12 Exciting Los Angeles Company Outing Ideas

Jul 8

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Lockdown wasn’t that long ago. Even now, people continue to return to the office after a long stretch of working remotely. It’s been a transition for many. Lack of face-to-face communication with colleagues and coworkers has significantly impacted collaboration and creativity.

Getting out of the home office and back into the world does a lot of good for employees who’ve been apart for so long. In-person interactivity outside of work improves employee happiness and fulfillment. Better contentment at work leads to a more relaxed company atmosphere, which flows into greater collaboration and creativity all around. 

We’d like to present our ideas for team outings in Los Angeles to spark that joy and engage your crew in some real group bonding. Take a look at what we have to offer. You’re sure to find the perfect getaway idea for your group.

Take a culinary walkabout 🥘

Get out of the office and embark on an adventure in sensational local cuisine with a Team Building Food Tour. Discover hidden culinary gems as a trusted provider guides you and your crew around town to sample foods from local eateries and pop-ups. You will delight in down-home mom-and-pop fare, gourmet treats, and exotic delicacies from around the globe – right in your neck of the woods.

Three hours and $89 per person are all you need to give your team a foodie excursion they’ll never forget.

Can you escape in time? ✨

Put on your thinking caps and ready yourself for a puzzle challenge unlike any you’ve ever experienced with an Escape Room outing. Team building will grow by leaps and bounds as your group works together to put together clues and solve riddles in order to find their way out before the countdown timer ends.

At $54.50 per participant, this 60-minute excursion is the ideal Los Angeles group outing for the team that loves a good challenge. 

Embark on a scavenger hunt 🔍

Put together a list of realistically obtainable objects and get your crew into teams of three, four, or more. Then, head to a local zoo, museum, or a public area near your office for a company scavenger hunt. The first team to acquire all the items – or the team to get the most within a time limit – wins an award.

Here are a few ideas of items you can hunt down:

  • Photo of a teammate shaking hands with a police officer 
  • A pen or other small item with a business name on it
  • A business card
  • A ticket stub
  • Photo of a directional street sign
  • A book of matches
  • Find and appropriately discard 5 or more pieces of litter – be sure to get pics of your team throwing it away. 
  • A map, informational flier, or pamphlet related to an event or activity in L.A.

A 60 or 90-minute time limit is typical for a scavenger hunt, and the cost is negligible. 

Let’s throw some sharp things 🪓

Challenge your group to a contest of patience and skill with Axe Throwing. Your work friends will have a blast as they test their hand-eye coordination. A cheer will go up whenever someone buries the axe head into a target. 

At $31 per contestant, your group will get 75 minutes of a group-bonding experience that’ll leave everyone excited and delighted.

A rootin’ tootin’ good time 🔦

As safe as it is enjoyable, Laser Tag is one of the best team outings your Los Angeles team will experience. Whether you like to face your opposition head-on or prefer to lie in wait, this excursion is exciting and fun for all ages, skill levels, and physical abilities. 

At $13 per person, each round lasts 12 minutes, but you can opt to play as many as you and your team wish.

Walk with nature 🌳

Get back to nature and enjoy a group hike. Get your gear, slide on some hiking boots, and meet at a state or regional park. Many parks are known for their trails, and there’s sure to be one within driving distance of your locality. 

You can plan this Los Angeles team outing idea for any length of time, whether an hour, two, or three, or make it a day-long event. It costs only as much as the company chooses to spend on water bottles and other hiking-related swag.

Have a day at the lanes 🎳

Give your L.A. team some classic fun with a Team Bowling Activity. The lanes are a great place to enjoy teammates’ company between turns, partake in cocktails, and eat some tasty bowling alley food. 

At $22 per hour, your team can have two hours of uninterrupted fun. There are also options for renting a suite and making it an all-day event.

Hop on a bus and help the community 🚌

Give the gift of your time and effort aboard the Do Good Bus. Nothing builds group bonding better than teaming up to make the world better. This event is designed to connect your team with the community through volunteering. You can choose to focus on helping people, animals, or the environment. The provider has built a network with numerous volunteer programs around the city, giving your group ample choices regarding where they want to contribute their efforts.

Pricing is available on request. This four-hour volunteer outing promotes team bonding and community involvement, intending to cultivate the joy of helping long after the bus excursion is over.

Throw a team picnic 🧺

It’ll take some planning, but getting everyone together for casual fun outdoors is a great way for your team to kick off their shoes and enjoy some time together. Hire a grill master, or grill up burgers and dogs yourself. Order in sides, or play it as a potluck affair. 

Los Angeles contains numerous parks that will allow you to rent pavilions or green space to gather as a group. Contact your parks and recreation department for details.

To get the event going right, check out our array of trusted Thriver-vetted catering providers to host your picnic function.

Frigid fun 🧊

Get out of the summer heat and chill with Ice Sculpting. Experienced instructors will guide your team to utilize chainsaws, chisels, and imagination, crafting some cool collaborative creations. This unique Los Angeles team outing is a fun and exhilarating way to build group unity and a great way to break the ice with newbies.

This event offers two hours of creative enjoyment for the whole group. Pricing is available upon request.

Take a tour of sights unseen 🌇

How well do you and your team know your city? The Mystery Bus tour offers you a comprehensive journey around town, showing off locations and sights you probably didn’t even know existed. The tour can be customized to fit your group’s interests, stopping at three to four mystery locations along the way.

The provider offers pricing upon request for this six-hour team excursion.

Pool party 🌊

Los Angeles is full of fun water parks and pools that would be perfect for a fun company outing. Many have group rates, and some even rent out for private events. Some have pavilions you can rent for group gatherings so you can have your own space in a public place.

Rates will vary, depending on several factors, including which venue you choose and whether you go as members of the public or elect to have a private affair. Search water parks near you, and work with the establishment to plan your Los Angeles crew’s next company outing.

Browse Thriver’s marketplace for fun Los Angeles team outing ideas. You can book, manage, and pay all from our one-stop-shop platform. Our Culture Experts are here to help you find nearby exciting outdoor activities that fit your company’s team-building goals.

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