10 Fun Company Outing Ideas for Your New York Team

Jul 7

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One important element that we lost during lockdowns is in-person communication. Face-to-face interaction is essential for maintaining creativity and vital to team bonding. When we lose these connections, we begin to feel cut off from our coworkers. This isolation stifles innovation and obstructs collaboration.

When returning to the workplace, we have to relearn – or at least refresh – in-person interaction skills that fell by the wayside in favor of learning new ways of doing things during the lockdown. 

Getting out of the office and out into the world works wonders for improving team happiness. Better moods lead to a more relaxed company atmosphere, which flows into greater collaboration and creativity. 

We’d like to offer you some exciting NYC corporate outing ideas to spark that joy and bring your team together. You’re sure to find a getaway idea perfect for your crew.

Get out and go bowling 🎳

Give your NYC team a fun outing with a classic pastime. Red Carpet Affair – Bowling offers an excellent time for everyone with an open bar, lane-side service, and free access to other activities – like pool and karaoke. There’s something for everyone, whether they decide to bowl or find another fun thing to do.

At around $119 per person, this New York corporate outing idea gives your crew two hours of bowling with three hours of bar and tons of uninterrupted fun.

Make some chocolatey treats 🍫

Gather the team for the tastiest of group activities – the Classic Chocolate Making Challenge. This course will educate you on the history of chocolate, from the bean to the chocolate bar. Then, the challenge is yours to create the prettiest and most delicious confections.

At $90 per person, this 90-minute activity is an enjoyable time for everyone.

Go on a kayaking excursion 🚣‍♂️

One of the best team outings for your NYC crew is time on the open water. The Skyline Kayak Tour puts you and your group on the Hudson River for a fantastic, waterborne adventure. No kayaking experience is necessary. Paddles, kayaks, and instructions come with this activity.

This 60-minute excursion runs $50 per participant. 

Go on a scavenger hunt 🔍

Compile a list of realistically obtainable items and place your employees into teams of three, four, or more. Then head to a local zoo, museum, or area near your office for a company scavenger hunt. The first team to acquire all the items – or the team to get the most within a time limit – wins an award.

Not only are scavenger hunts a blast, but this outside team-building activity brings coworkers closer and cultivates collaboration. 

Here are a few ideas of items you can hunt down:

  • Photo of a teammate shaking hands with a police officer 
  • A cup or food container with a restaurant logo on it
  • A business card
  • A ticket stub
  • Photo of a directional street sign
  • A book of matches
  • Find and appropriately discard 5 or more pieces of litter – pictures, or it didn’t happen
  • A map, informational flier, or pamphlet related to an event or activity in NYC

A 60 or 90-minute time limit is typical for a scavenger hunt. The cost is negligible, as there is no overhead involved. When the search is over, consider treating your crew to a team lunch delivered to your office by a trusted Thriver-vetted provider.

Have an outdoor nature adventure 🌳

Get out and have a real adventure at the Corporate Team Building in Aerial Adventure Park. Your group will push their limits and grow as a cohesive unit as they enjoy an adventure park jam-packed with challenging experiences, like zip-lining and other high-rope activities. The park provides picnic tables and offers catering services that bring your group something to eat when lunchtime rolls around.

This team-building excursion lasts three hours and comes with a half-hour orientation. At around $50 per person, it’s the perfect group outing for your NYC cadre – get out of the office and into some healthy fun!

Take an outing to a museum 🏺

Get some culture while growing as a team with Custom Museum Tours. This VIP experience provides your group a customized route to match your organization’s needs. Along with ice-breakers and stories, you’ll be getting group photos and participating in team activities.

The museum tour can be as long as you want, from 60 to 90 to 120 minutes – even more if you choose – and pricing is available on request. 

Go on an adventure in the treetops 🧗‍♂️

Test your courage and skill at the Bronx Zoo’s Climb & Zip adventure. Your group will challenge themselves with exciting activities like the sky ladder and tightrope walk. If it’s all new to you – no worries. An expert will show you the ropes before you begin.

This 150-minute outdoor excursion is a fun and challenging time to be had by all. At around $54 per participant, you’re sure to get your money’s worth.

Team hike ⛰️

Get back to nature and enjoy a group hike. Grab your gear, slip into some good walking shoes or hiking boots, and meet at a state or regional park. Many parks are known for their trails, and there’s sure to be one within driving distance.

If getting out of town isn’t an option, go for a walk together at Central Park – or plan a walking route around the city.

This NYC team outing idea can take any amount of time you like, whether an hour, two, or three. It costs only as much as the company chooses to spend on water bottles and other hiking gear before the event. 

Try some nighttime paddle boating 🛶

Bring some night-time excitement to your team with the Night LED Tour. Try some paddle boating with neon green and blue light illumination on the water. A DJ plays tracks you choose for the evening’s harbor tour.

For $80 per participant, your group will spend an hour doing one of the most fun team outings NYC offers.

Take a food tour around a historical district 🍲

Leave the office and embark on a food adventure with NYC Food Tour in Greenwich Village. A Thriver-vetted provider will guide you and your crew around to savor some of the tastiest delights this historic district has to offer. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes and bring an umbrella in case of rain.

Three to three and a half hours and $75 per person are all you need to give your team a flood of local flavor.

Whatever you choose, your employees will have a wonderful time, getting away for a bit and enjoying the fun and excitement an NYC team outing offers.

There are many fun team outing ideas in NYC, and you’ll find lots on the Thriver marketplace. Skilled culture experts are here to help you find nearby exciting outdoor activities fit for your company’s team-building goals. Just contact Thriver today and start planning your next outdoor excursion.

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