How These Companies Are Setting the Path for #CultureGoals

Jan 22

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Though it seems that hybrid working situations will be with us for the foreseeable future, the good news is that a vibrant and dynamic company culture is out of no one’s reach. The even better news is that your culture goals are easier to attain than ever before thanks to immersive and inclusive technology capable of bringing remote teams together. Thriver’s Virtual Experiences (VX) is an example of such a tool that has been helping teams, with members new and old located across the globe, to reconnect and flourish.

We spoke to some of these teams to learn more about their #CultureGoals for 2021 and how they are planning to tackle them in a remote world. Here’s what we learned.    

HR culture goals for 2021

The reason why 2021 is such a landmark year for workplaces is that it continues a relatively new normal. This means that many culture goals for 2021 will be nuanced and particular to the challenges that Covid has uncovered. Remote working situations mean that the onboarding process this year is complicated, and accordingly, one of the top concerns for companies is the need to build teams that work well together when in-office time is either limited or nonexistent. Here is where VX comes in. In addition to fulfilling the goal of helping new employees ease their transition to a new workplace and build rapport with other employees, Virtual Experiences can help companies achieve many of their other pressing 2021 HR goals. Improving the social dynamic of remote teams through casual and fun team-building activities, and fostering mental and physical wellbeing through stress-relieving activities are some of the trends we are seeing fulfilled thanks to technology in this new workplace scenario.

Team building in a remote world

Supporting flexibility, creating an environment that cherishes shared experiences, providing funds for perks, and encouraging a feedback culture are all things that you can start doing now to help create stronger teams. But if you want to take this goal to the next level, then Virtual Experiences are where it’s at. Collaborative online activities — in addition to being down-right fun — have the potential to add texture to the social dynamic of your teams by providing a refreshing environment that demands employees to interact in creative and challenging ways. 

“Escape rooms have been our most requested virtual experience as everyone LOVES them.”

– Wix

Fine-tuning everyone’s problem-solving skills, light-hearted VX — such as DIY workshops and a nutrition seminar — are a great way for employees to come together in ways proven to help them learn and grow. Our client Coinsquare had employees participate in virtual escape rooms and it was an all-around success for their teams. “Escape rooms have been the most requested virtual experience as everyone LOVES them and since we are a competitive group (typical of a startup culture) they are ideal for us!” Coinsquare said.  

Improving the remote onboarding experience

Virtual team-building experiences play a vital role in helping new employees feel supported in their remote environment. Our clients over at 1Password had remote working implemented before Covid. While the new working situation demanded by the pandemic wasn’t as difficult to adjust to for them as it was for others, onboarding new employees did pose a challenge. “We more than doubled our headcount this year,” 1Password said. “With lots of different people coming on board, those that have and have not worked remotely in the past, we had to make sure each person felt like they were building rapport in an environment where in person team meetings could not happen,” they added. Engaging VX — such as trivia or a murder mystery — provided the perfect opportunity for 1Password’s new employees to become acclimated to their new workplace and get to know their new colleagues.  1Password found that the activities that Thriver offered were a great way to still have team building during these times.

“Thriver gives our employees the opportunity to build bonds through casual, fun, team-building activities.”

– Coinsquare

Focusing on employee physical and mental wellness

Our clients found that in addition to being fun and relaxing, Virtual Experiences also helped them provide care for employees’ mental and physical wellbeing, proving that individual wellness goes hand in hand with a healthy company culture. Even if the VX isn’t directed specifically toward mental or physical fitness (such as a yoga or meditation session), a fun shared experience such as a magic show will still help teams to feel happier and connected. “We saw a lot of our employees mingling with each other in team groups getting excited for the event, coming up with team names and bragging about their finish times,” Coinsquare said. “Our primary goal was to help build the social dynamic of the team,” they added. Thriver’s VX provided Coinsquare’s employees an opportunity to “build relationships to foster a better working environment,” and helped them achieve the goal of relieving pandemic-related stress.

How virtual experiences can help you achieve culture goals

As organizers and culture leaders, you can now explore activities on Thriver’s platform and discover opportunities that match your goals and budget for the month or quarter. We recently introduced a new feature: the polling mechanism, which allows organizers to encourage active participation among employees, who can choose the activities that matter the most to them. This feature not only simplifies the decision-making process, but also maximizes participation and engagement among teams. Thriver’s technology is also capable of giving you data insights into what your employees want, enabling them to have a voice and shape your culture from within.

Are you new to the Thriver experience? It’s never too late to start working toward your 2021 #CultureGoals! Visit our platform and browse through our amazing offerings.

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