10 Great Company Outing Ideas for Your Toronto Team

Jul 8

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Pandemic lockdowns made in-person communication much more challenging. Face-to-face interaction helps to maintain creativity and foster team bonding. When we lose these connections, the isolation dampens group dynamics, and we need to find new ways of collaboration. Returning to the workplace, we’ve relearned in-person interaction skills lost during the lockdown. Getting out of the office and into the world together is a significant step to improving collaboration and creativity all around. 

We’d like to present you with some exciting Toronto corporate outing ideas to boost your team’s unity and cultivate some creativity. You’re sure to find a getaway idea to fit your group’s unique dynamics perfectly.

Craft and float a cardboard boat ⛵

Choose a lake, pond, or pool and gather your team for an adventure on the water. You’ll have a blast with this unique and fun team outing for your Toronto group, the Flat Out A Float: Build and race cardboard boats. Break into teams, and each group selects a design for their vessel. The host provides materials to build a sea-worthy ship. After, put it to the test in a regatta battle on the open water.

The activity provider will discuss duration and pricing upon request.

A chocolate-on-chocolate frenzy 🍫

You won’t find a tastier Toronto group outing than one involving the making and eating of chocolate delicacies. Iron Chocolatiers puts you at the forefront of confectionary construction, with lessons, challenges, and oh so many tasting opportunities. 

At $120 per person, your crew gets two full hours of tasty, chocolate-filled bliss.

Explore local breweries 🍻

Enjoy a lively adult team outing with a Toronto Brewery Tour. A van chauffeurs your group about town while an expert guide shows you around three local craft-brewing establishments. You get to taste as you go, culminating in a behind-the-scenes look at the inner workings of a brewery.

At $95 per person, you’ll enjoy three and a half hours of beer-drinking fun.

Embark on a scavenger hunt 🔍

Compile a list of realistically obtainable items and place your employees into teams of three, four, or more. Head to a local zoo, museum, or park near your office for a company scavenger hunt. The first team to acquire all the items, or the team to find the most in a certain amount of time, wins.

Here are a few ideas of items you can hunt down:

  • Photo of a teammate shaking hands with a police officer 
  • A cup or food container with a restaurant logo on it
  • A business card
  • A ticket stub
  • Photo of a directional street sign
  • Find and appropriately discard 5 or more pieces of litter – take pictures, or it didn’t happen. 
  • A map, informational flier, or pamphlet related to an event or activity in NYC

A 60 or 90-minute time limit is typical for a scavenger hunt. You don’t have any cost to consider, as there’s no overhead. When the search is over, why not treat your team to a group lunch brought to you by a trusted Thriver-vetted provider?

Test your skills building a bicycle 🚲

Work together to help support children in need with the Building a Dream: A team charity bike building challenge. Your company will work in teams while competing in contests that earn them parts and tools for their group. As teams attain their needed resources, they plan and build a bicycle.

Two hours of your time helps a child. The provider will discuss pricing upon request.

Try your hand at making the perfect pasta 🍝

What better way to spend a few hours of your time than by learning to make tasty dishes and eating them? At the Pasta Party, an instructor will show you how to make delicious gnocchi dough. You’ll stuff your dough with your favorite fillings and learn to make some popular pasta shapes. After, you get to eat your new, delicious creations.

At $115 per participant, your team will have three hours of educational and delectable fun.

Have a cake bake-off challenge 🍰

You’ll cultivate team creativity with the Nailed It! Cake Challenge. This wildly exciting team get-together will have your Toronto group fired up for fun as they compete in teams to build the best-looking cake. When it’s over, everyone gets to take home a half-dozen cupcakes, making everyone a winner. 

At $105 per challenger, you’ll create memories that’ll last a lifetime.

Set out on an urban excursion 🏙️

Set your team on an outdoor team-building expedition in the Digital City Team Adventures challenge. Using the latest GPS technology, you and your team will find your way through hidden checkpoints, locking in on mystery locations to accumulate points. With various options, you can select photo missions, scavenger hunts, or code-breaking challenges. You can even invent your own company-themed challenge.

At $25 per person, you can work with the provider to determine the ideal duration of this company adventure.

Have a kayaking adventure 🚣‍♀️

If you have a rambunctious team with an adventurous spirit, the Kayak Group Session excursion will be right up your alley. Whether you’re an experienced kayaker or brand new to it, skilled instructors are there to help you along. The host provides all the necessary equipment. All you need is a towel and a change of clothes because you’re going to get wet.

This 90-minute outing runs at around $65 per person. 

Explore the artist in each of you 🎨

If you’re looking to spark creativity and collaboration in your crew, The Big Picture: Collaborate to create a giant masterpiece outing is just what you’ve been looking for. Teams work together to create dazzling paint colors while outlining and painting on their own canvas. The host gives the participants challenges they need to collaborate on to complete their work. In the end, the host reveals a single, group-created masterpiece.

You get 90 minutes of team bonding and creativity-building fun. The provider will discuss pricing on request.

Whatever style of corporate outing you choose, your employees will have a wonderful time. Get out and enjoy some fun and excitement – your team will come away with memories and grow closer as a unit.

Browse our marketplace for fun Toronto team outing ideas. You can book, manage, and pay for your events right on our platform. Our experienced Culture Experts are happy to assist you with finding exciting outdoor activities to fit your company’s team-building objectives.

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