-off, get comfortable with your team while cooking the goodness and compete for the best one. All the while connecting and having a grand old time.

Fall Colors Paint Bar

The fall weather brings out the painter in all of us since there’s so much inspiration in the seasonal ambiance. So get your whole team to become artists for a bit and release their creativity. You can even include a wine and paint evening to boost that imagination. Mulled wine anyone?

Have Fun at a Corn Maze

Running around and having fun with your team at the corn maze… Is there really a better way to represent the season? You can even look at the mind-blowing colors while you’re at it too! Especially if located on the east coast.

Food Tour

Fall food is the best and a jaunt around town is also a cool way to support the local community. Enjoy food delicacies and the fantastic company.

Visit a Beer Garden or Winery

Stout beer goes so well with the weather during this time of year. And stout beer in a cozy beer garden with great people is even better. A winery is also a great alternative, you can even heat it up to make hot wine or apple cider. Anything to get you outside and warm you up as the evenings are becoming cooler. Plus these activities get people talking and connecting outside of work environments.

Ready for Spooky times?

Start with these adult autumn activities for inspiration on team-building. Doesn’t matter if they’re in person or done remotely as long as there’s something for everyone. Don’t forget to check out our services to encourage you for your fall workplace activities.

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