Best Corporate Lunch Options in Toronto this July

Jun 22

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Summer is going strong in Toronto, and July gives us many opportunities for celebration. Discover this month’s employee meal program calendar to help make your team lunches and special events easier than ever to put together.

Whether you serve lunch daily, stock the kitchen with snacks each week, or celebrate holidays with a team event, you’ll find some of the best lunch catering options in Toronto on this easy-to-use calendar.

How to use our new monthly employee meal program calendar

  • Each month’s celebrations are HIGHLIGHTED IN PURPLE.
  • Each day features an exciting lunch option in bold, with the name of a trusted provider below it. The lunch option links to the marketplace, where you can easily request a booking.
  • In the bottom right-hand corner is a legend that denotes special features, including holiday-related catering options.

Enjoy exciting meal options for company get-togethers this July

Here are the official days of celebration for July. Take a look at the special meals we have in mind for your team to enjoy in honor of those days. Whether you’re looking to dine outside or in the comfort of your AC this July, we’ve got you covered.

🥗 National Caesar Salad Day: The 4th of July is National Caesar Salad Day. This holiday commemorates restaurateur Caesar Carlini and his invention of one of the most popular salad dressings of all time.

On the menu: Nothing beats the heat of summer better than a cool meal. Give your Toronto crew salad bowls in homage to Caesar Salad Day. Choose from a variety of Italian salad options, with selections to fit your meat-loving and vegetarian teammates. 

🧺 National Picnic Month: Conditions are ideal for eating outdoors in July. National Picnic Month was established in 1952 to encourage folks to gather outside and break bread together as a community.

On the menu: Head to the nearest park table with your team and enjoy picnic wraps in the sun or shade. Each tray of wraps feeds 10 people, with vegetarian, gluten-free, and dairy-free options. 

🍗 National Fried Chicken Day: We celebrate fried chicken on July 6th every year. The holiday’s origin is shrouded in mystery, but fried chicken is reason enough to celebrate. An expensive delicacy until after World War II, this North American staple originated with Scottish settlers, who brought deep frying with them from overseas. Later, enslaved Africans included seasonings to make the most perfect of meals.

On the menu: We decided that we’d like to honor fried chicken by suggesting fried chicken sliders to celebrate. You can commemorate Fried Chicken Day with a juicy chicken sandwich on a bun and a heaping helping of fries. If you’re feeling feisty, there’s a super-spicy version of the slider to accompany a nice cold drink.

🍦 National Ice Cream Month: July is a time to celebrate – you guessed it – ice cream! And what’s not to celebrate? It’s ice cream.

On the menu: Why not top off your team picnic with a sweet frozen afternoon treat? Or, skip the whole meal and get ice cream delivered to you and your crew. With a dozen gourmet and specialty flavors to choose from, there’s a frozen delectable sure to please any taste bud. 

🎓 National Intern Day: July 28th is National Intern Day. The job-search app company WayUp created this day in 2017 to acknowledge the meaningful contributions interns give to their organizations throughout the year. Both Canada and the U.S. use this day to celebrate interns.

On the menu: Get your whole crew together – interns and lifers – and enjoy a happy hour. This 90-minute virtual experience offers a tour of fine wines and cheeses hosted by famous culinary experts. 

For the rest of July, our calendar is jam-packed with many other Toronto corporate lunch options, ideal for midsummer. From sandwiches, salads, and a wide variety of cultural dishes, like Brazilian pies and Middle Eastern wraps, Thriver-trusted providers have whatever you need to get your July catering just how your team likes it. 

Looking for more options?

Browse our team lunches page to find the many cuisines and dishes our thoroughly vetted Thriver providers have to offer.

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