53 Personalized Employee Appreciation Quotes to Express Your Gratitude

Feb 16

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The first Friday in March marks Employee Appreciation Day. This special day is a great opportunity to give your employees the accolades they deserve for their hard work. A SHRM/Globoforce survey on employee recognition in the workplace found that 68 percent of HR professionals agree that employee recognition improves retention, raises morale, and increases productivity at work.

Employee appreciation gifts are always a hit, and office lunches are lovely, but add some carefully chosen, heartfelt words, and your gratitude will resonate with them longer. This year, personalize your thanks with a note of gratitude that speaks to the individual.

Here are 53 employee appreciation quotes to get you started.

8 Employee Appreciation Quotes for the High Achiever ✅

The first person to arrive each morning and the last to leave at night, this employee feels like if their work isn’t finished a couple of days before the deadline, it’s late. You know that if their name is on it, it’s going to be good. Here are some heartfelt quotes for your high-achieving, hard-working team members.

  1. I really appreciate that you give yourself that extra push every time. Thank you.
  2. You always go the extra mile – I wish we had a dozen more like you.
  3. I appreciate the effort you put into everything you do.
  4. Some people give it all they have – I appreciate that you always go above and beyond to find even more ways to contribute to the team.
  5. Anyone else would have to work twice as hard on a good day to get as much done as you do on a bad day. Keep it up.
  6. Giving 110% is only meant to be a euphemism, but you’ve proven it can be meant literally. You amaze me.
  7. You do so much around here, I sometimes wonder if there are two of you. Thanks for all of it.
  8. You aren’t expected to do it all – but if anyone could, it would be you. Great work!

8 Ways to Express Your Gratitude to the Eagle-Eye 🔍

With a talent for attention to detail, this team member sees things others have missed – you never need to double check their work. Here are some special words of appreciation for good work done.

  1. You always cross the Ts and dot the Is. We are so lucky to have you.
  2. We can always count on you for top-notch work. Thank you for the splendid job you do.
  3. I don’t think the word “mistake” is in your vocabulary. Please keep doing the magic that you do.
  4. Your work is never less than amazing. Thank you for keeping it tight and right.
  5. They should replace the word ‘meticulous’ in the dictionary with your picture.
  6. You do spectacular work. If we did report cards around here, you’d hit top marks and make the honor roll.
  7. The quality of your work sets a standard for us all to follow. You are remarkable.
  8. I don’t know where we’d be without your eagle eye to catch all the little things and manage the down-and-dirty details. You are much appreciated!

7 Special Quotes to Thank the Workhorse 💪

Steadfast and loyal, the workhorse is the backbone of the office. They never demand attention, but the quality and quantity of their work shines a light on them anyway. Here’s what to say to let them know you see – and deeply appreciate – all their efforts.

  1. You make working hard look easy. Keep doing what you’re doing.
  2. You never ask for attention or appreciation – but you certainly deserve it. Thank you!
  3. You don’t ask for attention, but the effort you put into your work catches my attention every day, and I appreciate it.
  4. Everyone in this office appreciates everything you do. Allow me to express mine to you now.
  5. The more you try to be invisible, the more I notice the great job you do. You’re an inspiration, and I want you to know I see and appreciate you.
  6. Don’t think I haven’t noticed all of your hard work. You are the backbone of your team, and I appreciate all you do.
  7. I admire your loyalty to the team and your relentless support. Thank you for being there for them when they need you.

8 Heartfelt Shout-Outs to Everybody’s Best Friend 🙌

Full of contagious optimism and always willing to help, this is a person who imbues the team with a sense of camaraderie and unity. When they’re on vacation, you notice their absence and miss their energy. Recognize their unique contributions to the organization with these appreciative quotes.

  1. You’re very special to the whole team – this place isn’t the same when you’re not here.
  2. You really hold this team together, and we all appreciate it. Please, keep it up.
  3. I can’t say enough about how terrific you are as a member of this team – and you’re twice as wonderful as a person.
  4. I really appreciate how you inspire everyone else to do better. Keep that spark – we all need it.
  5. I’m amazed at your positive attitude that never seems to quit. I wish I knew your secret.
  6. You inspire me to look at everything in a more positive light. I can’t thank you enough for your uniquely optimistic attitude.
  7. You’re a remarkable team member in the way you bring joy to the workplace every day. Thank you for your tireless enthusiasm.
  8. You’re such a good friend to everyone here – you bring empathy and camaraderie to a whole new level. Your whole team values you – and so do I.

6 Ways to Say You Appreciate the Jokester 😃

We all love them, even if they don’t perform as highly as the overachiever. Their humor keeps up morale and lightens the mood when things get tense. The jokester appreciates recognition, whether heart-felt or witty.

  1. Thank you for keeping the tension level low around here.
  2. A light mood makes for a light load. Thank you for making that happen.
  3. Thank you for not letting the workplace get too stuffy.
  4. If I ever open a restaurant, I’m going to name a sandwich after you.
  5. Milton Berle said, “laughter is an instant vacation.” Thanks for all the little vacations you give us every day.
  6. Mark Twain said, “humor is mankind’s greatest blessing.” Thanks for blessing us every day with your sharp wit.

8 Team Appreciation Quotes for the Whole Group 🤗

Work is usually a collaborative effort – no one person makes it all happen. Here are some ideas to give your collective thanks to the whole group.

  1. The way this team works together is an inspiration to us all. Thanks to each and every one of you for your contributions.
  2. This team is a model for all others. Keep up the amazing work.
  3. I wish I could bottle your team spirit and sell it. I’d make millions (and share it with you!)
  4. This team shines like no other. You all need to teach a class on how you do it.
  5. I should petition Congress to make a holiday honoring this team. You are outstanding!
  6. No matter how difficult the task, this group always finds a way to get it done. Your teamwork and stellar results haven’t gone unnoticed.
  7. Individually, you are each amazing. As a team, you are superstars!
  8. This group should be very proud of all that you continue to accomplish. I know I am.

Don’t Forget the Boss – 8 Quotes that Say Best. Boss. Ever. 😎

This is about employee appreciation – and bosses are employees, too. They work hard behind the scenes, and they have feelings like the rest of us. Kind words from an employee go a long way toward making their day, so try some of these nice quotes on for size.

  1. I know you have a hard job, and the way you keep it together inspires me. Thank you for your leadership.
  2. It can’t be easy keeping this place going the way you do. Thank you for being the glue that holds us all together.
  3. When someone asks who my ideal boss is, you’re the first person that comes to mind. I appreciate you.
  4. The way you stepped in and calmed down that angry client was nothing short of miraculous. I won’t forget it.
  5. Don’t think I haven’t seen you running around putting out all the fires. You’re a great Fire Chief!
  6. Thank you for being the world’s greatest boss!
  7. When I become a boss, I want to be just like you! 
  8. You’re more than just my boss – you’re a mentor and friend. Thank you for all of your support!

Maybe you have employees who stand out for other reasons – someone who sings at their desk, or brings donuts on the regular, or instigates random happy hour gatherings at the pub down the street. Consider the things that make each of your employees unique, and personalize your appreciation notes so that each person on the team really feels seen – and truly appreciated. 

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