Best Corporate Lunch Selections for Los Angeles this July

Jun 21

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Welcome to July – the warmest month of the year for most places, and as midsummer comes to L.A., let us present Thriver’s July corporate lunch calendar. If your crew has had their fill of the same selections week-in and week-out, treat them to some new and exciting options. While you’re at it, consider our suggestions that’ll boost special day celebrations this month.

Whether you keep your kitchen stocked with snacks, provide midday meal options for your group, or bring in food to celebrate special days, you will find the best lunch-catering options for Los Angeles on this simple calendar.

How to use our new monthly employee meal program calendar

  • Each month’s celebrations are HIGHLIGHTED IN PURPLE.
  • Each day features a unique lunch option in bold, along with the name of the trusted provider. Each option contains a link to the marketplace for easy booking.
  • The legend at the bottom points to special features, such as unique nutritional information and holiday-related options.

Keep cool with these Los Angeles catering options for July

July brings the summer sun like no other month. That’s why we highlight many Los Angeles lunch delivery options for outdoor enjoyment or to help keep the heat off. From good, old-fashioned BBQ to plant-based sandwich meals, from Mediterranean to Indian cuisine, we have delicious selections that can be delivered precisely how you want.  

🇺🇸 Independence Day: July 4th commemorates the day the U.S. became an independent country after getting out from under British rule. It’s a day for joy and celebration as fireworks, the smell of grilled food, and red, white, and blue regalia fill the air.

On the menu: Celebrate the 4th of July with a happy hour event, as a skilled barback makes your favorite alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks at the office, in the boardroom, or whatever suits you best. 

⛱️ National Picnic Month: July marks the time of year when conditions are ideal for eating outdoors. The American Bakers Association established National Picnic Month in 1952 to encourage folks to gather outside and break bread as a community.

On the menu: What better way to celebrate National Picnic Month than picnic catering for your team? Enjoy a catered outdoor picnic with the whole gang and enjoy some bonding time in between.

🍨 National Ice Cream Month: In 1984, President Reagan signed National Ice Cream month into law. It’s a time to celebrate – you guessed it – ice cream! And what’s not to celebrate? It’s ice cream.

On the menu: Get a cold, sweet treat made on the spot, with ice cream in the office. An ice cream expert adds the wow factor as they make frozen desserts with dazzling performative flair right before your eyes.

For more July non-holiday selections, we offer an eclectic variety of cuisines. Whether your crew is craving Asian fusion, classic burritos, or pizza and wings, trusted providers will deliver it to your office – daily, weekly, or monthly.

Would you like more options?

This calendar is only a fraction of the wide range of LA corporate catering options you have access to on Thriver.

Take a look at our team lunches page and find diverse meal and dessert options from our thoroughly vetted Thriver providers.

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