15 Fun Activities for Take Your Child to Work Day

Oct 20

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November 3rd will be Take Your Kid to Work Day. It’s a great opportunity to show your children what it’s like to work at your company, give them a taste of the working world, and spend time together when it normally wouldn’t be possible. To make the day special for the kids, we suggest organizing some special Bring Your Children to Work Day activities.

Things to Consider Before Bringing Your Child to Work

Before you look at activities for Bring Your Child to Work Day, think more about what the day will involve.

Will your child be attending any work meetings?

If your child will be attending meetings, you’ll need to make sure you keep enough time free in between for fun activities.

Will the children only be attending a family-friendly team activity?

Your company may decide to organize a single activity for the kids, rather than having them with you at work for the entire day. Alternatively, a family-friendly activity may be part of a longer day of events. Whatever you decide to do, choose virtual activities that both in-office and remote teams can participate in.

Will HR or the People & Culture team be creating activities for the children to engage in over the day?

Find out if a department at your company such as HR or People & Culture will be designing their own activities – such as a Take Your Child to Work Day scavenger hunt. Make the day more memorable by booking some of the activities from this list.

1. Magic Show

Since there’s no age limit for enjoying magic, a magic show is a great choice for kids and employees alike. It’s always worth receiving a show from a professional to ensure no one can figure out the tricks. With a virtual magic show, you’ll receive a combination of mind-reading, mentalism, and sleight-of-hand tricks. Plus, it’s an interactive experience where any of the audience members may be called on to participate.

2. Origami Class

Although origami looks complex, anyone can learn it. This beginner origami class will teach kids how to make two figures that they can keep to remember the day. You’ll also learn about the history of the art form in Japan. Bring along origami paper or cut regular printer paper to the right dimensions.

3. Terrarium Workshop

Caring for plants is always rewarding, but it’s even better when you’ve made the planter yourself. This terrarium workshop gives kids the chance to get creative – and the finished result is the perfect desk decoration. All the materials you’ll need for the workshop are included with the service.

4. Mat Yoga

Stress the importance of maintaining a healthy body and mind at work with a mat yoga class. It’s always best to do yoga with an expert to ensure you perform the exercises correctly, avoid injuries, and see the full benefits from the workout. All participants will need a mat or towel, and enough space to move around comfortably.

An adult person and 2 children meditating

5. Chair Yoga

If any of the kids attending Bring Your Child to Work Day have limited mobility, chair yoga could be a better choice than mat yoga. Plus, it’s a great way to show children how it’s possible to stay fit without leaving your desk. The professional instructors of this virtual chair yoga will create a class that’s accessible for everyone on the guest list.

6. Dance Cardio

If you’d prefer to give the kids an energizing (rather than relaxing) workout, dance cardio is ideal. Participants will build strength and break a sweat – but it won’t feel difficult because they’ll be doing it to their favorite tunes.

7. Candle Making Class

It’s surprisingly easy to make a candle when you have all the materials you need – and the guidance of a master crafter. With this candle making class, kids will make an artisanal candle from soy wax and essential oils. They’ll be able to burn it later when they want to relax.

8. Candle Engraving

An alternative option to making candles is this candle engraving experience. Kids select the candle they want in terms of color, scent, and herb. Then, they access a design canvas virtually and create a design or message to be engraved into a candle. Each design will be laser-engraved into the candle and the finished product will be shipped to participants. The result is some great gift ideas for after Bring Your Child to Work Day.

9. Cookie Decorating

Instill a passion for cooking into kids with something all children love: cookies. With this cookie decorating class, they’ll discover that there’s much more to decorating than meets the eye. The class covers the proper technique for making dough, holding a piping bag, and various decoration styles.

An adult person and a child making cookies

10. Guess-My-Sketch Game

One of the top Bring Your Child to Work Day games has to be Pictionary. The guess-my-sketch game adds another dimension to the traditional game by dividing the participants into smaller groups who collaborate using an online doodling platform and then compete with other teams for the most correct guesses. Teams receive a copy of their artwork at the end of the session as a memento.

11. Painting Class

For more art making, hold a painting class. The cost of the class includes a kit for each participant, meaning there’s no need to buy paints, brushes, a canvas, or anything else beforehand. Plus, since the final result is not nearly as important as the experience, the class is available to people of all ages and skill levels.

12. Musical Bingo

Take a regular bingo game to the next level with musical bingo. Instead of waiting for the host to call out numbers, kids listen for song lyrics from all sorts of genres of music. You’ll have a live DJ and everyone is welcome to sing along – or even dance.

13. Creative Journaling

Through creative journaling, you feel more in control of your life, combat stress, and become better organized. With an expert-led creative journaling session, kids will learn some key points to get started – and then it’s up to them where they take their journaling.

If your company is having a Take Your Teen to Work Day, a top choice of activity is a food tasting session. Teach your teens about French culture at the same time as sampling famous desserts with a Paris-themed tasting. Each participant will receive four types of treats plus two teas.

14. Food Tasting

An adult person suggesting a banana to a child

15. Happiness Seminar

Another great option for teens is a happiness seminar. Show them how important it is to find balances in life and to be happy at work. The seminar will take teens through exercises to increase positive thinking and prevent anxiety and burnout.

Organizing some Take Your Child to Work Day activities will make the day more enjoyable for everyone. Make your selections from the above according to what the kids attending are most likely to enjoy.

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