40 Company Swag Ideas for 2022 that Your Team Will Love

Nov 23

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Company SWAG is a popular gift, and for a good reason – great company gear can upgrade your employees’ quality of life and connection to your brand.

Unfortunately, it’s also easy to get it wrong. SWAG that’s poor quality can end up seeming thoughtless and low-effort. 

Doing SWAG right means choosing useful and high-quality gear.

Read on for our favorite unique and functional company SWAG ideas.

In an increasingly digital world – more people working from home, and more buyers shopping online – company SWAG can be a great way to provide a physical connection to your brand for both employees and customers. 

Although it sometimes gets a reputation for being cheesy or cheap, there is such a thing as gift-worthy SWAG.

SWAG done right can:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Promote your company values in an authentic way
  • Boost employee engagement

The importance of that last point – employee engagement – cannot be understated. Employee engagement has huge implications for a number of important workplace metrics. 

Engaged workplaces statistics that show that engaged employees are more productive


Customized swag can be a great way to improve brand reputation, welcome and engage new employees, and unite and celebrate your teams. The way you turn cheesy schwag ideas into appreciated gifts is by choosing high-quality, high-function, and completely custom pieces. 

Thriver’s marketplace is full of easy-to-customize cool company SWAG. 

Here are some of our picks for the best company SWAG for employees.

Bring the Brand Home

For companies with employees who work from home, custom schwag can be a great way to connect teams who can’t be physically together. 

Home office swag like notebook, pens, organizers on the table

1. Personalized SWAG Starter Pack

A starter swag kit has everything a work-from-home employee needs. 

With a branded water bottle, tee shirt, die cut stickers, and a reusable bag for running errands, the starter pack is perfect for any kind of remote work. 

Budget: About $30 per person 

2. Cable Organizer

Clutter is more than just a nuisance – it’s scientifically shown to make people feel stressed, anxious, and depressed.

Help your remote employees stay organized with a handy magnetic cable organizer. This is a great SWAG idea for a custom logo gift that your employees will actually use. 

Budget: $4.50 – $20 per person

3. Make Your Own SWAG

Many SWAG vendors allow you to mix and match from a variety of basic SWAG ideas to design a custom package

Choices include the basics (water bottles, tee shirts, and notebooks), as well as new and alternative SWAG choices like umbrellas, beanies, fanny packs, and travel bags. 

Budget: $25 per person

Outfit the Office

For companies hoping to ease the transition back to full-time office work, SWAG and other promotional items for employees can be a great option for making people feel excited and valued in the workplace. 

Welcome pack that consists of a t-shirt, notebook, organizers

4. Warm Welcome

For new employees, a welcome pack with branded swag can be a great way to onboard them with care and enthusiasm. 

Most new hire SWAG ideas include a tee shirt, a notebook, and insert cards (the package we linked here even includes a handheld speaker!).

Budget: About $75 per person

5. Custom Face Mask

For businesses that are asking employees to wear masks while at work, a branded high-quality mask can go a long way in making the request easier to follow. 

With adjustable ear straps and tons of colors to choose from, your employees can stay healthy in comfort and style.

Budget: About $4 per person

6. The Full Suite of Basics

The best SWAG items are the ones that are universally useful. 

A classic SWAG package includes items like a tee shirt, a notebook, a water bottle, die cut stickers, and insert cards. Gift these with confidence knowing that everyone on your team will find at least one thing they love in the package. 

Budget: About $57 per person

SWAG for the Jet-Setter

For a certain group of employees, post-pandemic travel has already resumed in full force. Help them travel in style with the coolest SWAG your company has to offer. 

Swag travel kit that consists of the organizer, travel gadgets, notebooks and headphones

7. Branded Duffel Bag

Make it easy for your employees to get where they need to be with a personalized duffle bag. 

There are offers in every size, style, and price range – go small and easy with a basic weekender bag, or deluxe and heavy-duty with a hard-shell roller. 

Budget: About $13 – $68 per person

8. Calamari Cable

The coolest company SWAG is often not the most expensive or flashy – it’s the most useful. 

A Calamari name will come in handy for every one of your employees (and no doubt delight them with its moniker). It has connection ports for all of the most common types of plugs, meaning it’s equally useful in day-to-day and in-a-pinch situations. 

Budget: $2.99 per person

9. Customized Power Bank

A branded power bank is another ultra-useful SWAG idea that will win over the hearts of even the most jet-lagged employee. In fact, research shows that power banks are the #1 most requested tech SWAG. 

With a charge time of only 3 – 5 hours, and a lifetime of over 500 charges, this is sure to be a gift that stands the test of time. 

Budget: About $11.50 per person

The SWAG of Your Dreams

Although it’s technically none of your business what your employees do on their off time, you should care about whether or not they get their 8 hours at night – sleep habits have a number of direct impacts on work performance. 

Infographic on the importance of sleep

Source WebMD, Wellmark

Encourage your employees to take some well-deserved rest with a sleep-themed SWAG gift. 

10. Custom Eye Mask

A branded eye mask is a great idea for promotional SWAG. The better your employees sleep, the more they can contribute to their personal wellbeing and a positive work environment.

This would make a particularly great gift for employees that travel frequently for work.

Budget: $4.15 per person

11. Weighted Blanket

A weighted blanket is a fantastic and somewhat uncommon SWAG gift. 

Not only is it highly useful and multipurpose – employees can use it for sleep, lounging, or even travel – research has also shown that weighted blankets can improve symptoms of anxiety

Budget: About $51 per person

12. Robe

There’s a reason that people make a mad dash for the closets in fancy hotels – nothing says luxury like a thick, fluffy robe! 

Indulge your employees with a custom hooded robe to keep them cozy and warm. Bonus points if you give one with pockets!

Budget: About $81 per person

Gold Medal Gear

Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. By this logic, active employees are happy employees. 

Treat your team to fitness-inspired SWAG to encourage a healthy, active, and happy lifestyle. 

Swag for fitness classes

13. Jogging Armband

Many companies have found great success in engaging their employees with virtual fitness clubs and competitions. One popular way to do this is by logging steps or miles walked/run for each employee, and rewarding those who move the most. 

A personalized jogging mobile device armband is a cheap, easy, and useful SWAG idea that lends itself easily to interoffice fitness competitions. 

Budget: $6 – $10 per person

14. Yoga Mat

A yoga mat is a unique SWAG idea that makes it easy for employees to keep their endorphins flowing. 

Show your employees that you encourage a healthy work-life balance with exercise equipment that employees of any fitness level can use and appreciate. 

Budget: $45 per person

15. Wireless Earbuds

If you’re looking for a higher-end business SWAG idea that’s sure to be loved by all, try branded earbuds.

These are a fantastic SWAG option because they’re useful in a variety of situations – fitness, travel, WFH or office work, and leisure time. Hard to go wrong with a gift like that!

Budget: About  $80 per person

The Right Ingredients for Happy Employees

Cooking equipment is one of the best corporate SWAG ideas because the right tools can elevate an otherwise mundane (and sometimes dreaded) part of daily life. 

Try one of these cooking-themed SWAG gifts to add a little spice to your employees’ lives. 

Swag kitchen utensils

16. Kitchen Basics 

Some SWAG packs offer a variety of kitchen and cooking tools. 

Cooking company SWAG ideas include tongs, spatulas, cutting boards, and basting brushes, and can be mixed-and-matched with other non-cooking SWAG ideas. 

Budget: $100 per person

17. Custom Apron

A personalized apron is a great gift because it’s highly useful, but something that your employees might not think to buy for themselves. 

A high-quality, 100% heavyweight cotton robe is a wonderful option for employee SWAG. Most will allow you to add a graphic logo and a couple of lines of text. Look for an option with pockets for storing cooking tools for an added thoughtful touch.

Budget: $29.99 per person

18. Portable Blender

Personal/portable blenders are a relatively new SWAG trend, but we’re betting they’re here to stay. 

Many portable blenders come in just about every color you could imagine, making it easy to align with your brand. The highest-quality options should be able to easily cut through ice and last for more than 10 uses before needing to be recharged. 

Budget: $49.99 per person

Ride in Style

For employees who drive to and from work, or are on the road as part of their job duties, custom car SWAG can be a great way to make their ride more comfortable. 

Person in a car holding swag coffee tumbler

19. Keychain

A custom keychain is an easy and cheap SWAG idea. Although it probably can’t pass the test of a thoughtful gift on its own, it could be a great addition to a bigger SWAG package. 

Custom keychains come in many sizes and are surprisingly customizable, with many vendors offering the ability to custom-cut your logo shape. 

Budget: $2 per person

20. Beverage Tumbler

A temperature-controlled beverage tumbler is a fantastic and popular SWAG idea that’s great for the masses.

Look for a custom tumbler that will fit into any cup-holder for the perfect commute-friendly SWAG. 

Budget: $19.99 per person

21. Ice Scraper

An ice scraper is one of those tools people forget about until they’re in dire need of one. Take care of your employees by keeping them prepared with a custom ice scraper. 

This would be a particularly great gift for companies in colder climates.

Budget: About $1 – $4 per person

The Journey Is More Important Than the Destination

For employees in urban areas – those who are perhaps more likely to opt for a non-car commute (think trains, bikes, or their own trusty two feet) – there are a handful of commuter-friendly SWAG ideas that will make their trip more enjoyable. 

Person holding an umbrella

22. Journal

A custom journal is a great SWAG idea for employees who take a train or bus to work. Help them get their productivity flowing with a notebook to capture all of their ideas. 

For a high-quality option, look for a journal with a hard cover, a ribbon page marker, an elastic closure, and a built-in accordion folder. 

Budget: About $11 per person

23. Umbrella

There’s nothing worse than getting caught in the rain on your way to work. 

Treat your employees to a branded umbrella that’s sure to save the day on more than one occasion. 

Budget: About $17 each

24. Commute-friendly SWAG Package

For companies who want to go above and beyond for their commuters, some SWAG packages offer the ability to combine several commute-friendly items. 

You might consider including anything that’s useful for someone’s commute – an umbrella, a backpack, a travel coffee mug, a baseball hat, and a blanket are all great options. Try to include something for everyone, no matter what their commute holds. 

Budget: $50 per person

Let Loose and Live a Little

Sometimes, your employees need to feel like it’s okay to let their hair down and have some fun. Check out some of our ideas for company-sponsored, good-time gear.

People playing a board game

25. Branded Game Set

If you’re sensing that your employees could use a little fun in their lives, a full set of parlor games might cheer them up.

Most kits include supplies for checkers, chess, dominoes, and cribbage, as well as a full deck of cards and a set of dice. Everything comes packaged in a beautiful wooden box that can be branded with your company’s logo.

Budget: About $38 per person

26. Celebration Box

Nothing says “living my best life” like a celebration-themed gift box

If your team is celebrating a big accomplishment or a successful end-of-year report, a celebration box with champagne or other spirits, and paired snacks to enjoy with it, can be a great way to get the party started.

Budget: $95 per person

27. Completely Custom Package

For companies who want to really go the extra mile for their employees’ corporate SWAG, there are SWAG vendors that offer completely custom packages according to preference and budget. 

Contact Thriver’s Culture Experts today to help you design a no-holds-barred SWAG box that will help your employees feel uber-special. Our team is ready to help you order your team’s SWAG products, with as much or as little involvement from you as you prefer. 

Budget: Varies

The Way to the Heart is through the Stomach

Tech gear and home goods are cool, but there’s perhaps no more universally-appreciated gift than food and treats. 

Following are some of our favorite SWAG ideas that give the people what they want.

Gift basket with chocolate, crisps and pretzels

28. Themed Food & Drink SWAG

Some SWAG vendors are happy to send your employees a snack or beverage pick-me-up as part of a larger SWAG package. 

With offerings like a cold brew package or a variety of treats for maple-syrup-lovers, there’s sure to be a treat option for any taste.

Budget: $200 per person

29. Savory Treats

A savory treat box can be a high-class way to show your employees that you care. 

With a deluxe black olive tapenade, and artisanal fig & olive crisps, this SWAG box can help take your employees’ late-night snacks to the next level. 

Budget: $85 per person

A cookie-decorating kit is a great idea for SWAG, because it’s a gift and an activity combined. 

You can easily take this SWAG idea and turn it into an employee engagement event. If you wanted to make things really exciting, you could turn it into a contest! 

Budget: $50 per person

Fixings for Furry Friends

If you know your employee demographic well, and discover that most of your team members are pet owners, pet SWAG can be a surefire way to win their affection.

Try some of these pet-based SWAG ideas to encourage brand loyalty from the entire family. 

A dog playing a toy

31. Bag Dispenser

Let’s face it – even the most loyal pet-owner loathes being on pooper-scooper duty. A custom waste bag dispenser can help your employees take care of business in style. 

Dispensers usually come in a variety of colors, and can even include bags inside. 

Budget: About $1 per person

32. Dog Toy

Encourage outdoor play with a branded toss and float dog toy. 

Perfect for the park or the pool, this dog toy is portable, fun, and an easy way to get your brand name out there. 

Budget: $4.15 per person

33. Bandana 

Is there anything cuter than a dog in a neckerchief?

Up the ante on cuteness with a custom puppy bandana. Perfect for promoting your brand at outdoor events, or for integrating the team at dog-friendly offices. 

Budget: About $1.30 per person

34. Dog Leash

Branded gear makes a big impact when it’s something your employees use every day. 

Give them their daily dose of brand loyalty with a custom dog leash. This is SWAG they’ll reach for multiple times a day.

Budget: About $5 per person

An On-Brand Holiday

Holiday gifts are a must for employers who want to show their employees how much they care. 

Check out some of our favorite seasonal SWAG ideas that are sure to get your team in the holiday spirit.

Holiday gift basket with cookies and hot chocolate

35. Hot Chocolate Box

This cozy hot chocolate box includes a beautiful ceramic mug, a woven hand towel, award-winning hot chocolate cocoa, and some delicious cookies. 

This box will make your employees excited to snuggle in with a sweet treat and a great book!

Budget: $76 per person

36. Holiday Gift Box

Some SWAG vendors offer specialty custom holiday boxes for delivery to your team. 

Boxes include a variety of sweet treats according to your preference and budget, including assorted chocolate candies, a bar of deluxe dark chocolate, and baked chocolate chip cookies. 

Budget: $89.95 per person

37. Hot Toddy Kit

Warm up a chilly winter evening with a Hot Toddy mixology kit delivered right to your employees’ door. 

The kit includes a candle, a jigger, cocktail syrup, two glasses, gummies, and even garnishes for your glass. A winter cocktail has never looked so good!

Budget: $125 per person

Look Out for #1

Have you ever heard the expression, “Put your own air mask on first?” There’s a lot of truth to that old adage – your employees need to take care of themselves before they can adequately take care of their work responsibilities. 

Consider gifting one of these self-care SWAG boxes to help your employees recharge their batteries. 

Bath bombs and other sel-care accessories

38. WFH Self-Care Box

A unisex beauty box is a great way to show your employees that you care about their well-being. 

The box includes a variety of vegan skincare items, such as deodorants, moisturizers, serums, and rollers. 

Budget: $25 per person

39. Wellness Box

Some SWAG vendors offer to deliver a customized themed wellness box to each of your employees.

Employers can choose boxes based on a variety of themes like Relaxation & Zen, Healthy Treats, or Harmonious Sleep. 

Budget: $100 per person

40. Relax & Recharge Box

A Relax & Recharge box is a nice SWAG gesture at the end of a busy and successful year. 

The box includes a candle, a bath bomb, some tea, and a handful of sweet treats to round out an evening of self-care. 

Budget: $44.90 per person


There are nearly limitless options for SWAG vendors and gift options. Ample options are always good, but it can become overwhelming when trying to curate the perfect SWAG gift for your employees. Contact Thriver’s team of experts for a one-stop concierge service that will help you pull together the perfect package for your team. 

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