9 Office Party Ideas for Oktoberfest in 2022

Sep 19

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As colder months get nearer, keep your crew’s morale high and reduce stress levels at work with fun and relaxation. Along with changing leaves and pumpkin spice galore, fall brings ample opportunities for an array of workplace parties and celebrations that give your staff reasons to look forward to heading into the office. 

One of the most highly anticipated fall-time festivals is Oktoberfest. Enjoyed across North America and many parts of Europe, Oktoberfest provides a cheerful environment to get together with coworkers, blow off some steam, and participate in a centuries-old celebration.

Read on for some fun Oktoberfest party ideas for your office that will spread a little joy and liven things up. 

Oktoberfest origins

The first Oktoberfest began in Munich, Germany, as the celebration of the Bavarian crown prince’s marriage in 1810. The festival lasted five days, and the town had such a great time that they reprised the celebration a year later — and it continued annually every year after. By the late 20th century, the festival had grown into a full-blown fair with massive seating areas, food booths, and beer brewed from all over the country. Over time, the Oktoberfest began earlier and earlier until it finally turned into a two-week celebration that starts in late September and ends on the first Sunday in October.

Oktoberfest-themed parties started to spring up in all corners of the United States in the 1960s. In addition to state-side celebrations, millions of Americans travel across the pond to Germany yearly to enjoy the festivities first-hand. 

But there’s no need to hop on a plane to join the celebration. Treat your employees and bring the party to your office with a few great Oktoberfest party ideas.

Decorate for the occasion

Liven up your fall celebration with some traditional decor. Oktoberfest festivals everywhere deck their beer halls with white and blue checkered streamers in commemoration of the historic Bavarian flag. Beer steins and folksy German wall art are easy and fun ideas for Oktoberfest decorations that’ll put your office in a festive state of mind.

Explore fine cheeses and finer brews

Nothing says Oktoberfest like a robust beer — and a nice cheese to go with it. City Brew Tours’ craft beer and cheese pairing takes you on a virtual tasting tour that’ll have your team shouting, “Prost!” The delicacies include three craft beers and three gourmet cheeses, and you’ll learn the nuances of properly pairing a fine brew with the right cheese. 

Pitch a tent

If you’ve got the outdoor space, take the celebration outside. Traditionally, a large portion of Oktoberfest party activities take place in large tents, and you’ll find plenty of party-rental establishments that take care of the set-up and tear-down. Hire a band, tap a keg, and have a great time.                             

Don’t skimp on the snacks

Drinks are only a small part of the festivities, and no Oktoberfest celebration would be complete without a mouthwatering assortment of traditional German delights. Pair the brews with sauerkraut, oversized soft pretzels, strudel, and German sausages as tasty menu ideas for your Oktoberfest party

Learn to brew your own beer

If you’re looking for a great Oktoberfest party idea for adults, look into a private beer-making experience. Learn how to brew beer right where you are in this 90-minute virtual instruction, hosted by a trusted Thriver-vetted provider. A specially curated brew kit will be delivered to your office, and your crew will learn the craft from an expert guide — and perhaps pick up a new hobby along the way.

Get a band together

Consider hiring a live band to bring your Oktoberfest celebration to life. If you can’t find a traditional German folk group, polka is a great substitute — but there’s no rule that says you can’t break tradition and hire a classic rock cover band or local indie group. Whatever you choose, live music will enhance any Oktoberfest party activities you plan.

Everybody dance now

Are you renting a tent and hiring a band? Put in a dance floor so your crew can show off their moves. Many tent rental establishments offer portable dance floors, but if you don’t have the outdoor space to pitch a tent, clear out a conference room or other large area to enjoy the Oktoberfest merriment. Live DJs or a few carefully placed Bluetooth speakers are great ways to bring the tunes indoors if you can’t fit a full band in your party space. 

Play hammerschlagen

The German game of hammerschlagen began in the 1940s and has become a staple activity in Oktoberfest celebrations. In this game, players take turns driving a nail into a log or hardwood board. The player who sinks the nail into the wood with the fewest swings wins. 

How about some chocolate with your beer?

It doesn’t get more festive than beer and chocolate. Give your Oktoberfest celebration a touch of sweetness with a virtual or in-person chocolate tasting experience. If chocolate doesn’t hit your sweet spot, browse Thriver’s catering and pantry offerings for more menu ideas that enhance your virtual or in-person Oktoberfest party with food — delivered and served by our trusted providers.

Unlike so many other celebrations throughout the year, Oktoberfest is all about enjoying yourself and the people around you — and with beer, food, games, and song, what’s not to love about this German festival? Whether you rent a tent or celebrate in the office, there’s no doubt that an Oktoberfest office party will delight your hard-working crew and turn into an annual office tradition. 

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