Employee Engagement Tools In 2020

Jun 19

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As companies worldwide continue adapting to a changing work environment, we’re being asked a lot about employee engagement tools. Some companies are still 100% remote, some are trickling back to the office, and some are preparing for a mix of both scenarios, for the foreseeable future. But we all share the same goal: keep the team feeling like a team. And one of our tools in particular is designed to do exactly that.

What is the Thriver app for Slack?

The Thriver app is an employee engagement tool that integrates with your company’s Slack channel. Originally we created the app to make it easier for admins to manage their office food program by automating some of the more tedious tasks of team meal management; tasks like sending each individual employee timely updates on upcoming meals and menus; and posting reminders for people to place their order and indicate any dietary preferences.

Another helpful feature of the Thriver app is that it solicits feedback. Every employee is invited to rate their most recent meal, while managers can analyze company-wide engagement and satisfaction from a single dashboard. Over time, these ratings present a clearer picture of employee satisfaction overall, and allow companies to refine their food programs based on what the team values most.

Your virtual culture booster.

When the working world as we know it changed overnight a few months ago, we started evaluating our resources and solutions, to see how we could evolve them to help our customers and their teams keep thriving. It quickly became clear that the Thriver app was going to be a much more powerful (and necessary) tool than we ever could have predicted. 

More than engage employees about their food programs, we evolved the app to keep employees engaged with each other on all kinds of topics. The Thriver app is now able to prompt group participation in fun virtual challenges like photo contests and trivia games, and also spark discussions with more personal questions that invite employees to share and get to know each other better.

One app fits all.

The beauty of the Thriver app is that it fosters team spirit no matter what your operations look like. Whether you’ve got employees at home, or the office, or even if the arrangement is constantly changing, the Thriver app acts as a reliable, consistent culture-driver, keeping the team feeling connected and engaged from wherever they are.

Inclusivity has also been one of our main goals in developing employee engagement tools like the Thriver app. We built it to elicit feedback and request preferences, so that every employee has a voice in the creation and growth of their company culture. We’ve also created these new, engaging challenges and conversation starters to be as universally resonating as possible, so that everyone feels included.

The employee engagement tool every company needs right now.

A lot of our customers have been using the Thriver app to manage their food programs for some time now, but recently they’ve been discovering the benefits of these new engagement features. Wix, for example, used the app to generate feedback on their food programs across four different cities, prior to covid, and now they’re testing the new engagement features across two cities, with really positive results. As one employee put it: “This is so fun!!!! Most fun I’ve had since March 12th, LOL.”

If you’re interested in learning more about how employee engagement tools can keep your culture thriving, get in touch and we’ll book a free consultation for you.

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