8 Ways to Say Thank You on Administrative Professionals’ Day

Apr 8

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Administrative professionals are the backbones of every organization and most often our first line of contact with customers, vendors, and other professionals. They help us run our businesses efficiently by sending emails, attending to clients, organizing meetings and reminding us of important dates – well, this one’s for them. 

When is Administrative Professionals’ Day in 2022? This year, it lands on Wednesday, April 27. It’s our chance to thank all our administrative professionals for all they do. If any person or group makes a workplace run smoothly, hands down, it’s the administrative assistants, receptionists, and file keepers of the office.

Thriver shares your gratitude for the administrative professionals of the workplace, and we want to offer you some ideas so that you can show them your appreciation. Give them something special to say thank you on Administrative Professionals’ Day this year.

1. Thank your admin team with food 🍲

Food is the universal language of respect and community, and nothing shows appreciation quite like a tasty meal. Not only does it send a message of goodwill and gratitude, but it also gives your administrative professionals a satisfied belly – and who doesn’t love that?

Get a line on what your people like to eat, and plan accordingly. Give your administrative professionals a thank-you lunch or dinner and share a meal to show them how important they are.

2. Put your thank you in a box 🎁

How do you say thank you on administrative professionals’ day? How about a gift box? It’s fun to receive an unexpected package, dig into it, and find a mix of whimsical objects, including useful items and sweet treats. Giving a gift box feels good for both the person gifting it and the person who gets the joy of receiving it.

Make up your own, or you can let Thriver handle it. Take a look at Sending a (Big) Thank You – Gift Box full of goodies – an excellent thank-you option.

3. Self-care as a thank you 🧖‍♀️

The role of an administrative professional can be stressful – there are so many tangibles to managing an office. What better way to acknowledge this than a care package that says, “Relax.”? When you recognize the need to slow things down and take care, that sends a strong thank you message for Administrative Professionals’ Day.

Send that message with a self-care package. Some essential oils, bath salts and a bundle of purifying sage are just what the body and spirit need for a stress-busting evening of comfort and ease. Thriver marketplace offers curated self-care packages like the Send Good Vibes – Wellness Care Package to usher your administrative professional into a journey of calm and relaxation.

4. How about some appreciation beverages? 🥂

We’re all adults here. Chances are, your admin assistants are as well. Some alcoholic beverages are a great way to show our appreciation to those we know to enjoy a sip now and then. A bottle of bubbly can go a long way to improve someone’s mood and impart your gratitude.

Thriver offers some great cocktail box ideas like The Modern Mule At Home Cocktail Box. Except for the hooch, it has all the fixin’s for a Moscow Mule – an ideal gift for the partaker and teetotaler alike. Show your people that you know how to celebrate administrative professionals’ day with some of these fantastic drink-making options. 

5. Thank them with inner peace 🧘

A mindful meditation experience is a wonderful expression of gratitude for anyone. What better gift could you give than an opportunity to center the mind and soothe the spirit?

Give your people a comforting Administrative Assistants’ Day thank-you message with a soul-cleansing meditation session like the Sound Bath + Meditation: Take a Mind Break to De-Stress that Thriver providers offer. The session guides you through simple meditation techniques while soothing waves of sound wash over you, calming your mind.

6. Thank them with a getaway ✈️

If gift boxes or words of appreciation for your administrative professional superstars seem insufficient, an opportunity to get away for a couple of days – on the company’s dime – is a meaningful way to express some genuine gratitude.

Give them a group getaway to show your appreciation. A company-sponsored retreat can express thanks, while also strengthening their connections to the company and each other. Our trusted providers offer offsite and retreat options that will say thank you in a unique and meaningful way.

7. Show thanks with a fun activity 🎨

Plan a fun activity that your admin professionals will love. After hours or during the workday, an in-office activity is a great way to show your admin professionals you appreciate them and want to give them something exciting as a thank you. 

Put together a fun, interactive avocation. It helps blow off some steam and allows your team to connect. Our marketplace offers hit activities, such as Paint Night, that are a blast for offices everywhere.

8. A simple thank-you note for admin professionals’ day 🙏

It’s always nice to offer some words of appreciation for Administrative Professionals’ Day. Even if you get your administrative rockstars something nice, actually hearing or reading sincere words from their manager or supervisor goes a long way in showing them how much their hard work throughout this day and every day really means to you.

Here are some ideas for giving your beloved team an honest and heart-felt Administrative Assistants’ Day thank-you message. Hopefully, they will inspire you to create your own unique words of gratitude. If not, feel free to use these examples:

  • “Thank you for keeping everything running behind the scenes!”
  • “Without you, I don’t know where we’d be. Thank you so much!”
  • “There are no words sufficient enough to express how grateful I am to have you on our team. I hope ‘Thank you from the bottom of my heart’ covers it.”
  • “Just when you’ve given it all you got, you give a little more. Thank you so much for all you do!”
  • “If they had you working in the White House, our country would see an unprecedented age of efficiency. Thank you for choosing to work here.”
  • “I appreciate you. We’re lucky to have you on our team.”
  • “Employee of the month? Try employee of the decade! You da bomb!”

It’s wonderful that we have a yearly reminder and opportunity to give our admin professionals the gratitude they deserve. However, they work hard every day to keep our workplaces operating smoothly and efficiently – we’d honestly be lost without them. So, be sure to make saying “thank you” a regular occurrence because our admin superstars deserve our praise and gratitude every day of the year.

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